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In Topic: Can't get Strong's to work on 12.1.0

Today, 02:06 PM

I just downloaded and ran the esword 12.1.0 install module.  I have had the NAS and NAS+ bblx modules for a long time.  For some reason, I can't get anything to come up when I click on the Strong's number; I have the link clicked.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or need to do to fix this?



You may need to update the NAS and NAS+ modules.

Starting with the release of e-Sword 11 for Windows, e-Sword is now capable of running html modules just as e-Sword for Mac/Apple runs them.  Prior to the release of e-Sword version 11 windows versions of e-Sword (9 and 10) used rtf based modules which had file formats that ended with the letter "x" such as bblx for bible modules. 


The html (Apple/Mac) modules have a file format that ends with the letter "i" for bible modules the the file type is "bbli".

As a result of the change to e-Sword for windows in allowing the use of html modules, the newer versions of e-Sword (11&12) have issues in some instances with the older module formats. All of the modules that can be downloaded through e-Sword's built-in downloader have been upgraded to the new module format. As a result of this they cannot be downloaded into versions of e-Sword prior to version 11. 

The NAS and NAS+ are part of a premium or paid module set known as New American Standard Bible Study Set which includes the NAS, NAS+, NAS77 and the NAS concordance. The set sells for $20 


In Topic: New Installation of e-Sword. Using Manjaro o Wine and Play on Store.

Yesterday, 06:24 PM

Good Morning to all the followers, I am using Manjaro on my Computer. To install E-Sword I loaded Wine and Play on Linux. On Opening E-Sword I discovered that the Fonds does not setup, the Dictionaries don't open and the programs do not Download. Hoping you can give me some advice. I am an old timer so please take it easy with me. 


Kind Regards,




A Better option for running e-Sword on Linux is to use Crossover Linux by Codeweavers, this program makes running Windows software on Linux very simple and easy. 


Here is the link:


In Topic: Edit or re-order tabs

16 October 2019 - 06:18 PM

1.   Is it possible to re-order the tabs in either Bibles or Commentaries? 

2.   Is it possible to re-name a tab, e.g., change "Expositor's Bible" to "Exp Bib"

There is a program available for download from this website called "e-Sword Tab Renamer" that will make changing the tab names easy here is the link:


In Topic: Need info on Zodhiates Word Study Dict for e-Sword HD

15 October 2019 - 10:25 AM

I just change my computer and i started installing esword and downloading module. However, i found it that Complete Word Study Dictionary is listed with red color and could not be downloaded. Is there anyone facing the same problem with me?

Thank you for your attention and help. God bless.

You need to make sure you have either e-Sword 11 or 12 installed for the e-Sword downloader to work correctly.


Starting with e-Sword 11, e-Sword for Windows PC's can read html formatted modules which have been exclusively for use with the Apple/Mac versions of e-Sword.


As result of the change all of modules that can be downloaded using the e-Sword downloader have been reformatted to work with e-Sword versions 11 and 12 exclusively. 

One more thing with regards to the Complete Word Study Dictionary, this is premium resource that will need to be purchased


In Topic: How to convert topx to bblx

04 October 2019 - 02:24 PM

Hello guys

I just downloaded Dead Sea Scrolls (topx format) but it doesn't work with my esword app

How can I convert it into bblx



Topic files (topx format) are accessible through the e-sword resource library. 

To access the resource library click the button that looks like 3 books at the right end of the e-sword search bar which is just below the main menu