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#35821 Joseph Parker's commentary

Posted by Tj Higgins on 16 April 2019 - 12:59 PM

Can anyone give me some guidance on how to convert Joseph Parker's commentary from an older format to work with e-Sword 11.1.0?  Is there a converter software available?  It is currently only available in 9.x & 10.x format.    


There is a converter that can be downloaded that can be downloaded from the official e-Sword website that will do the job 

Here is the link:




#35737 View PDF files within e-Sword

Posted by Tj Higgins on 02 April 2019 - 07:47 AM

Is there a way to view pdf files within e-Sword or convert them to a topx module? I tried converting a pdf to a rtf, that looked ok, but then it lost a lot of formatting when the rtf was opened in ToolTip Tool NT.




Try converting the pdf to a MS-Word document then saving the MS-Word document as an RTF 

#35723 Frustrated Looking for HD (iPad) modules

Posted by Tj Higgins on 30 March 2019 - 11:43 AM

I find it very frustrating when attempting to find modules for my iPad (e-Sword HD). Is there an easy way to do it that I am not aware of?


First the module formats for Apple/Mac Devices have file format extensions that end in the letter "i" 

Here the file formats for the different Apple/Mac modules:

Bible (bbli)
Commentary (cmti)
Dictionary (dcti)
Bible Reading Plan (brpi).
Devotional (devi)
Reference Library (refi)
Topic File (topi)


You can search Bible Support using the search box located in the upper right corner of any bible support page. The search box has a grey box on its right side that let's you select which parts of bible support to search. Set the the search area box to e-Sword downloads then type in one of the Apple/Mac module format extensions from the list above in to the search box and click the magnifying glass to start the search. This will result in a list of all of the modules available for the file extension you chose to search for. 

If there is module that is not in the correct format for use on your Apple/Mac device, there is a conversion utility available can convert modules that are for use with the windows version of e-Sword to Apple/Mac formats. The conversion tool is available at the e-Sword homepage at the following link:


#35686 Is there a Bible that can be edited?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 24 March 2019 - 12:07 PM

Is there an available module that lets you edit, add commentary/notes, and so forth?

Bible Modules cannot be edited directly in e-Sword, as Sliverhair said the only option for editing a bible module is by using e-Sword Tooltip. Silver also suggested the use of the notes editor available within e-Sword to create study notes. Both are good suggestions and I would like to add you can create commentary modules for use with e-Sword by using e-Sword Tooltip. Commentary modules once installed into e-Sword are viewed in the Commentaries window within e-Sword. 

#35468 Sync text to chapter in Jewish NT Commentary module...any takers?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 28 February 2019 - 02:06 PM

Tj wow, thank you so much. I can't sufficiently express my gratitude for this. This will be so useful to my students! Blessings to you.


You are Welcome.


I would like to suggest that you download a program called e-Sword Tooltip NT this is the tool for creating modules for use with e-Sword. The program is very easy to use once you become familiar with it and learn how it works, the program comes with a comprehensive 131 page user manual. With Tooltip you can create a number of different type of modules including bibles, dictionaries, commentaries, reference books and more.

Here is the link to download e-Sword Tooltip:


#35439 Sync text to chapter in Jewish NT Commentary module...any takers?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 26 February 2019 - 02:35 PM

I was overjoyed to find David Stern's Jewish New Testament Commentary but rather dismayed to discover that after Acts 10 it doesn't sync. For instance, Acts 11 shows`no commentary and then when you go to Acts 12 it shows the commentary for Acts 11. By the time you get to Revelation 22 it's so out of sync it's showing the commentary for Revelation 10.


I don't know how to do this, but would any of you wonderful people know how to rework this module so it syncs, and be willing to do this for us? I and my thousands of Hebrew students at Holy Language Institute would be forever grateful!


It's here on my Google Drive: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing


Thank you!


I will start with a question from where did you download this module? 


