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  • The Book of Jasher.topx.exe
    Yesterday, 03:48 PM Gosh I love the feed back on this module. It's great that you put the information out there so that a perso...
  • Jasher
    Yesterday, 03:44 PM It'd be nice if you'd give more information regarding this version of Jasher as there are several and some...
  • Updated King James Version
    Oct 07 2015 10:42 PM There is a mistake in this verse, could you please correct it?   Deut. 28:7  The LORD shall cause...
  • Updated King James Version
    Oct 07 2015 10:38 PM There is a mistake in this verse:   Deut. 28:7  The LORD shall cause yours enemies that rise up a...
  • Hebrew Scriptures Concordance
    Oct 07 2015 07:19 PM Hello, I am new to these downloads and am unfamiliar with their use. Why are there 3 different downloads...
  • Herasies in the Church Down Through the Ages.dctx.exe
    Oct 07 2015 06:03 PM This book is much appreciated by the Pope and promoted by priests. And it promotes various doctrines of the...
  • KJV Audio
    Oct 07 2015 02:07 PM It sounds to me like this just a Bible narration; not a commentary. Am I right?
  • KJV Audio
    Oct 07 2015 01:42 PM This is not a commentary, but a narration.
  • Hengstenberg, E. W. - Commentary on Psalms, Ecc, Ezekiel, John, Revelation (10 vols)
    Oct 07 2015 10:47 AM I figured out the problem (at least, my problem) with not being able to see the other books. This file is "...
  • Hebrew Scriptures Concordance
    Oct 06 2015 10:06 PM Hello, I am new to these downloads and am unfamiliar with their use. Why are there 3 different downloads fo...

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e-Sword 10.4 Released

Aug 08 2014 08:00 AM | Josh Bond in News

e-Sword 10.4 is available for download!

New Find on Page button located next to the Search button on each view's toolbar. This Find feature makes locating content easier on large articles, such as those in many commentaries, dictionaries and reference books. This new search finds text only in the active Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, Editor, or Reference Library window.

New User Files Location field in the Resources dialog (Options > Resource) for customizing where you wish for your user files to be located. This is very convenient for setting up with backup or synchronizing with cloud services, such as Dropbox. Initially these files will still default to your "My Documents\e-Sword\" directory, but now you can easily change that!

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e-Sword 10.3 Released

May 05 2014 12:45 PM | Josh Bond in News

e-Sword 10.3 is now available.

This is mostly a maintenance upgrade. For example, the Text Control used to render text in has been upgraded.

The e-Sword splash page (shown during loading) and the Windows icon have also been updated.

The official change log notes:

This build includes the latest versions of many components used within e-Sword. One major enhancement is the Editors now support right-to-left languages such as Hebrew.

Many little enhancements and bug fixes.

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