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E-Sword 12.1.0 Released 10/4/19

Oct 17 2019 06:41 AM | billhuff2002 in News

e-Sword 12.1 Update NotesDownloader updated to accomodate the AMG Publishers titles now being sold through eStudySource.e-Sword 12.0 Update NotesNew Low Light display setting to make viewing the text easier on your eyes.New App Themes to further custom...

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e-Sword Version 11.1 Released 8-25-2017

Aug 25 2017 01:04 PM | journey in News

e-Sword version 11.1 released 8-25-2017 This build includes the latest versions of third-party components used within e-Sword. Many little enhancements and bug fixes.

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e-Sword 10.4 Released

Aug 08 2014 08:00 AM | Josh Bond in News

e-Sword 10.4 is available for download! New Find on Page button located next to the Search button on each view's toolbar. This Find feature makes locating content easier on large articles, such as those in many commentaries, dictionaries and reference...

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e-Sword 10.3 Released

May 05 2014 12:45 PM | Josh Bond in News

e-Sword 10.4 is now available .This is mostly a maintenance upgrade. For exmple, the Text Control used to render text in has been upgraded.The e-Sword splash page (shown during loading) and the Windows icon have also been updated.The official change lo...

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e-Sword 10.2 Sneak Peak

Jun 28 2013 09:17 PM | Josh Bond in News

e-Sword 10.2 will be released soon. Here's a sneak peak of what's coming:Scripture references in the Bible view that have associated Study Notes will now display a wavy underline (in the Bible view). This is your reminder that a Study note exists for t...

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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Dec 21 2012 12:30 AM | Josh Bond in News

The greatest gift of all: [url="http://vimeo.com/54566616#"]] Merry Christmas!

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ToolTip NT for e-Sword Turns 1

Dec 19 2012 11:19 PM | Josh Bond in News

A year ago, give or take a day or two, our friend Brent started work on ToolTip NT (also called T4), the successor to ToolTip 3. ToolTip NT is an e-Sword authoring tool, allowing anyone to make e-Sword modules. Or at least that's how it started. Now i...

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e-Sword HD for the iPad

Oct 16 2012 08:44 PM | Josh Bond in News

Now you can take e-Sword with you—on your iPad! e-Sword HD runs on the iPad and it brings with it all the familiarity from the PC version of e-Sword. (I am in the process of moving to a new house and I apologize for my delay in writing this update...

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One Million e-Sword Modules Downloaded

Jul 26 2012 01:30 AM | Josh Bond in News

Thank you to everyone who created modules, uploaded modules, negotiated with copyright holders, and helped spread the word about this website, e-Sword, and the Gospel itself! And thank God for affording us this incredible, limited-time opportunity...

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The Pulpit Commentary for e-Sword: Born Again

Jul 04 2012 03:58 PM | Josh Bond in News

People use their time to make all kinds of things.They make war, love, fun, messes, trouble, money, and excuses...to name a few.But James Rice makes modules. Big ones. James got in the trenches. He got his hands dirty. And from his hard work, the Pulp...

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David Guzik Commentary Re-Created for e-Sword

Mar 28 2012 11:50 AM | Josh Bond in News

Never afraid of a large project, James Rice (Cato ) is at it again. This time he's reformatted and added thousands of pages of content to David Guzik's Commentary on the Whole Bible . He's given the module a drastic update.This is a moder...

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BibleSupport.com Celebrates One Year Online

Jun 08 2012 10:09 PM | Josh Bond in News

Ecclesiastes Shows Us What Life Is When God Has Not Shown Us What Life Is. "All is vanity", Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 1:2. It's all meaningless without God. Solomon would have known. He possessed supernatural wisdom. He enjoyed widesp...

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e-Sword 10.1 Released

Mar 21 2012 10:18 AM | Josh Bond in News

e-Sword 10.1 has been released.10.x Users: Note the small update for 10.x users 9.x Users: You must download the first download package--the full download package 7.x-8.x Users: Please upgrade to 10.1, as BibleSupport is dropping support for these...

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Annotated Bible Commentary for e-Sword

Mar 09 2012 05:53 PM | Josh Bond in News

It's time to embarrass a good friend of mine who has no idea I'm posting this. People are quick to ask for time consuming requests that they want you to do. Few are willing to to spend their time to make it happen.James (Cato ) spent many ho...

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e-Sword 10.0.7 Released

Feb 03 2012 11:57 PM | David in News

e-Sword version 10.0.7 was posted today. It contains bug fixes and general performance improvements. Download here .By the way, if you find e-Sword to be useful in your Bible study, might I encourage you -- as one e-Sword user to another -- to make a...

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Please Tag Your Uploads (New and Old)

Dec 21 2011 01:26 PM | Josh Bond in News

We've always been able to categorize resources by Module Type (Commentary, Bible, Topic, Devotion, etc). We can now categorize resources by other terms, as discussed here .Please Tag Your Existing Uploads Please edit any file you previously upload...

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e-Sword Module Installer (for non-technical users)

Nov 28 2011 07:47 PM | Josh Bond in News

One of the biggest support burdens in running a site of this size is answering questions about installing modules. Our library of modules contains some self installing modules which work great. But many downloads are not self installing. And some users...

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Expositor's Bible now in Commentary Format

Dec 03 2011 10:08 PM | Josh Bond in News

The Expositor's Bible Commentary is now available in commentary format: http://www.biblesupp...rmat-available/ About The e-Sword Edition Dr. Dave and his team painstakingly created e-Sword Topic files of The Expositor's Bible (one topic file...

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e-Sword 10.0.5 Final Released

Nov 11 2011 10:22 AM | Josh Bond in News

Rick Meyers has released e-Sword 10.0.5 Final. Click here to download 10.0.5 Final What's New in e-Sword 10? e-Sword 10 brings powerful new features to make your Bible study more productive. Rick Meyers listened to users’ feedback and delivered...

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e-Sword 10.0.4 Released (Test Drive Version)

Oct 28 2011 12:23 PM | Josh Bond in News

10.0.4 Released Rick has released 10.0.4. One bug fix I notice is that the Parallel Bible and Harmony features now have better zooms. Rather than just enlarging the text, the text is enlarged and re-flowed so horizontal scrolling is not necessary. I...

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New Chat and Other Features

Oct 21 2011 12:13 PM | Josh Bond in News

Yesterday, we rolled out a new Chat system. If you're logged in, you will see a chat bar at the bottom of your screen. You might press Ctrl-F5 for a hard refresh if you happened to visit while I was installing it (your browser may be caching an older v...

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Growth in September

Oct 08 2011 10:28 AM | Josh Bond in News

The Lord continues to lead people to BibleSupport.com in massive numbers. I won't bore everyone every month with these stats. But September was a great month for e-Sword and MySword module downloads! During September, we added 1,688 new members, pu...

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Member Titles and Positions

Sep 12 2011 10:46 AM | Josh Bond in News

First, let's talk Member Titles and then we'll talk about the Module Superhero opening. Member Titles Currently, our website software automatically sets member titles according to your number of posts. Members begin as a "New Member", after 1...

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BibleSupport.com Bandwidth Growth

Sep 05 2011 04:55 PM | Josh Bond in News

The Lord continues to bless our outreach, as shown by our bandwidth numbers below. Most of our stats are visible from the front page of BibleSupport.com--total number of files downloaded, total members, new members today, etc. One stat that isn't provi...

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