I ask because it is not list here on Bible Support.

As to what is wrong with the module the biggest issue is that half of commentary for Revelation is missing from chapters 11-22


The second issue with the module is that e-Sword modules use what are called marks that look like this รท to establish each section of a commentary. Commentary modules can include individual verse comments, full chapter comments and complete book comment. The number of marks used to establish each section determines the type of comments 3 marks denotes whole book comments, two marks denotes chapter comments and a single mark denotes individual verse comments. 

The Jewish New Testament commentary module is set up with both full chapter and individual verse comments meaning that the file contains two sets of the comments both needing to be fixed. This is not a big deal and can be fixed quite easily, however the missing portion of Revelation is different matter even with the marks fixed Revelation will remain incomplete 



#35253 Can anyone explain how Dropbox can be used with e-Sword

Posted by Tj Higgins on 02 February 2019 - 12:09 PM

I did try a search on this forum but nothing showed when I searched Dropbox ?? I thought I'd seen plenty on that.

When you install e-sword as you know, There is the RESOURCES option.



1> Resources Location: c:\program files (x86)\e-sword
2> User Files Location: c:\users\jack2\documents\e-sword\

Which file locations are moved or changed into Dropbox?

You then relocate the Resources Location as Dropbox?
Do you make a folder in Dropbox named e-sword?


And does the User Files Location resource change from what's just above.

I would certainly appreciate any help and it would be a blessing.  Jack ":-Dx


The only real reason to use a site like dropbox or Google Drive is to move resources from one computer to another such as from a home computer to a work computer or between two personal computers. Modules for use with e-Sword install in to the the c:\program files (x86)\e-sword folder be default as the modules have to be on the same computer that e-Sword is installed on in order for e-Sword to work correctly. e-Sword does not have ability to uses resources directly from the internet. 

The two resources options are folders that are part of e-Sword's installation and can only be set to folders that exist on your computer. 

#35229 What Modules do you want for e-Sword

Posted by Tj Higgins on 29 January 2019 - 11:16 AM

William Hendriksen commentary

That commentary is available under the name "Baker's New Testament Commentary"  as the  series was published by Baker Publishing and completed by Simon Kistemaker after Hendriksen's death.

The module for e-Sword is a premium or paid module sold for $59.99, and can be downloaded using e-Sword's built in downloader.

#35103 eSword to MySword

Posted by Tj Higgins on 11 January 2019 - 05:39 PM

The last time this was discussed was back in 2015, so I hope nobody minds my opening a new thread on the matter in the hope that someone had knocked together a convertor in the meantime.

I'm looking for a convertor to convert some dictionary and commentary eSword modules to MySword. Can anyone help, please?


You can download a program called Simple Bible Reader which will do the conversions quite easily and quickly. The only issue would be the file format of the e-Sword modules, I say this because Simple Bible Reader can read e-Sword files for all versions e-Sword through version 9. 

So if your e-Sword files have file extensions that end in the letter "x" such as bblx for bibles, dctx for dictionaries or cmtx for commentaries then Simple Bible Reader will work with them. However if your e-Sword files are for the Apple/Mac versions of e-Sword with extensions that end with the letter "i" such as dcti for dictionaries or cmti for commentaries Simple Bible Reader will not work. 

You can download Simple Bible Reader from this link:



#34660 Apple e-Sword X Module help?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 12 November 2018 - 08:44 AM

This may be addressed elsewhere so I apologize in advance.  Since I only have a MAC, I am trying to find modules for ESword. I can't find that many. So I was wondering if I could convert the PC modules on my MAC?  

There are number of modules on this site that are for the MAC version that can be downloaded from this site. Any module with a file extension that ends in the letter "i" can be used with the MAC version of E-Sword. These extensions include: 


Reference Library (REFI)
Bible (BBLI),
Commentary (CMTI),
Dictionary (DCTI)
Bible Reading Plan (BRPI).

