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In Topic: mysword now uses ...

01 July 2020 - 02:55 PM

Hey, Tj,


Interesting post. Do you use e-Sword, MySword on the PC emulated with Android emulator, or something else when you're sitting down to study your Bible?

I primarily use e-Sword with a large library of modules that I have either accumulated and or created using Tooltip. 

I am considering adding an emulator to have access to some other bible apps as I don't have a smart phone just basic cellphone for emergency calls. 

A while back there was post here on bible support from a user who runs both the Windows version of e-Sword and the Apple/Mac version side by side on Windows using an emulator. He posted a a screen shot and a brief video of how had the setup side by side in his post but I cannot find the post at the moment. However the idea of running both versions of e-Sword running side by side intrigued me at the time.

When the new version of  MySword was released with capability of running e-Sword, Mybible, USFM and the Word modules in one program I remembered the post about running both versions of e-Sword side by side. It occurred to me the same sort of thing could be done with android (and iOS) bible apps.

Mybible is in fact an Android App itself 

There are a large number of bible apps available for both the Android OS and Apple's iOS and having an emulator installed on a Windows PC makes those apps available for desktop use. 


In Topic: mysword now uses ...

01 July 2020 - 10:38 AM

With the recent release of MySword 11.1 that can now use modules from four other bible software programs, I have decided to add one more idea to this discussion. 

It is actually possible to run MySword and any other android bible (there are quite a lot of them!) on a Windows PC using an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks, or any of the others listed below:

  • GameLoop
  • MEmu
  • Ko Player
  • Genymotion
  • Nox Player
  • Android Studio
  • Remix OS
  • PrimeOS
  • ARChon
  • Bliss OS


Using an Android Emulator on a Windows PC will allow MySword or any other android bible apps to be run full screen verses smartphone screen size. All of the features and functions of the apps will work in the emulator just with more screen space that is easier with less eye strain 

There are also Apple IOS emulators for Windows PC available that will allow you to run IPhone and IPad Apps on Windows 

In Topic: My Windows Defender is rejecting ToolTips v. 2020

30 June 2020 - 01:48 PM

Hi! I tried to download the ToolTipsExe v. 2020 but my Windows Defender outright refused it. Will it harm my laptop? How should I bypass the Defender?

It won't harm anything on your system at all, Windows Defender is giving a false warning. You can turn off Windows Defender, then download Tooltip, once the download is finished simply turn Windows Defender back on 

In Topic: modify typo? Bibles for version 10.1?

29 June 2020 - 12:56 PM


1. Is there a way to modify typo in Chinese Bible?

2. where to get Bibles for version 10.1?

Thanks :-}

I can't answer the first question but as for your second question any bible module that is has the module file type, bblx will work with e-Sword version 10.1

In Topic: mysword now uses ...

18 June 2020 - 02:02 PM

Here is what is posted on the MySword.info page about the new release of MySword:

What's new in Version 11.1
  1. Support for bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and books of other Bible apps. Just place the modules (zipped or not) in mysword folder in the Internal Storage and restart MySword. The following are supported:
    1. e-Sword
      1. Bibles - e-Sword version 9 to 10 (.bblx, RTF-based) and version 11 and higher (.bbli, HTML-based). Formerly, the .bblx can be renamed to .bbl.mybible but if it contained RTF formatting then they will show up in MySword, so converting to The Word then to MySword is the only alternative. But now MySword has basic RTF interpreter. Colors are mapped to MySword standard colors.
      2. Commentaries - e-Sword version 9 to 10 (.cmtx, RTF-based) and version 11 and higher (.cmti, HTML-based).
      3. Dictionaries - e-Sword version 9 to 10 (.dctx, RTF-based) and version 11 and higher (.dcti, HTML-based).
      4. Books - e-Sword version 9 to 10 (.topx and .devx, RTF-based) and version 11 and higher (.refi and .devi, HTML-based).
    2. MyBible
      1. Bibles - .SQLite3 files with optional accompanying notes in commentary file .commentaries.SQLite3. Zip file will also do.
      2. Commentaries - .commentaries.SQLite3 files.
      3. Dictionaries - .dictionary.SQLite3 files.
    3. USFM
      • The zip file name should contain the word usfm. This zip file must contain the individual books with extension .usfm. Try to test USFM zip files from https://ebible.org/.
    4. The Word
      1. Bibles - only UTF-8 encoding is supported (.ont, .ot and .nt).
      2. Commentaries - .cmt.twm files.
      3. Dictionaries - .dct.twm files.
      4. Books - .gbk.twm and .dev.twm files.

      Only unencrypted and unzipped modules are supported (EXE files are not supported).

      For Commentaries, Dictionaries and Books, only RTF content is supported (RVF is not) and compressed modules are supported but not encrypted ones.

    e-Sword, MyBible and non-Bible The Word modules are not migrated into MySword format but instead adapted by adding SQLite views or adding some fields or table. USFM and The Word Bibles are migrated to MySword format and the original file is deleted. All modules are moved into the appropriate folders.

  2. New Text-to-speech (TTS) preference: Skip parallel abbreviation.
  3. New Deluxe Editor preference for smartphones via Menu: Split view panes. This will enable the split view which is only available in tablets for Deluxe. The Split icon is also now avaiable on the right pane and can make the right pane full-width hiding the Editor.
  4. New Deluxe Search preference for smartphones via Menu in Search Bible: Split view panes. This will enable the split view which is only available in tablets for Deluxe. Added also Split icon at the bottom right to cycle the split size similar to the Editor.
Bugs Fixed in Version 11.1
  1. Fixed the bug of Dark holographic theme drop down text hard to read in Android Q.
  2. File Manager tap on .mybible and Open as for .mybible.gz and .mybible.zip no longer worked in Nougat and higher.
  3. Search History list tap sensitivity is only for the text and not the blank right of text for initial items.
  4. Edit Cross References should not have Preferences in the menu.
  5. Non-bible content popup may have an invalid creation of Bible link in case a reference pattern is found in the HTML attribute value.
  6. Strong's links on text (Deluxe) don't work on text ending in punctuation marks followed by Strong/Morphology.