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  • Author: Features Works by: E.M. Zerr, J.W. McGarvey, B.W. Johnson, David Lipscomb, H.Leo Boles, Gus Nichols, Guy N. Woods, Foy Wallace, Cecil B. Douthitt, R.C. Bell , Burton Coffman, James E. Smith, J.S. Smith, Mark Copeland, Manly Luscombe, John Waddey and Other Great Gospel Preachers
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: ZerrCBC

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Zerr Combined Bible Commentary 1.0

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New Testament Gospels Church of Christ History Biblical Studies *** Jesus Studies NT History Matthew Mark Luke John Acts Romans Corinthians Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians Thessalonians Timothy Titus Philemon Hebrews James Peter 1 2 3 John Jude Revelation Minor Prophets Malachi Zechariah Zephaniah Haggai Habakkuk Nahum Micah Jonah Obadiah Amos Joel Hosea Daniel Ezekiel Lamentations Jeremiah Major Prophets Isaiah

Features Works by: E.M. Zerr, J.W. McGarvey, B.W. Johnson, David Lipscomb, H.Leo Boles, Gus Nichols, Guy N. Woods, Foy Wallace, Cecil B. Douthitt, R.C. Bell , Burton Coffman, James E. Smith, J.S. Smith, Mark Copeland, Manly Luscombe, John Waddey and Other Great Gospel Preachers

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:

2/25/18 Update Includes the following additions:
  • Genesis Complete Bible Commentary by E.M. Zerr is now
    available on this website as a separate module with extensive
    Chapter Notes. All Genesis Verse Notes are by E.M. Zerr
    Click Here to download the Zerr Comemntary on Genesis
  • Isaiah (Under Construction...) If you notice any significant
  • formatting errors in Isaiah and Jeremiah, it's because we are
    still editing and formatting the text. However, we decided to
    upload these portions anyway, but we will correct these as soon
    as we can go back and correct them.
  • Special Bible Studies by Manly Luscombe have been added
    for the Books of Mark, Acts, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians,
    Colossians, 1st & 2nd Thessalonians, 1st Timothy, Hebrews
    and Revelation.. Many of these Studies include a collection of

    Sermon Outlines, Bible Study Questions and Conservative Verse
    by Verse Commentary. These studies are located toward the end
    of the Book Notes for each of these NT Books
  • Jeremiah (Complete)
    Currently expanding and adding more to Jeremiah. 2/24/18 update
    includes great Historical and Biographical information on Jeremiah.
    Contains extensive Commentary by Professor James E. Smith
  • Lamentations (Complete)
  • Ezekiel (Complete)
    These are thorough and very extensive Commentary Notes
    Studies and Questions at end of Ezekiel Book Notes
  • Daniel (Complete)
    Daniel Commentary has Chapter Outlines by Mark Copeland
    Added 25 Outlines and expanded Commentary. on Daniel.
    Added Chapter Commentary by Eric Hall-Some Good Stuff!
  • Hosea (Complete)
  • Joel (Complete)
  • Amos (Complete)
  • Obadiah (Complete)
  • Jonah (Complete)
  • Micah (Complete)
  • Nahum (Complete)
  • Habakkuk (Complete)
  • Zephaniah (Complete)
  • Haggai (Complete)
  • Zechariah (Complete)
  • Malachi (Complete)
​Includes Complete Book Notes, Chapter Notes and Verse Notes.
Commentary by John Waddey on the Minor Prophets, plus notes
by Coffman and others. All OT Verse Notes are by E.M. Zerr

Click Here For The MySword Version MySword Version ncludes all of Zerr's
Verse Notes for Jeremiah 1-27 and Lamentations 1 thru Revelation 22. Will upload
new updated MySword Version as soon as the e-Sword Version is complete for Jeremiah.

Version 3.0.7--Updated 2/19/18--Added Book Notes for Isaiah. Includes Chapter
Notes for Isaiah 1-2. Remainder of Verse Notes and Chapter Notes for Isaiah will be
added when we are done with the book of Jeremiah. Added Speical New Testament
Studies by Many Luscombe (See above)...

Version 3.0.6--Updated 2/14/18--Chapter Notes for Jeremiah Expanded to
include Chapter Notes through Jeremiah Chapter Forty-Eight. Verse Notes
Includes all of Zerr's Verse Notes through Jeremiah Chapter Forty-Eight. Zerr's
Verse Notes are complete from Lamentations 1 thru Revelation 22. Chapter Notes
will be expanded when Verse Notes for Jeremiah are complete. Includes Notes
and Commentary by James E. Smith (find them in the Chapter Notes)...

Version 3.0.5--Updated 1/31/18-- Added Book Notes for Jeremiah. These are
now complete, but more will be added to the Book Notes. With them e-Sword
users can get an idea of what great information the Commentary on Jeremiah will
contain. Includes Chapter/Verse Notes thru Jeremiah Chapter Thirty.
As in other Books in this Commentary, all Verse Notes are by E.M. Zerr.

