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Annotated Bible Commentary for e-Sword

It's time to embarrass a good friend of mine who has no idea I'm posting this. :) People are quick to ask for time consuming requests that they want you to do. Few are willing to to spend their time to make it happen.

James (Cato) spent many hours (close to the triple digits) recreating A.C. Gaebelein's Annotated Bible Commentary for e-Sword. The old module was so poorly formated and organized, the module was completely unusable. In fact, I deleted it for this reason.

James painstakingly organized and applied the commentary according to each passage. He made sure each implicit verse reference (that he could find) was changed to explicit and tooltipped. I'm proud of the professional work James has done. His zealous attitude is contagious and his work ethic is inspiring.

Version 10.1 of e-Sword will give the module maker to ability to control the order of comments (when multiple comments exist for a single verse). This paves the way for us to remake the Pulpit Commentary, this time doing it "right". James has been "reminding" me for sometime about remaking the Pulpit Commentary (and other modules with poor formatting). We're prepared to begin soon, so if would like to help, please contact one of us soon.


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