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About Me

So, what is it about me you would like to know?

Fact is there is more about me that I don't know about me. :lol:  You would think that I'm a real mysterious kind of a dude. But, nah, that's not true. Well I don't think its true, but someone else might think so.

Well, whatever it is there is a about me that's a mystery and I don't know about it, I hope you can tell me as I would really love to know.

Well, the first and most obvious thing about me, as you can see by my photo, I a real cool  B)  and when I was a kid, really cute and handsome looking (so the girls reckoned) that really loves the Lord. I've been a Christian for a tad over 40 years, and my love for God has not diminished. In fact you could say its really increased. So I praise God for that. Another thing is, as you can see, I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, which is currently the shakiest city in the world due to the amount of aftershocks we're getting.

I thoroughly enjoy studying and sharing the Word, and from that to see new and younger Christians grow in the faith. Perhaps the biggest buzz I get is when I see someone give his/her life to Christ and/or I lead someone to Christ. In all sincerity there is nothing like it. I get very emotional about that, and dance for joy every time it happens.

Other things I enjoy doing is stuff like programming and software design. Here I started programming late in life (55 years old), but great to have done it. The reason for that is I enjoy my mind being stretched as programming often times is not very straight forward. Sometimes I come across problems that I don't know how to solve straight away, and can take a fair whack of time to find the answer. One such problem I had took me close on three years to solve. Thankfully it wasn't a critical issue that was actually related to the running of the Program.

Being a Kiwi (New Zealander), I would have to say Rugby Union is a real passion for me. And considering I live in Christchurch, well it goes without saying that I am a supporter of the Crusaders. Moreover, because I am a Kiwi, well my support naturally goes to the ABs (All Blacks), of which they really are "simply the best." (Now, if you're Australian, and considering you've got Robbie Deans as your national team's coach, well... you really have my sympathy, and you guys just don't cut the mustard. )

My involvement with e-Sword.
As a free software program, I found this one a real breeze to use. Originally you really didn't need to have a help file as it was pretty much a straight forward program to use. But now lots of stuff has changed about e-Sword, and now some form of help documentation is needed, and of which is now available. I tend to think that e-Sword is still on the road development road, and so things in the program will change in it.

Having said all of that, as Bible program, I think e-Sword stack up well against its counterparts, and does an excellent job, and that is why I've decided to stick by it. I really love the simplicity and ease of use which it gives.

My involvement with e-Sword is primarily that of a Resource Creator and Editor, and my current project is the Maori Bible. My other areas of involvement is that of the creator of the e-Sword Installer Menu program and the e-Sword PowerPoint presentation.

But perhaps the best part of my involvement with this program is that of simply giving it away to new and young Christians. You know, the greatest joy I receive in this is the looks on their faces when, after the installation of the program and all the resources, they see what they have actually gotten. I've had some come to me afterwards with tears of joy and gave me a great big hug and a kiss (that's from the young ladies). So, that is perhaps the best part of it.

I really praise God, and thank him for the likes of Rick Meyers and others who dedicated their lives to this work, and I praise God for Josh and his crew who've done an incredible job to this website. You know, here today we are so blessed with such wonderful gifts to where we can build a library which exceeds anything that is out there, to where we can really grow in the word of God.

Well, that's it from me for now. This page will be continued.


A Little Bit about New Zealand that might be a tad of interest to some.

We are a relatively small country of a population of a tad over 4 million. Not a bad population, and for the size of the country I think its just right.


For the sake of a bit of trivia, New Zealand is the English name of the our country, but the Maori (indigenous people of NZ) call this country "Aotearoa," which means, "The Land of the Long White Cloud." So with bit of information, for what its worth, you have been made all that a bit more knowledgeable.


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    Well, I have heaps of interest. The most obvious is my passion with e-Sword. But beyond that, the things I like are reading my Bible, going to church, studying the Scriptures.

    Thing I would like to be able to do that I use to do is SCUBA Diving.
    Things I would love to do that I ain't done yet are Bungy Jumping, Jet boating on the Shot Over river, and Para gliding.

    I love sci-fi movies like Star Wars and etc, and fantasy type movies like The Lord of the Rings. Oh yeah, Considering I'm a Kiwi, Peter Jackson not a bad sort of a bloke, and The Hobbit is being made in New Zealand (just had to have a bit of stir).

    Another fantastic movie I like is the Chronicles of Narnia. The three I've seen are pretty good, and can't wait till they are all made. Sorry, but I ain't a fan of Harry Potter. That just tends to bore me to tears.

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