Devotional (DEVI)


Unfortunately there is no converter that will work on the MAC however you can download a a program called Crossover Mac from Codeweavers. This will allow you to to run Windows software on MAC.


Here is the link to download this program:


#34495 Acceptable Format Text for Module Creation?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 05 October 2018 - 06:25 PM



I am formatting the my Bible text in ToolTip and the original format contains spaces between chapters and a heading for each chapter (see picture attached).


Do I need to remove all spaces and chapter headings in the text?


I had read the ToolTip guide numerous times and have not found the answer to this :mellow:


Thank you

Yes the text must be continuous without spaces or empty paragraphs of any kind between verses. Also your chapter headings need to be included in the first verse of each chapter or Tooltip will not be able to create your module. In the Tooltip guide there is an explanation using what are called "soft breaks" between lines of text in bible verses this is method to use to format your chapter headings correctly in Tooltip

Here is a image of Genesis 1:1 with a heading included in the verse using a soft break between the heading and the verse text

Attached Thumbnails

  • ESsoftbreak.JPG

#34433 Devotions - Make a pop up window when mouse move over verse

Posted by Tj Higgins on 16 September 2018 - 05:28 PM

Ok many thanks TJ Higgins. i have to look in which topic in the forum it is explained :) Have a great day or night ^^

Tooltip NT has a pdf users manual just click help from the e-sword menu, the help menu will open and the last item in the help

list will open users manual 

#34427 Devotions - Make a pop up window when mouse move over verse

Posted by Tj Higgins on 16 September 2018 - 11:31 AM


Hi Dear E-sword community. I have two questions:



1. how can i unbound the devotions for a specifiic day (not always the first january) so that it always starts with the first part no matter what date we have?


2. And 2nd question, how can i make a kind of a link in a devotion file so that the bible verse appears, when i move the mouse over it in a little yellow window (from the actually opened bible translation)?


Thank you and praise the lord.

I use tool tip nt.




Not sure about your first question however you can tooltip the bible references in devotional modules the same way references are tooltipped in Commentary and Dictionary modules. 

#34401 DEV files

Posted by Tj Higgins on 11 September 2018 - 02:07 PM

I am have trouble downloading .DEV files to my E-Sword.   I keep receiving an alert asking what app to I wan to use download with.


Do I need something extra the the tool I downloaded from E-Sword?


.Dev modules will only work with E-sword version 8 or earlier. Versions of E-Sword for Windows released starting with version 9 use module file formats with extensions that end in the letter "x". Thus Devotional Modules have the file extension .devx. 

There is a converter you can download to convert .dev files into .devx files once you have done this the .devx file can be installed into E-Sword. 

Here is the link to download the converter:



To make module installation easy you might want to download the module installer and here the link to it:


#34398 Apple e-Sword X Module help?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 11 September 2018 - 10:35 AM

Hey guys,


I just stumbled upon this application and purchased it from the app store, I looked at the tutorials for how to get modules on Mac and for the life of me I cannot figure any of this out or get any of these methods to work. I'm finding I'm not seeing any of the same stuff as anyone, I'm totally lost. I tried downloading Crossover and the pc-to-apple module converter, didn't work, tried downloading the crossover e-sword, still didn't work. If someone who is knowledgable could give me some help that would be great, thanks!

First question is which version of E-Sword for Apple Mac did you install there are 3 different versions:

E-Sword X for use on MAC computers
E-Sword HD for the Ipad
E-Sword LT for the IPhone.

All 3 use modules that are formatted for use with Apple Products these modules all have file extensions that end in the letter "i": 

Reference Library (REFI)
Bible (BBLI),
Commentary (CMTI),
Dictionary (DCTI)
Bible Reading Plan (BRPI).

Devotional (DEVI)

Modules formatted for use in the Windows version of E-Sword have file extensions that end in the letter "X", and will not work with the Apple/Mac versions of E-Sword.