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The Pulpit Commentary for e-Sword: Born Again

People use their time to make all kinds of things.

They make war, love, fun,  messes, trouble, money, and excuses...to name a few.

But James Rice makes modules. Big ones. James got in the trenches. He got his hands dirty. And from his hard work, the Pulpit Commentary is born again for e-Sword:
  • The thousands of missing Greek and Hebrew words are in this version!
  • The missing homilies and thoughts from other authors are now shown below the verse comments (so you can see them!)
  • Thousands of versification errors have been corrected.
  • The formatting is more consistent, including proper paragraph spacing, which makes the text easier to read.
  • The text now adjusts with your e-Sword font sizes.
  • The formatting is just beautiful.
James confided in me, as though he was afraid of hurting my feelings, that he never used the old Pulpit Commentary. "The formatting is just terrible". He was right. I converted the original e-Sword version from another bible software format. (And you would not believe the grief I received for that). At the time, it's all we had. But James' version is better in every sense of the word!

I'm proud of James for doing this great work justice. Great job, James! Your formatting is spectacular and you set the example for making modules in the free Bible software community!


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