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Rick Gives our Ministry a Boost!

I was puzzled yesterday evening because we were getting 25% more new member registrations than normal, as we've never had 60 in a single day. I couldn't figure out where the new members were coming from. I checked the website traffic logs to see if that yielded any clues, and noticed the e-sword.net referrer.

A big thanks to Rick Meyers for putting a link to our website on e-sword.net! It looks like e-Sword.net will increase our daily audience by at least 25% and maybe even 33%. Our daily reach was around 500 unique visitors per day (each visitor is counted once, no matter how many pages they click on, or how many times in a day they visit). In less than 24 hours, e-Sword.net has sent us over 160 visitors! This link may bump our new member registrations from an average of 40-45 to 60-65 per day.

Our informal group of "Resource Builders" is especially excited about the increased audience for their ministry. Everyone is looking forward to more people gaining access to new e-Sword material.


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