Version 3.0.4--Updated 1/28/18--Expanded Commentary on Lamentations.
Zerr Combined Bible Commentary is Complete from Lamentations thru
Revelation. This one will take a while, but it will be worth the wait... I will compose
the Book Notes and Verse Notes first, followed by extensive Commentary for the
Chapter Notes of Jeremiah.

Version 3.0.3--Updated 1/27/18--Lamentations Commentary is Complete!
Like the Ezekiel Commentary, has excellent Commentary on Lamentations.
There are Questions for each Chapter in Lamentations

Version 3.0.2--Updated 1/23/2018--Ezekiel Commentary is Complete!
and features some of the best Commentary available for the book of Ezekiel
This update includes Book Notes for the Book of Lamentations (Complete)
Next Version will have the Complete Commentary on Lamentations.

Version 3.0.1--Updated 1/19/2018--All Verse Notes are authored
by E.M. Zerr. There is one exception, and that is the Book of Revelation
where the Commentary by Foy Wallace is also found in the Verse Notes,
with Zerr's Notes appearing First, followed by Wallace's Commentary

Version 2.8 ---New Testament is Complete. We will start on the Minor Prophets
very soon. We will also continue to add Notes and Commentary and make corrections
as time allows.

Almost all N.T. chapters feature special Outlines (Copeland) and/or Chapter
Review Questions(E.M. Zerr). This is in addition to the Verse Notes, Book Notes
and Chapter Notes, which are complete. However, they will improved upon as we
find time. Contact me if you do find any incorrect Scripture References or ToolTips.

Please note that all Verse Notes are ©1948-1952 by E.M. Zerr. There is one
exception to this, and that is in the Book of Revelation, where Zerr's Verse Notes
are followed by Verse-by-Verse Commentary by Foy E.Wallace.

Most of the Outlines in the Chapter Notes are by Mark Copeland and can also be
found at the following bible study website: http://www.executableoutlines.com.

Special Review Questions by E.M. Zerr are located at the end of the Chapter Notes
for the New Testament. All of Zerr's Commentary for Genesis thru Revelation can
be found at this website: http://djmarko53.wixsite.com/churchbooks.

Zerr Combined Bible Commentary Now Includes these Commentaries on the Book of Revelation:
These are complete for all Verses and/or Chapters in Revelation...
  • Foy E. Wallace on Revelation (Located in Verse Notes, right after Zerr's Verse Notes)
  • B.W. Johnson's Vision of the Ages on Revelation (Located in Book Notes)
  • B.W. Johnson's Peoples's New Testament Notes on Revelation (Chapter Notes)
  • John T. Hinds Commentary on Revelation (Located in Chapter Notes)
Combined Bible Commentary Includes the following Commentary on the Book of Acts:
  • J.W. McGarvey's Commentary on Acts of the Apostles (Located in Chapter Notes)
  • H. Leo Boles Commentary on the Book of Acts (Located in Chapter Notes)
  • Introduction to Acts by H. Leo Boles and others (Located in Book Notes)
Here's what's completed in the Version 2.8:
  • Verse Notes by E.M. Zerr are Complete for the entire New Testament.
  • Book Notes and Verse Notes are Complete from Matthew thru Revelation
  • Chapter Notes are Complete for the entire New Testament..
Includes the following Commentary by Guy N. Woods
  • 1st and 2nd Peter by Guy N. Woods (Book and Chapter Notes)
  • 1st-2nd-3rd John by Guy N. Woods (See Book and Chapter Notes)
  • Jude by Guy N. Woods (See Book and Chapter Notes)
  • These are ©1966 by Guy N. Woods
Extensive Introduction to the Book of James by J.W.
Roberts added to the Book Notes for James 10/31/17.
Commentary for James by J.W. Roberts is Complete
in the Chapter Notes for the Book of James

Book Notes Now Include Bible Study Lessons By R.C. Bell
  • Romans (52 Lessons)
  • Galatians (20 Lessons)
  • Ephesians (20 Lessons)
  • Philippians (12 Lessons)
Commentary Included for the Book of Hebrews:
  • Commentary on Hebrews by Milligan (Chapter Notes)
  • Chapter Notes by Coffman, Copeland and others
  • Review Questions on each chapter by E.M. Zerr
  • Verse Notes for Hebrews by E.M. Zerr
View an example of a Greek Interlinear Verse-by-Verse Commentary,
  • Simply view our Chapter Notes for 1st Corinthians 13, or view
    our Verse Notes for 1st Thessalonians Chapter One. Tell us if
    you like this idea.
    We welcome your feedback or suggestions...
The Commentary is laid out as follows:

Chapter Notes for this Combined BIble Commentary are
written by J.W. McGarvey, H. Leo Boles, David Lipscomb,
Guy N. Woods, and other great preachers from the
Restoration Movement. Commentaries by these writers
are found at the beginning of each Book's Chapter Notes.
They are followed by Extensive Notes and Commentary
by Burton Coffman and other gospel preachers. Next,
comes Special Chapter Outlines for each chapter in this
Commentary. Most of these outlines are by Mark Copeland
and selected preachers. The Chapter Notes are concluded

with Chapter Review Questions by E.M. Zerr.

