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#34660 Apple e-Sword X Module help?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 12 November 2018 - 08:44 AM

This may be addressed elsewhere so I apologize in advance.  Since I only have a MAC, I am trying to find modules for ESword. I can't find that many. So I was wondering if I could convert the PC modules on my MAC?  

There are number of modules on this site that are for the MAC version that can be downloaded from this site. Any module with a file extension that ends in the letter "i" can be used with the MAC version of E-Sword. These extensions include: 


Reference Library (REFI)
Bible (BBLI),
Commentary (CMTI),
Dictionary (DCTI)
Bible Reading Plan (BRPI).

Devotional (DEVI)


Unfortunately there is no converter that will work on the MAC however you can download a a program called Crossover Mac from Codeweavers. This will allow you to to run Windows software on MAC.


Here is the link to download this program:


#34433 Devotions - Make a pop up window when mouse move over verse

Posted by Tj Higgins on 16 September 2018 - 05:28 PM

Ok many thanks TJ Higgins. i have to look in which topic in the forum it is explained :) Have a great day or night ^^

Tooltip NT has a pdf users manual just click help from the e-sword menu, the help menu will open and the last item in the help

list will open users manual 

#34427 Devotions - Make a pop up window when mouse move over verse

Posted by Tj Higgins on 16 September 2018 - 11:31 AM


Hi Dear E-sword community. I have two questions:



1. how can i unbound the devotions for a specifiic day (not always the first january) so that it always starts with the first part no matter what date we have?


2. And 2nd question, how can i make a kind of a link in a devotion file so that the bible verse appears, when i move the mouse over it in a little yellow window (from the actually opened bible translation)?


Thank you and praise the lord.

I use tool tip nt.




Not sure about your first question however you can tooltip the bible references in devotional modules the same way references are tooltipped in Commentary and Dictionary modules. 

#34401 DEV files

Posted by Tj Higgins on 11 September 2018 - 02:07 PM

I am have trouble downloading .DEV files to my E-Sword.   I keep receiving an alert asking what app to I wan to use download with.


Do I need something extra the the tool I downloaded from E-Sword?


.Dev modules will only work with E-sword version 8 or earlier. Versions of E-Sword for Windows released starting with version 9 use module file formats with extensions that end in the letter "x". Thus Devotional Modules have the file extension .devx. 

There is a converter you can download to convert .dev files into .devx files once you have done this the .devx file can be installed into E-Sword. 

Here is the link to download the converter:



To make module installation easy you might want to download the module installer and here the link to it:


#34398 Apple e-Sword X Module help?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 11 September 2018 - 10:35 AM

Hey guys,


I just stumbled upon this application and purchased it from the app store, I looked at the tutorials for how to get modules on Mac and for the life of me I cannot figure any of this out or get any of these methods to work. I'm finding I'm not seeing any of the same stuff as anyone, I'm totally lost. I tried downloading Crossover and the pc-to-apple module converter, didn't work, tried downloading the crossover e-sword, still didn't work. If someone who is knowledgable could give me some help that would be great, thanks!

First question is which version of E-Sword for Apple Mac did you install there are 3 different versions:

E-Sword X for use on MAC computers
E-Sword HD for the Ipad
E-Sword LT for the IPhone.

All 3 use modules that are formatted for use with Apple Products these modules all have file extensions that end in the letter "i": 

Reference Library (REFI)
Bible (BBLI),
Commentary (CMTI),
Dictionary (DCTI)
Bible Reading Plan (BRPI).

Devotional (DEVI)

Modules formatted for use in the Windows version of E-Sword have file extensions that end in the letter "X", and will not work with the Apple/Mac versions of E-Sword. 

#34396 HWSG bible module on Windows 10 and e-Sword ver 11.1.0

Posted by Tj Higgins on 10 September 2018 - 02:58 PM

BINGO!!!!  We have a winner!


Thanks, so much, Tj!  I hadn't heard of this issue, but the .bbli works!


And just to add to this.  I had BOTH in MY folder.  I moved each out one at a time and the .bblx didn't work on my Windows 7, either.  That has now been deleted.


I was under the impression that the .bbli were only for the Apple products like my iPad.  I definitely learned something today!


Much appreciated.




Yes the BBLI format modules are for use with Apple/MAC versions of E-Sword. 


However starting with the release of the first version of E-Sword 11 for windows, the software was updated to be able to use both formats. Prior to the release of version 11 all Windows versions of E-Sword were coded to use modules created using strictly Rich Text Format or RTF. All versions E-sword for use on Apple/Mac devices were coded to use modules that were created in html format. This change to E-Sword for windows was allows for modules with more features including Pop Ups and links. 


Glad I could help


#34069 Bible in the Karen Language

Posted by Tj Higgins on 07 July 2018 - 11:26 AM

I work with the Karen people of Burma and would like to pursue getting a bible module of the Karen language available in e-Sword. I am reasonably capable technically, but would like to get some instructions of where to begin by those who have done this kind of thing before. Is there anyone who could give me some pointers as to where to begin this project?


Obviously, I need to locate the Karen fonts and a Karen electronic bible. However, assuming I have these, what steps are necessary to create an e-Sword module using this data?


Thank you,

—Otto Gershon


You will need to download the module creation tool known as E-Sword Tooltip, this is the program used to create all of the various module types for use with E-Sword.

