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Why This Site Exists

Why does this website exist? Why do people like Doctor Dave and David Cox create/convert materials into e-Sword (and other) formats? Why should you care who has easy access to e-Sword modules?

THIS is why we're uploading over 100 modules a day. THIS is why we ask that you share a few of your e-Sword modules as well! You NEVER know whose life 1 e-Sword module will touch. I've received over 100 emails after converting the Pulpit Commentary into e-Sword format. This is one of them:

Hi Josh, greetings in Jesus name.

My  full name is Babu [censored] from India. I am doing ministry in villages  and among tribal people. We have adopted a District in our state of  Andhra Pradesh,  India. This dist has the largest tribal population in  our state.
It is very hard to preach the Gospel of Christ at our  place in india. They are illiterates, two times  they had attacked on  me, while we distribute the Gospel tracts( i am the leader, that's why they have targeted on me, they had beaten me black and blue) but by  God's i was narrowly escaped.

whatever happened to me, at that  place God has rescued some people from the bondage of sin. they took  baptism and joined in the Church. It is the great pleasure to us. When we see these results we  forget all the disappointment and distractions in the ministry.

I have downloaded pulpit commentary which you have posted, it  is very helpful. I  have great desire to study HIS WORD, to know and to preach many people in India.

(Italics added)

This guy has been beaten black and blue for trying to teach others about God. If missionaries like this can risk their lives to reach others, can't you share a few of your e-Sword modules that could make a difference, or THE difference, in someone's life?


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