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e-Sword 10.0.4 Released (Test Drive Version)

10.0.4 Released
Rick has released 10.0.4.  One bug fix I notice is that the Parallel Bible and Harmony features now have better zooms. Rather than just enlarging the text, the text is enlarged and re-flowed so horizontal scrolling is not necessary. I'm sure there's other bug fixes as well.

Rick also changed his code to accommodate the third party resources that were not displaying properly.

Another nice feature: When you Extended Search the Reference Library, you can now press the Escape button to exit the search (in case you tried searching 10,000 topics and you're tired of waiting).

Click here to download 10.0.4 Release Candidate

10.0.3 Released
Rick has released 10.0.3. This is a significant build prior to final release. Rick would like for everyone running some previous flavor of version 10 to upgrade to 10.0.3. This version includes a lot of bug fixes from folks both on the user group and elsewhere.

One of the changes is that everyone can have the Hebrew and other right-to-left Bibles included in the Parallel Bible. Rick will also monitor the threads here and the usergroup for any issues.

Click here to download e-Sword 10.0.3 Release Candidate

10.0.2 Quick Summary
For those who don't want to read the entire e-Sword 10 thread with 200 replies:

1) You will not lose any modules--all 9.x modules are compatible with 10.

2) You will use the Reference Library to view your downloaded topics files rather than the Topics Editor.

3) I'm not aware of any bugs at all, certainly nothing serious that would significantly impact your usage of e-Sword.

10.0.2 Released!
Rick Meyers has just completed 10.0.2. This release candidate includes numerous bug fixes and the introduction of Extended Search in the Reference Library.

Click here to download e-Sword 10.0.2 Release Candidate

Rick Meyers has just announced that e-Sword 10 is available. This is not a beta, but it's not  necessarily a final release either.

Developers usually use a Release Candidate when they believe they have the bugs resolved and are soliciting feedback.

Click here to download e-Sword 10 Release Candidate


I spoke to Rick on the phone and he helped clarify a few things for me. Rick will be monitoring this thread, so we're going to channel all e-Sword 10 comments into this thread so he can view the feedback easier. Please make all e-Sword 10 comments here (as opposed to starting new threads). This thread is available on the front page and in the forums.

Note:  All e-Sword 9 resources work in e-Sword 10.

The three main changes are to:
  • Addition of the Reference Library (now with extended search)
  • Addition of Pictures, Tables, Columns, Bookmarks to topx/refx files
  • SermonAudio.com
Addition of the Reference Library
  • The Reference Library is now the central place to view your existing Topics Files and a new type of file called Reference Modules (.refx). You can now filter your reference library by a keyword or keywords! This is a huge improvement.
  • The Reference Library is a floating window. You can maximize it, make it larger, or smaller. You can still use the background windows as you use the Reference Library. This is all done for the sake of wide screen monitors and keeping the layout as customizable as possible.
    Attached Image: e-sword-ref-library2.jpg
  • To open the Reference Library, click the icon shown in the picture below.
    Attached Image: e-sword-ref-library.jpg
  • The Reference Book Module is a new module with a .refx extension. The .refx module is structured just like a .topx module. The Reference Viewer will view .refx files and .topx files. So all your version 9.x topx files are viewable in the Reference Library!
  • What is the difference between .topx and .refx files?
    Answer: a .refx file is the same as a Topics file (.topx), but a Reference file is encrypted/compressed. That's right, you can lock down your original content now! Some people were complaining anyone could change their topx files. Rick has resolved this.
  • To convert a .topx file into a .refx file, hold down the Ctrl key and right click in the Topics Editor Window. Click Convert to Reference Book.
  • But, the tradeoff here is you cannot open a .refx file in e-Sword 9.9 or older. The user must use e-Sword 10 or greater. That's something to think about. Also, there's little point in encrypting public domain data--the .refx file system is designed for original authors who don't want their content changed.
  • Since .refx files are compressed, a picture intensive resource is ideal for the refx format instead of the topx format. But remember e-Sword 9 users will not be able to view .refx files because they do not have the Reference Library.
  • Options > Resource now lets you control which resources appear under the Reference Library.
  • The Reference Library now uses a much improved RTF control. Therefore, it's best to view Topic notes through the Reference Library. For example, the Evans Outline Study of the Bible looks much improved in the Reference Library because of its support for the better RTF implementation. The new implementation is an official Microsoft control with better compliance with the RTF standard.
Changes to Topics Notes
Topic Notes have become like Study Notes and Journal Notes. Topic Notes, as viewed through the Editors window, are now intended for your personal use only in the file: topics.topx. But you can still view other Topic Notes filenames (like you used to be able to).
  • Topics files (and their encrypted counterparts, .refx files) support pictures! If you insert a picture into a .topx file (or a refx file), the picture will NOT be viewable with e-Sword 9 or earlier! Also, be careful about the size of pictures you insert. If you insert multiple pictures from a digital camera at 3,000 pixels by 3,000 pixels and 5 megs in size, this is going to slow e-Sword down! Be reasonable on the picture size.
  • If a topic note includes a picture, the topic note itself is viewable in e-Sword 9 but the picture will not display in e-Sword 9. Thus the topx file created in e-Sword 10 will work in e-Sword 9, minus the picture functionality.
  • Topics files are now sorted by database order, not alphabetically. When resource builders make new Topics files, they do not need to use numbers, spaces, etc for proper display order. Instead, the display order is the order of the records in the database. In a near-future release, we will return to the old method of sorting Topics files--alphabetically.
  • Internal bookmarking system now works for Topx and Refx files, but is limited to the current chapter only (no bookmarking across chapters or files).
Sermon Audio
The Sermon Audio is context sensitive! So when viewing Genesis 1:1, click Tools > SermonAudio.com and hear sermons on that passage of scripture. e-Sword is integrated very well with SermonAudio. I like it.

  • I just upgraded to e-Sword 10 and my Topics notes are missing!

View your topics notes through the Reference Library. The Editor/Topics Window is now only for personal topics notes stored in topics.topx


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