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e-Sword version 9.9 released

e-Sword version 9.9 changes from 9.8

  • All of the Search dialogs have been completely redesigned! The layout, functionality, and results are greatly enhanced, providing even more information for study.
  • The new hotkey Ctrl+Shift+S will open the Extended Bible Search dialog.
  • The Parallel Bible will now support up to 8 translations for comparison.
  • Single-row tabs are now easily set in the Resource Options dialog.
  • The Graphics Viewer was adjusted to work under CrossOver in MAC and LINUX installations.
  • Partial implementation of Arabic, Chinese, Greek, and Japanese user interface localization. e-Sword now has 27 languages supported in the GU
(Taken from e-Sword.net's download page: http://www.e-sword.net/downloads.html)

There's also now an option under the Options menu bar (Options/Save Search Terms) to prevent search terms from being saved in the registry.


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