Book Notes are taken from the Commentary and Writings
of the preachers listed above. Many will also include more
Outlines by Mark Copeland, plus more Review Questions for
the Book Notes of each Bible Book in this Commentary.

For more detailed information about this Conservative Bible
Commentary, when in e-Sword, click on 'Commentary' then
scroll down and click on the 'Information' Item in the Menu.

Here Is What's Planned for this Commentary:.
(Check Out the PDF Versions listed below:)
These will be added to the appropriate Chapter Notes.
The appropriate Verse-by-Verse Notes by E.M. Zerr
will be added to the Verse Notes for each book added.
Future Versions of this Commentary May Include:
  • Epistles of the Apostle Paul by I.B. Grubbs
  • Commentary on Hebrews by I.B. Grubbs
  • Commentary On The Book of Revelation by Foy Wallace (WORDsearch Version Here)
  • Vision of the Ages by B.W. Johnson on Revelation (Added on 11/17/2017)
  • Commentary and Notes on Revelation by Rick Sparks and/or Richard Riggins
Works by E.M. Zerr Included In This Commentary:

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Uploaded Mac/e-sword 11 version.

What's a "Conservative Gospel Preacher"?


Isn't the Bible the Bible?

What's a "Conservative Gospel Preacher"? = as opposed to liberal (critical) belief on the scriptures.  It means what is says.  It sounds corny or redundant now but back then it was appropriate.  mid 1800s and esp. around the turn of the 20th century liberal (critical) belief on the scriptures became adopted.

this is fabulous

Thank you.

Was the file updated 2/2019 or the web page?

Thank you.

Was the file updated 2/2019 or the web page?

Just the web page was updated.  Unfortunately, like a dummy I forgot to save a copy of my rtf source file(s) for 

the Zerr Commentary, so I cannot update or add to it without starting from scratch.  My system crashed and see

no need to redo the entire commentary.   Instead, I am Starting with Genesis and Exodus by Zerr and have already

started on Zerr's for Leviticus and Numbers.  Will probably add to this new file until get to the Major Prophets.

Eventually, I may continue to complete the Old Testament thru Malachi, but will take a while.  If you want to access

the rest of Zerr's Commentary beyond the Zerr combined Commentary, click on the link for the Genesis and Exodus

Commentary.   This week I will start working on the Chapter Notes for Leviticus and Numbers, then the Verse Notes.


Thanks for asking about the commentary.  If I ever have the time i will redo the commentary to include all 66 books.


If you'd like to check out all of Zerr's in PDF format you may download the entire commentary from my old sit at this

address:   http://djmarko53.wix...com/churchbooks

My understanding is that all Gospel Advocate materials (particularly the commentaries) are still under copyright to GA. How are you able to put them in this form?  Just asking. :-)

It is my understanding that the GA did not renew the copyright.

I have a preacher friend in Florida (Dr. Barry Jones) who runs

a Restoration Movement website.  He distributes some of the

Gospel Advocate Commentaries (James by Guy N. Woods, for one)

for a very nominal charge.   According to the restorationlibrary.org

website (blog) these are not under copyright.  I'm sure that the 

software they market in Wordsearch format, and which contains

the Gospel Advocate commentaries, may be copyrighted as far

as the format.  Wordsearch sells them for as low as $49 in electronic

book format.


I believe I recall Bradley Cobb on this website stating that these are

not under copyright.At least the ones by Lipscomb.  Some of these commentaries

are nearly 100 years old.  From what I have been told by others, the David Lipscomb

Commentaries which make up some of the GA Commentaries are not under copyright. 

In fact, Bradley Cobb has posted David Lipscomb's commentaries on this website.  All

I did with them was include them after reformatting the Text and Text size to

make it more presentable.


I will do some more research on this matter, I do know of two Restoration Websites,

restorationlibrary.org  and restorationdigitallibrary.com, which is maintained by

Dr. Barry Jones in Pensacola FL.  I have a website that I no longer maintain.  It has

a few of the older commentaries online.  However, they were obtained from these

two websites.  I have found portions of several of these commentaries on websites

by members of the church of christ.  Most i don't know.  All I know is what I have

been told.

Also, the restorationdigitallibrary.com website has a Facebook Page as well.

I have Dr. Barry Jones, phone number and will call him about that...

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