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  • Author: E.M. Zerr, J.W. McGarvey, B.W. Johnson, David Lipscomb, H.Leo Boles, Guy N. Woods and Others
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: ZerrCBC

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Download Zerr Combined Bible Commentary Version 2.7

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New Testament Gospels Church of Christ History Biblical Studies *** Jesus Studies NT History Matthew Mark Luke John Acts Romans Corinthians Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians Thessalonians Timothy Titus Philemon Hebrews James Peter 1 2 3 John Jude Revelation

E.M. Zerr, J.W. McGarvey, B.W. Johnson, David Lipscomb, H.Leo Boles, Guy N. Woods and Others

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:

Version 2.7---Now includes Commentary on the Book of Acts
by J.W. McGarvey. This "Time-Proven" Work is located in
the Chapter Notes for Acts, right after the Commentary on

Acts by H. Leo Boles.

Version 2.6---Added Foy E. Wallace's Revelation Commentary
to the Verse Notes for Revelation. His Commentary on the
Book of Revelation is Complete!
Wallace's Commentary is

located in the Verse Notes. E.M. Zerr's Commentary will
appear first, followed by the Commentary on Revelation by

Wallace. We are Continuing John T. Hind's Commentary on
Revelation, with
Chapters 1-9 already Completed...

Now Includes "Vision of the Ages" by B.W. Johnson.
This Commentary on the Book of Revelation is located in the
Book Notes for Revelation. In Hardcover this Commentary is
over 300 pages. I will go back later to improve the Scripture
ToolTips in this excellent Commentary.

Book Notes and Verse Notes are Complete from Matthew
thru Revelation. Chapter Notes are Complete from
Matthew Chapter One thru Revelation Chapter Nine. The
bulk of the Chapter Notes for Revelation is John T. Hinds
Commentary on the Book of Revelation.

New Testament Commentary by Guy N. Woods
now includes the following Commentary:
1st and 2nd Peter by Guy N. Woods
(Book and Chapter Notes)

1st-2nd-3rd John by Guy N. Woods (See Book and Chapter Notes)
Jude by Guy N. Woods (See Book and Chapter Notes)
The above are ©1966 by Guy N. Woods.
Brother Woods lived from 1908 to 1993 and was a former
editor of the Gospel Advocate
(est. 1855).

Extensive Introduction to the Book of James by J.W.
Roberts added to the Book Notes for James 10/31/17.
Commentary for James by J.W. Roberts is Complete

in the Chapter Notes for the Book of James

Zerr Combined Bible Commentary has been
updated on Wednesday 11/24/2017.

Book Notes Now Include Bible Study Lessons By R.C. Bell
1. Romans (52 Lessons)

2. Galatians (20 Lessons)
3. Ephesians (20 Lessons)
4. Philippians (12 Lessons)

Chapter Notes are Complete for the Book of Hebrews.
Chapter Notes Commentary on Hebrews by Robert Milligan.
Chapter Notes for Hebrews also includes Notes and Commentary
by Coffman and others, Outlines by Mark Copeland and Review
Questions on each chapter by E.M. Zerr.

View an example of a Greek Interlinear Verse-by-Verse Commentary,
  • Simply view our Chapter Notes for 1st Corinthians 13, or view
    our Verse Notes for 1st Thessalonians Chapter One. Tell us if
    you like this idea.
    We welcome your feedback or suggestions...
The Commentary is laid out as follows:

Chapter Notes for this Combined BIble Commentary are
written by J.W. McGarvey, H. Leo Boles, David Lipscomb,
Guy N. Woods, and other great preachers from the
Restoration Movement. Commentaries by these writers
are found at the beginning of each Book's Chapter Notes.
They are followed by Extensive Notes and Commentary
by Burton Coffman and other gospel preachers. Next,
comes Special Chapter Outlines for each chapter in this
Commentary. Most of these outlines are by Mark Copeland
and selected preachers. The Chapter Notes are concluded

with Chapter Review Questions by E.M. Zerr.

Book Notes are taken from the Commentary and Writings
of the preachers listed above. Many will also include more
Outlines by Mark Copeland, plus more Review Questions for
the Book Notes of each Bible Book in this Commentary.

