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e-Sword 10.2 Sneak Peak

e-Sword 10.2 will be released soon. Here's a sneak peak of what's coming:

Scripture references in the Bible view that have associated Study Notes will now display a wavy underline (in the Bible view). This is your reminder that a Study note exists for that verse.

Attached Image: wavy-line.png

The Reference Library now has automatic Bookmarks for every article. The Graphics Viewer also has automatic Bookmarks for each module. This allows e-Sword to "remember" where you were when you stopped reading, either when you switch to a new module or when you shut down e-Sword.

Most Commentary modules do not contain specific Chapter Notes. For those chapters that do not, the Chapter Notes mode will now display all of the Verse Notes for that chapter. This is very convenient for viewing those commentaries that have scattered notes.

Attached Image: chapter-comments.png

The built-in Downloader now allows direct downloading of Premium modules without needing to run separate EXE files. A new Info... link displays additional information about the given module.

Attached Image: new-info.png

The VerseList feature will now accept numerous Scripture references at once for populating the list. For example, entering the following list is now valid:
Mat. 10:42; 2 Sam 9:1, 7; Prov. 14:31; 19:17; Mark 9:41; John 19:26-27; 21:15-17; 1 Cor 16:21-22; 2 Cor 4:5; 5:14-15; 8:7-9; Gal. 5:6, 13, 22; 1 Thess 4:9-10; 1 Pe 1:22; 1 John 3:14-19; 4:7-12, 20-21; 5:1-2

A new Editor hotkey Ctrl+Shift+J will convert a Scripture reference into Bible text. The Bible text is from your currently selected Bible and the formatting is based on the settings in the Copy Verses dialog.
Attached Image: new-hotkey.png


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