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Copy Verses - Not keeping Text Formatting

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#1 ChrisandTre


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Posted 23 March 2018 - 01:04 PM

Hi guys, anyone else having issues with the Bible Verses Copy Feature?


With the (Include Text Formatting) checkbox selected.. Sometimes the text copies fine, but it does not contain the formatting when pasting.. ... if I try a few more times it will usually work. It used to work 100%. Any ideas?


Wordpad, Word, Mail client.. several programs confirm it's not going into the clipboard with the formatting sometimes.

#2 glantern3


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Posted 27 April 2018 - 11:17 PM

Maybe at the point that you paste there is a lot of information still on the clipboard. Clear the clipboard. This happens to me occasionally. I just highlight the text that is formatted differently and then select the font and font size then it is good to go. Mine is Georgia / 11 the same as my Bible verses. I should also say I usually have a lot of text files open to capture my thoughts in different categories. So there is a lot going on. It is only software. I think you should only be concerned if it does it over and over consecutively. If it does it over and over consecutively I think closing the e-Sword program and reopening it will clear that problem up. Bottom line it happens to me but just here and there. I know I stress out Word on my computer and I think e-Sword uses WordPad and it does a good job and I love the highlighting colors but it is not as strong as Word. Personally I think it is the clipboard and the info on it and one last thought. If you copy and paste a lot in lets say topic notes do you check if the blank spaces below the text where you paste something new is formatted already. I mean when you click on the blank spaces below text already in there can you see font and font size and bold and highlight change when you click it? If it does just delete those blank spaces. Happens to me a lot because of a lot of copy and pasting.

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