E-Sword Tooltip comes with a very detailed users manual in pdf format that can guide through module creation. The module creation process is not difficult but does take a little practice. 

Here is the link to download E-Sword Tooltip:



After installing E-Sword Tooltip you can access the users manual by clicking "Help" from the E-Sword Tooltip Menu. The users manual is the last option on the "Help" Menu

#34061 Biblical Conversion Calcultors

Posted by Tj Higgins on 06 July 2018 - 09:50 AM

I've started a project of creating some Biblical Conversion calculators, which can be used alongside e-Sword (or any other Bible software for that matter). The first one has been completed, the Biblical Cubic Conversion Calculator, and am currently working on the user guide for it.


There are two others I want to create, but I need the information of what  conversion rates are. The following Conversion Calculators I want to create are:

  • Shekel to pounds/kilograms & Pounds/Kilograms to Shekels
  • Biblical distances (of whatever they were) to Miles/Kilometers and visa versa.

So if anyone know what the Conversion ratios/factors are, be grateful if you email me or post the info.


Thanks a big heap.




There us a conversion site for shekels to pounds here:



A Shekel to Kilograms conversion site here:


#33752 Is there a way to disable the splash screen of e-sword

Posted by Tj Higgins on 17 June 2018 - 09:24 AM

No there is not away to disable the e-Sword splash screens

#33622 Where to start to download using iPad, I have downloaded e-sword

Posted by Tj Higgins on 18 May 2018 - 01:53 PM

To elaborate a little further on Katoog's response regarding modules on this site.


There are in fact modules available for download for the Apple/Mac version of e-Sword here on bible support. As Katoog said the modules for the Apple/Mac version of e-Sword have file extensions that end in the letter "i", the file extensions are as follows:

bbli = bible modules

cmti = commentary modules

dcti = dictionary modules

refi = reference modules

devi = devotional module

brpi = bible reading module

topi = topic module

noti = notes module


Most of the downloadable modules that are for the Apple/Mac on this site are labeled as such and of course as Katoog pointed there is the module converter available as well

#32962 Accessing .dctx file through VBA

Posted by Tj Higgins on 10 March 2018 - 12:51 PM

First make sure you have the latest version of Tooltip installed.

You did not need to use the "Tooltip Existing DCTX.file" option using this overwrote your original dictionary file so you will need to reinstall the original dictionary module. 

Once the dictionary module is reinstalled, all you have to do is select "Read Dictionary File - single block" this will open the e-Sword folder on your computer which will show you all of the installed dictionary modules. Find the dictionary module and select it to be read by ToolTip. 

Licensed modules cannot not be read into Tooltip, so as long as the module is not licensed Tooltip will open it. 


When you get the dictionary file open in Tooltip, you will then click File on the Tooltip Menu and then Save from the file menu to save the file in RTF format

#32897 zip folders?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 02 March 2018 - 11:32 AM

How does one get the files from the zip folder uploaded to their Esword?

You need to use a zip file utility to unzip the the zip folders and extract the e-sword modules from them. Once the modules are extracted they can be installed in E-Sword 

#32771 Will this work?

Posted by Tj Higgins on 13 February 2018 - 05:07 PM

Does anyone know whether or not l can use this commentary "Harry Ironside Commentaries on the New Testament and Prophets (Updated) 2.0" in e-sword x. If so, please tell me how. lf no, oh well. Also, a few weeks ago l started a thread here and now it's no longer needed. Should l delete it? How to do that? Thanks, Pops1

The uploaded version of that module is for use with E-Sword for Windows. However if you know how to use the e-Sword module creation tool known as E-Sword Tooltip, you can easily create a module for use with e-Sword X.

The major difference between the Windows and Mac versions of E-Sword is that each version uses a different module file format. Module for use with the Windows version all have file extensions that end in the letter x, such as bblx for bibles and cmtx for commentary modules. Modules that work with E-Sword X have file extensions such as bbli for bible modules and cmti for commentary. The modules will also work with the versions of E-Sword that run on Ipads and Iphones which are known as e-Sword HD and e-Sword LT.

The module creation tool e-Sword Tooltip easily creates modules for use on all versions of e-Sword.

#32768 top files not displaying

Posted by Tj Higgins on 13 February 2018 - 03:42 PM

love my Esword 7.1.1. Anyway to use latest Parable Topics on my ver 7. Used to have them but now they install as topx and dont work in my 7.1.1 esword :(

You need to upgrade to either E-Sword 10 or 11 to use Topx files

#32767 Strong's numbers ending in a letter

Posted by Tj Higgins on 13 February 2018 - 03:31 PM

Hi all,


Long-time e-Sword user, first time forum poster here. When I'm viewing a version with Strong's numbers included (e.g. NASB+), the tool-tip and click-to-dictionary functionality works correctly. However, if the Strong's number ends in "a" or "b" (as in H7287a in Genesis 1:26), then neither the tool-tip nor the click function works. In fact, I have had a lot of trouble even searching the Strong's dictionary for any such number. Any help with that?





There is a concordance for the NASB with Strong's numbers that does in fact contain the Strong's numbers with the letters after them. It is called New American Standard Updated Edition Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible with Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries. There is an e-Sword module for this but I am not sure where to find it as the print version of the concordance is a copyrighted item and the NASB bible module for e-Sword is a premium or paid module.