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e-Sword 10.0.5 Final Released

Rick Meyers has released e-Sword 10.0.5 Final.

Click here to download 10.0.5 Final

I want to thank all of you for your testing of version 10, especially the many helpful comments and suggestions.  I believe that together we are releasing the best version of e-Sword yet!  And of course a special shout-out to Josh Bond for the user manual which will finally make e-Sword's Help menu helpful.

What's New in e-Sword 10?
e-Sword 10 brings powerful new features to make your Bible study more productive. Rick Meyers listened to users’ feedback and delivered on some of the most asked for functionality.

All properly constructed e-Sword 9 modules are compatible with e-Sword 10.

Reference Library
The Reference Library is now the central place to view your downloaded Topic files and a new type of file called Reference Books (.refx). In previous versions of e-Sword, the Topic Notes window displayed downloaded, third party Topic Notes. Now, this material is viewed through the Reference Library instead of the Topics Editor.

Search All Topics At Once
The Reference Library lets you filter your resources by title and search all of your Topic Notes at once! These two features are so powerful, they alone could have been the upgrade!

REFX File Format
Also new with the Reference Library is the ability to convert a Topics Note file to Reference Book format (.refx). This file is compressed and prevents others from modifying your data! You can convert your Topic Note files into Reference Book format. Here’s a comparison between .refx and .topx formats:

Reference Library Book (.refx):

  • Cannot be edited.
  • Can only be viewed in the Reference Library.
  • Only compatible with e-Sword 10+

Topic Note (.topx)

  • Can be edited.
  • Can be viewed in either the Reference Library or the Topic Editor. (But third party Topic Notes should be viewed with the Reference Library unless you need to edit them).
  • Compatible with e-Sword 9.x-10+, but images, headers/footers, hyperlinks, and bookmarks will not display properly.

Support For Pictures

The new Reference Library Book format supports pictures. And that’s not all. Topic Notes also support pictures!

New Editor with True Word Processing Power
e-Sword 10’s editor seems less like an editor and more like a word processor. The new editor is more robust and supports an array of new features. Now your Journal, Study, and Topic Notes will benefit from:

  • Hyperlinks
  • Bookmarks
  • Images/Pictures
  • Tables
  • Borders
  • Columns
  • Headers/Footers
  • Page Layout View

SermonAudio.com Integration
e-Sword is integrated with SermonAudio.com. You can listen to sermons while you study the Bible. Sermon Audio organizes sermons by verse and the Sermon Audio integration for e-Sword is context-sensitive. That means Sermon Audio opens sermons about the active verse in the Bibles window!

STEP Reader Still Included
Don’t worry— the STEP Reader is still included with e-Sword 10! But the icon has been removed from the e-Sword main window. You can still access the STEP Reader by clicking Tools from the main menu and choosing STEP Reader.


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