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One Million e-Sword Modules Downloaded

Thank you to everyone who created modules, uploaded modules, negotiated with copyright holders, and helped spread the word about this website, e-Sword, and the Gospel itself! And thank God for affording us this incredible, limited-time opportunity!

It's been such a blessing to help provide Bible study material to people in nearly every country — from the wealthiest spots in Palm Beach, USA to the poorest parts of South America and South Africa — to places in the Middle East and China where Christianity is dangerous, if not outlawed — to missionaries, to foreign and domestic seminaries, and to teachers, preachers, and Bible students everywhere!

For you preachers and teachers who study the Bible to create your own sermons and classes, as opposed to preaching what a parent organization suggests or publishes, you have my ultimate respect and I'm glad our ministry helps.

So how much is one million?
We've become desensitized to large numbers because the US government spends $7 million an hour and trillions a year, while scientists float theories involving "billions". Most people cannot visualize how really large one million is, let alone one billion or trillion.

The Jewish Community Center of the Great Palm Beaches launched the ‘One Penny…One Soul’ Holocaust Remembrance Project. Their goal was to illustrate how large one million is (six times). They are filling six hollow Plexiglas columns with one million pennies each, one penny for each soul in the holocaust.

Attached Image: pennies-case.jpg

Another way of visualizing one million is comparing one thousand pennies to one million pennies:
Attached Image: thousand-pennies.png

Attached Image: million-pennies.png

What's Driving The Downloads?
Bible study software has done for Bible study what the Gutenberg printing press did for printing the Bible. Read that again if you need to. The analogy is perfect. Before the printing press, almost no one had a Bible—it was too too expensive and time consuming (life consuming) to manually print!

Similarly, before Bible study software, you had a printed Bible to study and maybe reference material. Many felt lucky to have a few volumes of a large commentary or they spent time cross referencing one dictionary with another, or one book with another (or one translation with another), comparing, highlighting, and flipping pages. And it was limited to the resources they had in their personal, church, or seminary library. For many, the limitation was money and shelf space, not to mention the physical shuffling of books.

But now with Bible study software, like e-Sword, you can have at your fingertips, search results and comparison analysis of thousands of Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and books, with the click of a mouse—and for free. Just taking the Biblical Illustrator, Pulpit Commentary, and Lange's Commentary—the shelf space alone is staggering, and then there's the issue of how many printed resources can you use? I mean really, practically use?

Digital Bible study with e-Sword has changed everything by making massive content accessible in an understandable, organized way!


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