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#41112 What Modules do you want for e-Sword

Posted by Tj Higgins on 19 June 2021 - 08:17 AM

I'm not sure if they exist, But I would like to see dictionaries linked to the NASB +Strong's and the Apostolic Bible Polyglot + Strong's bibles.

They both have some Strong numbers with added letters (i.e. NASB+ H6213a In Jos_6:3) or decimal points (i.e. APB+ G2768.4 in Jos_6:4)


Also, might there be an English interlinear for 

LXX+. - Septuagint LXX Greek Old Testament keyed to Strong Numbers with parsing info.bblx.exe


Thank you for you time and efforts


Bibles with Strong's numbers are linked to the Strong's Dictionaries that are already available for e-Sword.  e-Sword has Dictionary window that is separate from the bible window in order to display the information from the dictionary 

A typical Strong's dictionary entry displayed in the Dictionary window looks like this:

The same as H9, miswritten for H11; a perishing: - destruction.

Total KJV occurrences: 1

There is a dictionary module for the NASB called New American Exhaustive Concordance for The LXX there is module called LXX Concordance 

You can download the LXX Concordance from here on bible support:



The New American Exhaustive Concordance is part of the NASB package that must be purchased through e-Sword itself 



#41049 Plans to make a module of NIV 1984 Bible?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 09 June 2021 - 11:44 AM

Is there a list of differences or changes between the different versions of the NIV anywhere, please? I've got a hardback '84 edition.

There is a website that lists all of the changes between the 1984 NIV and the 2011 NIV, the site also has comparisons between the 1984 NIV h the 2011 NIV and the 2005 TNIV


#41039 Where do I request a new e-sword module?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 07 June 2021 - 10:36 AM

Hello everyone,


I'm new here and so please be kind if my question has already been answered before.


My question is: Where do I go, or to whom do I go, to request a new e-sword module?


What I am looking for is a module of Henry M Morris' Defenders Study Bible Notes from the KJV version.



Thanks in advance :-)




That module already exists, it is a premium or paid module that can be acquired through e-Sword's built in downloader. The price is $19.99  

#40992 Plans to make a module of NIV 1984 Bible?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 30 May 2021 - 09:07 AM


Sorry I'm bringing this old thread back but it's exactly what I'm wanting... NIV84 for e-sword.  FYI that I have been exchanging emails with Rick from e-sword support and he confirmed to me that even though NIV84 shows up in Download->Bibles, it is not possible to purchase it via e-sword.  He said that the option was removed by the publisher in 2012.
Just like others here, I would very much like to get NIV84... Actually, I'd like to get NIV73 as well but NIV84 is my main goal.
Any help/suggestions would be very welcomed!


I can help you via email if you want to go that route.

I have the NIV84.bblx module as well as an NIV78.bblx module.

You mentioned the NIV73 edition which at that time was just the NT the first edition with both the OT & NT is in fact the 1978 edition

#40979 Need help putting modules into e-sword x

Posted by Tj Higgins on 26 May 2021 - 03:42 PM

I noticed some people have done there own translations and made their translations available in a e-sword compatible file.  what is the best file type to start with for easy conversion to x or i files later in your opinion.  


wow this is awesome.  I have really wanted to do my own translation for a while because I think it would be the best way to get the most in-depth personal study.  have you tried this?  I have so much to learn, I guess i will start in a google docs file and hopefully I can work with it later when it come time to publish it in a file I can upload.  Awesome

There is a module creation tool called e-Sword Tooltip NT that can be used to create modules for both the Windows and Mac versions of e-Sword

#40832 transferring to another computer

Posted by Tj Higgins on 24 April 2021 - 08:00 AM

How can I move my esword program and all that is in it from one computer to another?

The easiest way is to do a fresh install of e-Sword on the computer first, then copy all your modules on the old computer to flash drive. 

Once you have all of your modules copied you can put the flash drive in the new computer and copy the modules to the new e-Sword installation on the new computer. 

If you have notes, journals, bookmarks and highlights saved you can copied those files from the e-Sword folder located in the documents folder on the old PC to the flash drive as well

#40815 Thompson chain reference on E-Sword problem

Posted by Tj Higgins on 22 April 2021 - 06:02 PM

I have tried to download the Thompson Chain Reference          to my PC to use in E-sword.   


The downloaded file seems very small ,  610 kb, and when I try to open it I get the message that there is a problem and telling me to re-load it, which I have done 5 times, without resolving the problem.  I cannot locate it in my e-source Downloads.


Any ideas please?



The file you downloaded is a self contain executable (exe) file you need to run the exe file in order to correctly install the Thompson Chain Reference in your e-Sword folder

#40675 1611 Edition King James Version

Posted by Tj Higgins on 29 March 2021 - 10:14 AM

Hi everyone, I am looking for a 1611 KJV module with original spelling for e-Sword, but the current one available seems to be locked. I want to convert it to bbli for use on my iPad, but it will not convert due to it being locked. Could anyone help? Thanks so much!

That module is an official or licensed module for e-Sword that cannot be edited or modified by e-Sword users 

You will need to contact Rick Meyers the developer of e-Sword as he is the one who has established the licensed or official modules.

You can contact him at this link:


#40554 Merging topic.topx files?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 02 March 2021 - 11:06 AM

I guess I need to teach myself how, thanks for the tip. 

NOTE: Before combining any files make sure to make back up copies of the individual files!!

Once you have downloaded and installed Tooltip NT and then open the program all you need to do is select "Modules" from the menu across the top of ToolTip NT to open the modules drop down menu. Near the bottom of the modules drop down menu there is an option labeled "Combine Files" Select this option and smaller menu will open displaying all of the file types used by e-Sword. From the smaller menu select TOPX files. Once you do this a small window will open which you will use to navigate to the folder or folders containing the files you wish to combine. 

