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New e-Sword Modules

Today, we broke the 5,000 download mark. That means e-Sword users have downloaded over 5,000 e-Sword modules!

Someone graciously provided me with 5 gigs of e-Sword modules. How many of these can we post? How many do we already have? Too early to tell. After spending over 15 hours reviewing e-Sword topics, today we released about 1,100 new e-Sword topic modules. If you find something that shouldn't be there, please let me know! Next up will be e-Sword Bibles, and I'll work my way through this content, posting what I can.

In addition to the 1,100 individual topic modules, I've also uploaded 500 or so topics, organized by author. See for example the R.A. Torrey Collection. You can find e-Sword collections by searching the downloads area for "collections" or by viewing the new Collections subcategory (inside Topics). Others have also uploaded topics organized by author as well.

I intend to do more work in this area collections, as I find authors with multiple works not already in a collection. Let me point out: by making a collection, I'm simply organizing an author's works into a single installable for easier downloading. I'm not necessarily endorsing or recommending that theology. The authors I organized first were simply authors with the most e-Sword topic files (that I have access to).


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