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Member Titles and Positions

First, let's talk Member Titles and then we'll talk about the Module Superhero opening.

Member Titles
Currently, our website software automatically sets member titles according to your number of posts. Members begin as a "New Member", after 10 posts their title changes to "Member", and after 30 posts their title becomes "Senior Member".

I override member titles for Moderators, Resource Builders, Utility Developers, and for myself. :)

I want your opinion on what member titles should be? And how many posts to reach the titles? One idea I had was "Defender of the Faith" (whatever that means) instead of "Senior Member"? What about "Prayer Warrior", "Disciple", "Servant of All", etc. What titles should we use, what should the hierarchy be, or should we just leave this as it currently is?

The current software setting is after 500 posts, members can change their own title. Should we keep that? Should we lower that number? Should we let anyone change their title after X posts?

Module Superhero Needed
We need a person (or more than one person) to make the e-Sword module library consistent:
  • Remove duplicate entries
  • Double check copyright status
  • Insert an author in the listing if none exists.
  • Copy and paste the Table of Contents and/or preface from the e-Sword module--or-- copy and paste a third party description of the work, such as Amazon.com or Wikipedia.
  • Occasionally review other websites with e-Sword modules to see if module updates have been released.
This would be a long term project, workable at your leisure and free time. There would be no "expectations" on quantity--you're a volunteer and work as little or as much as you prefer, even if it's just a few a week.  If more than one person wants to help with this project, that would also be most welcome. I am currently working toward this, but there's only one of me...

And your title could be "Module Master", "Module Superhero", "Module Librarian", or whatever you want. I just put "Module Superhero" to grab attention for this post. :)


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