Once you are in the correct folder where the files are located another window will open containing two small windows sitting side by side. The left small window will contain the list of the files found in the folder you selected, the right small window will be empty. 

From the file list on the left select the files you want to combine and the names of the files will appear in the empty window on the right side of the combine files window. 

The combine files window has two buttons at the bottom one marked "OK" and the other marked "Cancel" click OK to combine the selected files. 


#40550 Merging topic.topx files?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 01 March 2021 - 11:25 AM

Is there any way to merge two different "topic.topx" files with different content saved at different times?

Files can be merged or combined using e-Sword Tooltip which is the module creation tool for e-Sword 

#40543 PDF files

Posted by Tj Higgins on 27 February 2021 - 11:05 AM

Is there any way to put PDF files in E-Sword software.  Mainly just for reading in a place I can get to my bible quickly!

Jim VanSchoonhoven

Unfortunately PDF's cannot be used with e-Sword but it is possible to create e-Sword modules from them using Tooltip NT

#40430 How to upload my new Bible version online?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 10 February 2021 - 11:09 AM

How do you upload a file in this website for other e-sword users to download?


Can I upload it even if it is not mine?


The file that I will upload was downloaded online but it is not yet in this site (which is more convenient for my fellow Filipino users). It took me hours to find those different bible versions in our language. Thank you in advance.

The first thing to make sure is that they are NOT copyrighted in anyway as copyrighted material is not allowed on Bible Support.

The second thing is are you uploading e-Sword modules or material with which to make modules?

To upload select the proper category for the files from the Bible Support main page if uploading bibles, select Bible Translations from the area of the main page labeled Download e-Sword Resources. 

One you click Bible Translations, the Bible Translations section of bible support will open, above the list of translations to the right you will see a green button labeled "Upload File". Click the "Upload File" and the Upload File page will open. 

Once the Upload File page is open the upload process is laid out in several easy steps 

#40267 Installed E-sword in 2ndary drive.

Posted by Tj Higgins on 17 January 2021 - 11:04 AM

I recently bought a new computer with an SSD and am trying to keep everything but my OS on a secondary drive. I installed E-sword in the secondary but I cannot get it to access any topical files and some other files like Bibles, commentaries and dictionaries I had previously, while some work fine. Where do I need to put the topical files to access them? I have tried documents/esword in both primary and secondary disks. And why are some of the other files working and some not?


e-Sword installs on a Windows PC into two folders with a default drive setting of C: 

The folders are both labeled e-Sword with one being installed into your Program Files x86 folder with file path like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword

The other folder is installed into you documents folder with a file path like this:


e-Sword has a default location setting for all resources modules of the following

C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword\

You can change this setting through in e-Sword by selecting Options from the menu across the top of e-Sword and then from the Options drop down menu and then from that menu select Resource. When you select Resource a small window will open that allows to select all of the options related to which resources e-Sword will display and where e-Sword can locate the files. You can select what ever folder on on the secondary drive you installed e-Sword on.

#39019 New User - can't view maps I just installed

Posted by Tj Higgins on 16 November 2020 - 07:35 PM

Just installed Various Bible Maps and Rand MacNally maps.  I thought they would show in one of the windows but did not see it.  Tried Graphics Viewer, but all I see is one page of 1 Thess. 1:1 diagramed.  Where do I find the maps and how do I view Them.  Why doesn't it have a dedicated window for graphics?

First thing to do is close e-Sword and then restart if you did not do this after you installed the maps.


On the e-Sword main window there is search bar just below the e-Sword main menu. At the right end of the search are buttons that control the various windows within e-Sword. The last two buttons control the graphics viewer and the e-Sword resource library. The button for the graphics viewer looks like a little picture, click this to view all installed graphics. 

When the Graphics viewer window opens it has menu and below the menu are the viewing options for viewing graphics, below the viewing options you will see tabs for each collection of maps you have installed. Over on the right side of the graphics viewer there is a drop down menu where each map within a selected collection is listed. You select maps from the drop down list to view them in the viewing area

I have attached images of the e-Sword main menu and above mentioned buttons as well as a screen shot of the graphics viewer with two tabs and list in the drop down menu


Attached Thumbnails

  • e-Sword graphics viewer.JPG
  • e-Sword Menu and search bar.JPG

#38818 How do I make a pdf into a refx?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 24 September 2020 - 10:49 AM

How do I make a pdf into a refx?  I'd like to make some of the pdf documents I have into references, but the tool tip tutorial doesn't specify how (or I'm too

tech-challenged to find/understand).  I would prefer not to lose formatting, but this isn't critical.


Thank you.

The first thing you will need to do is to create Topic or topx file from the PDF file using Tooltip NT. Once the topx file is created and installed into e-Sword you will need to do the following to create the refx file:

To convert Topic Notes to Reference Book format:
1. Open the Topic Notes editor window in e-Sword, the topic notes editor is one of the three editors available in the "Editors" tab in e-Sword. This tab can be found along the left hand edge of e-Sword
2. At the bottom of the Topics editor there is a drop down menu that will list any and all installed topic modules, your newly created topx file will be listed in this menu. Select you topx file to open it in the Topics Notes window
3. After the module opens press the Ctrl key, right-click the mouse in the Topic Notes window.
4. A small menu will open from this menu click the Convert to Reference Book option.
5. Choose where to save the REFX module. You should choose your e-Sword installation folder, usually c:\program files\e-Sword, unless you changed the location where e-Sword reads modules. See the Changing Your e-Sword Resources and Files Location section if necessary.
6. A confirmation box tells you to restart e-Sword to see the Reference Library book in the Reference Library.
Note that you will only see the new REFX module if you saved the module in your e-Sword Resources and Files Location folder