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In Topic: Word macros not working on new install

Today, 10:03 AM

have done all these things.  NOthing works.  Was told to look on this page for answers.  Still nothing works

The macros might need updating by Rick Meyers to work with the latest version of MS-Word

In Topic: Can't resize Bible window, divider bar will not move.

Yesterday, 03:47 PM

Please help. The vertical divider bar on the Bible is stuck. I accidently swiped it all the way left, now it does not function at all. Thanks.

From the e-Sword menu across the top of e-Sword click help then Reset e-Sword Settings this will reset e-Swords windows 

In Topic: Word macros not working on new install

15 October 2021 - 09:39 AM

I have a new Computer. Worked with microsoft 8 hr.  macro will not work. They did find out the 64bit won't work.  So we reinstalled Office 32 bit.  Still nothing.  I have been using e-sword since version 1.  I am a minister and need this.  

Pls. can someone help me.  I have read all messages on this.  Nothing works.


Yes, i moved e-sword into Program files from Program files 86

Make sure you have downloaded the latest versions of the Macro from e-Sword.net 

It could also be a case of the macros needing to be updated for the latest version of MS-Word


In Topic: ESV wishes

10 October 2021 - 11:37 AM

I don't see the English Standard Version available for Mysword, it sure would be a tremendous add on if any can make if it is not asking too much. Pease Please Mr. Modules man. Ty. Jerome Budzinski Niagara area.

The ESV is copyrighted, the copyright holder needs to give permission for any modules to be made. The current ESV module for e-Sword use is available via a license arrangement 

In Topic: Embedding Images in Commentary the right way

06 October 2021 - 06:40 PM

I want to include some images in my commentary on Daniel 2 (the Image Dream).

What is the right way to do this so I get the desired results?


I have set the wrapping style to top and bottom. 

On the Saving Options tab, I left "Embed data in document",

Save as type JPEG

Resolution is 240 dpi

Compression quality 75%.


When I save the commentary, and look for the image, it is not there (even though it is always present in the .RTF


If I save the RTF and exit, and then resume, the selections on the Saving Options tab vanish, and I have to select them again (JPEG, 75%)

But even so, I do not get images in the CMTX. 


What am I doing wrong? Should I be selecting Export Image and embed file reference? How does that work?

I did not find anything about this in the excellent documentation, which I am extremely impressed by. I am well along in my Daniel commentary!


Many thanks. 

Images can only be used in Topic Modules and or Map/Graphics modules they cannot be used in any other type of modules. 

You can consult the e-Sword Tooltip Users guide for how to use images with Topic Modules and or how to create Map and Graphics modules