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New and forthcoming bible translations

20 June 2019 - 03:01 PM

Just wanted to let e-Swords users know that there are 3 new or forth coming bible translations to watch for. 

There is a revision to the American Standard Version called The Updated American Standard Version or USAV. This translation is not yet complete and what has  been completed can be viewed at the following website:



There are two new Catholic translations as well

First is the English Standard Version Catholic Edition or ESV-CE. This translation is the English Standard Version with the Deuterocanonical (apocryphal) books included. The ESV version of the Deuterocanonicals is a revision of the Revised Standard Version 1977 Expanded Edition. This translations was released in 2018 and an Anglicized Version has been published just this month


The other new Catholic translation is a the Revised New Jerusalem Bible  or RNJB, Its current edition consists of the New Testament and the Psalms, and was released in February 2018, with the full Bible set to be released in 2020. It is a revision of the Jerusalem Bible and the New Jerusalem Bible done by the British biblical scholar and Ampleforth Abbey monk Henry Wansbrough.

Adding Strong's Numbers to a bible module?

04 April 2019 - 10:30 AM

Does anyone know how to add Strong's Numbers to a bible module using e-Sword Tooltip NT?

Is there an automatic way to add them or does each number have to added manually?

Converting non e-Sword modules to e-Sword module formats.

09 March 2019 - 12:54 PM

Most e-Swords users are aware that e-Sword is available for use on both Windows PC's and Apple/Mac devices including MAC computers, iPad and iPhone. Aside from e-Sword, there are number of other programs available for bible reading and study. Each program has it's own file format for it's specific modules which means modules for Mysword or The Word for example cannot be read by e-Sword either PC or Apple/Mac versions. 


However there is a fairly easy way to convert modules from other bible programs so that will work with e-Sword. First let's go over the module file formats used by both e-Sword for Windows and e-Sword for the Apple/Mac devices. Here are the module file formats for both versions of e-Sword:

Apple/Mac file formats:
Bible (bbli)
Commentary (cmti)
Dictionary (dcti)
Bible Reading Plan (brpi).
Devotional (devi)
Reference Library (refi)
Topic File (topi)
Windows file formats:
Bible (bblx)
Commentary (cmtx)
Dictionary (dctx)
Bible Reading Plan (brpx)
Devotional (devx)
Topic (topx)
Harmony File (harx)
Maps/Graphics (mapx)
Reference Libraty (refx)

With the release of e-Sword 11 the Windows version of e-Sword can now use the Apple/Mac module formats. 

Modules for the Windows version of e-Sword can be converted to the Apple/MAC formats by using the e-Sword to Apple Conversion Utility available on the e-Sword homepage e-Sword.net/extras.html
For converting non e-Sword modules for use in E-Sword there is a very small but powerful program available called Simple Bible Reader. This program can read and convert modules from a number of bible programs including e-Sword Windows format. The program can read 4 different types of modules: bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and books. 

Here the list of the various module formats that Simple Bible Reader can read:


Bibles – Zefania XML Bibles, The Unbound Bible (Unmapped-BCV, Mapped-BCVS, Unmapped-BCVS), Open Scripture Information Standard (OSIS), General Bible Format (GBF), XML Scripture Encoding Model (XSEM), The Word Bible Modules (ONT, ONTX, OT, OTX, NT and NTX)2, e-Sword Bible Modules (BBL, BBLX), Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX), The SWORD Project1 , Verse Per Line (VPL), Go Bible, Theological Markup Language (ThML), Open Song Bibles (XMM, OpenLP.org Bibles, Bible Companion (BIB), MySword for Android, Bible Analyzer (BIB), EasySlides (MDB), MP3 Bibles, LOGOS Import (DOCX), Online Bibles, PalmBible+, HeavenWorld Bibles for Windows 8, VerseVIEW
Commentaries – XML Format, SWORD Commentary Modules (ZIP), The Word (cmt.twm), e-Sword 8.x (CMT), e-Sword 9.x (CMTX), MySword for Android, Bible Analyzer (CMT), OnlineBible Commentaries
Dictionaries – Zefania Dictionary Format (XML), SWORD Dictionary Modules (ZIP), The Word (dct.twm), e-Sword 8.x (DCT), e-Sword 9.x (DCTX), MySword for Android, Bible Analyzer (DCT), OnlineBible Dictionaries
Books/topics – XML Format (XML), The Word (gbk.twm), e-Sword 8.x (TOP), e-Sword 9.x (TOPX/REFX), SWORD Book Modules (ZIP), MySword for Android, Bible Analyzer (BK), STEP Modules, Online Books

As you can see Simple Bible Reader is very versatile program, the only small drawback is that Simple Bible Reader cannot read modules for E-Sword for Apple/MAC devices.  It does read and create e-Sword modules in the e-Sword Windows PC format as well as all of the other formats in the list just above this text. Simple Bible Reader is also very easy to use as all of the required actions to open and convert modules are in a single menu.

So the question for Apple/MAC users is how to convert non E-sword modules into e-Sword Apple/MAC modules with ease?

The answer is to first convert the non e-Sword module to e-Sword Windows format using Simple Bible Reader then convert the e-Sword Windows module to Apple/MAC format using the e-Sword to Apple Conversion Utility.


Note: Both Simple Bible Reader and the e-Sword to Apple Conversion Utility are Windows programs so Apple/MAC users (who do not have access to a PC) will need to have a program installed on their Apple/Mac computer that allows the use of Windows software on Apple/Mac computers. One of the best programs for this is called Crossover MAC from Codeweavers. 

Here are the links to the 3 programs I have mentioned in this post:

e-Sword to Apple Conversion Utility:  e-Sword.net/extras.html

Simple Bible Reader: https://trumpet-call...e-bible-reader/

Crossover MAC: https://www.codeweav...s/crossover-mac