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BibleSupport.com Bandwidth Growth

The Lord continues to bless our outreach, as shown by our bandwidth numbers below. Most of our stats are visible from the front page of BibleSupport.com--total number of files downloaded, total members, new members today, etc. One stat that isn't provided is our server bandwidth.

Bandwidth (in this case) refers to the amount of data sent by our server in a one month period (data sent to our server is another number). This data, or bandwidth, is measured in Gigabytes. (A gigabyte equals 1,000 megabytes. A CD holds about 650 megabytes. A DVD holds about 4.5 gigabytes.)

As you can see from the chart below, we're serving a LOT of e-Sword and MySword modules!

Posted Image

September, a partial month, is also shown above. With less than 5 days into September, and 10 gigs a day so far, we can estimate that September will exceed 300 gigs by month's end.

We're averaging 650 unique visitors per day (a visitor is counted only once per 24 hours, regardless of how many times they visit our site). Our traffic is coming from these sources (these numbers are totaled from the start of the site):

Posted Image
A big thank you to e-Sword.net (Rick Meyers) and DoctorDavet.com (Dr. Dave) for links on their sites, along with Karen Everest for donating e-Sword-users.org to our ministry.


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