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Growth in September

The Lord continues to lead people to BibleSupport.com in massive numbers. I won't bore everyone every month with these stats. But September was a great month for e-Sword and MySword module downloads!

During September, we added 1,688 new members, putting us closer to the  5,000 member mark.

Also for September, we used almost as much bandwidth for e-Sword and MySword modules than we did all previous months combined:

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An interesting side note is we've used more bandwidth already in October than we did the entire month of June!

We're also approaching 200,000 total downloads, which is now tracked near the top, right corner of your screen.

Their ultimate reward lies elsewhere, but for what little it's worth, I want to thank our Moderators and Resource Builders who work tirelessly to bring everyone new e-Sword modules and MySword modules!


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