For more detailed information about this Conservative Bible
Commentary, when in e-Sword, click on 'Commentary' then
scroll down and click on the 'Information' Item in the Menu.

Here Is What's Planned for this Commentary:.
(Check Out the PDF Versions listed below:)
These will be added to the appropriate Chapter Notes.
The appropriate Verse-by-Verse Notes by E.M. Zerr
will be added to the Verse Notes for each book added.
Future Versions of this Commentary May Include:
  • Epistles of the Apostle Paul by I.B. Grubbs
  • Commentary on Hebrews by I.B. Grubbs
  • Commentary On The Book of Revelation by Foy Wallace (WORDsearch Version Here)
  • Vision of the Ages by B.W. Johnson on Revelation (Added on 11/17/2017)
  • Commentary and Notes on Revelation by Rick Sparks and/or Richard Riggins
Works by E.M. Zerr Included In This Commentary:

What's New in Version Version 2.7 (See full changelog)

  • Version 1.8 uploaded 10/12/2017 --The Version is now complete for Matthew thru 1st Corinthians, with all Verse Notes for 2nd Corinthians Complete.
  • Version 1.8.1 uploaded 10/13/2017 - Includes added Chapter Notes for 2nd Corinthians and Questions
  • Version 1.8.2 uploaded 10/13/2017 - includes Verse Notes and Chapter Notes for Galatians.
  • Version 1.8.3 uploaded 10/14/2017 - Includes Commentary by Lipscomb for Romans and Galatians
  • Version 1.8.4 10/15/2017 Includes Ephesians
  • Version 1.8.5 10/16/2017 includes Philippians
  • Version 1.8.6 10/17/2017 Includes Colossians
  • Version 1.8.7 10/17/2017 Includes 1st Thess.
  • Version 1.8.8 10/18/2017 Includes Update for the 1st Thess. Commentary and Notes.
  • Version 1.8.9 10/18/2017 Includes Verse Notes from Matthew thru Titus
  • Version 1.8.9 - Updated on 10/20/2017 Matt-Philemon.
  • Version 1.8.9 - Updated on 10?23/2017
  • Version 1.8.9 - Updated on 10/24/2017 - Hebrews
  • Version 1.9-10/24/2017 - renamed to ZerrCBC
  • Version 1.9.1 10/25/2017 Verse Notes thru 2nd Peter
  • Version 1.9.2 10/25/2017 Verse Notes for Jude
  • Version 1.9.2 10/31/2017 Hebrews and James Notes
  • Version 2.0 11/03/2017 - Hebrews & James Complete
  • Version 2.1 11/06/2017 - 1st Peter Book Notes and 1st Peter 1-5 Chapter Notes by Guy N. Woods
  • Version 2.2 11/07/2017 = 1st & 2nd Peter Complete!
  • Version 2.2.1 11/09/2017-1st John ch One to Four
  • Version 2.3 11/11/2017 - Matt-Jude Now Completed!
  • Version 2.3.1 11/12/2017 - Rev Book Notes & Rev 1
  • Version 2.3.2 11/14/2017 - Rev 1-3 Completed
  • Version 2.3.3 11/15/2017 - Rev 4 Commentary added
  • Version 2.3.3 11/15/2017 - Verse Notes thru Rev 16
  • Version 2.4 11/15/17 Matt-Rev Verse Notes Complete
  • Version 2.4.1 11/17/17 Matt 1 thru Rev 7 Completed
  • Version 2.5 11/17/17 Added "Vision of the Ages" by
  • by B.W. Johnson on Revelation
  • Version 2.6 11/21/17 - Foy Wallace Commentary on Revelation is Completed---Located in Verse Notes.
  • Version 2.7 11/23/17 - Acts by McGarvey Added
  • 11/24/17-Added Rev 9 of Hinds Commentary on Rev.

What's a "Conservative Gospel Preacher"?


Isn't the Bible the Bible?

What's a "Conservative Gospel Preacher"? = as opposed to liberal (critical) belief on the scriptures.  It means what is says.  It sounds corny or redundant now but back then it was appropriate.  mid 1800s and esp. around the turn of the 20th century liberal (critical) belief on the scriptures became adopted.

this is fabulous

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