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  • Author: Raymond Barone

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e-Sword Utility:
Download e-Sword Library Manager 1.5

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Raymond Barone

This program can be used to organize the e-Sword modules that you have (renaming and reordering tabs; hiding and showing modules, ...)

1- View all modules of a given category (*.bblx,*.cmtx.*, ...) with file names, Tab Names, Description and display order:
Select "Category".

2- Change "Tab Name" or "Description":
Click on a cell in the table, change the text, then press "Enter".

3- Hide any specific modules:
Uncheck the box before the module name. The module, will be renamed with *.hidden after its extension. To make it visible again check the box.
(Note: Some modules like KJV.bblx, KJV+.bblx,TSK.cmt,strong.dctx) cannot be hidden.

4- Change the order of modules displayed in e-Sword:
Select module with mouse. Use buttons "Move Up" and "Move Down" to change order. Then click "Save Current Order". This will rename all displayed files, by adding a number prefix to the names of the files displayed. (in the form of 01_file.ext)
This will make e-Sword display modules in the current order.

e-Sword sorts modules starting from the bottom left.
Some modules can't be renamed (KJV.bblx, ...)

5- Restore original filenames and order:
Click "Restore original filenames and order". This will remove the numbers added to the files of the category displayed, so that modules are displayed in the default order. This button doesn't remove the .hidden extension.

6- Supported categories:
Bibles (*.bblx)
Commentaries (*.cmtx)
Dictionaries (*.dctx)
Maps (*.mapx)
Harmonies (*.harx)
Devotionals (*.devx)
Reference Library (*.refx;*.topx)
Reference Books (*.refx)
Topics (*.topx)
Study notes (*.notx)

Note: to reorder (*.refx, *.topx, *.notx), their file names have to be changed, by inserting a number prefix to them.
These same file names will appear in e-Sword, since there are no independent tab name entries for them.

What's New in Version 1.5 (See full changelog)

  • 1.2: "Display" button removed, and categories are selected directly through the "Category" combobox
  • Modules that cannot be renamed can now be ordered (KJV, KJV+, Strong, TSK). The only limitation is that KJV and KJV+ have to be adjacent.
  • Some fixes
  • 1.3: Added: renaming tabs in "markup.ovlx" for highlighting and in "memory.memx" for Scripture Memory
  • 1.4 Added: Support for *.refx, *.topx and *.notx
  • Added: Categories: Reference Library, Reference Books, Topics and Study notes
  • 1.5 Added columns for file size and date modified.
  • Columns can be sorted by clicking on the header.
  • Hidden modules are in a different color
  • Some fixes.

Thank you very very much! This is going to be a very useful tool, especially for those of us who are basically just button pushers. Nice. :)
This is great for controlling the display order of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. It can be very confusing to do this manually. I gave up trying to explain the manual process to users long ago (just too difficult). This app makes reordering possible.

I also like the bird's eye view of all modules, filenames, tab names, descriptions, etc. Very nice job!
Like the tab renamer, this also is very handy and well worth the download. I hope at somewhere the capability to work with topics but even as it is I fin'd it to be one of the most useful utilities I've seen for Esword. To the person who made this I give a hearty thanks a lot!

Like the tab renamer, this also is very handy and well worth the download. I hope at somewhere the capability to work with topics but even as it is I fin'd it to be one of the most useful utilities I've seen for Esword. To the person who made this I give a hearty thanks a lot!

Thanks for your nice words, and suggestion.
Please check version 1.4 which supports topics, notes and reference libraries.
This is great, just started playing around with it. Renaming things according to topic...that way with my lack of remembering who wrote what...I can just go topic wise for whatever I am studying. This is something I have wanted to do and now you made it possible...thank you very much
Brilliant, love being able to sot the different bibles into the order in which I most use them. Excellent program. Love it.
I downloaded this utility this A. M. and I love it. Now all we need is a special "dead" marker to tell us which division is what.

This program is more than I ever hoped for!
Like many here, I have found this program invaluable. For me, running many Bible modules, I've found it helpful to put all the greek together, all the LXX together, all the English modules (by listing their year), then group all the spanish together, etc. I haven't bothered to rearrange the Dictionary or Commentary, not in any hurry to do so, either.

However, inexplicably, there are four modules that run on my e-Sword that do not come up with the others on this library manager, and I don't see them in my e-Sword directory: GNT, GNT-BYZ+, GNT-TR, and LXX+. Any word on where they are and how I can get them to step in line?
To answer my own previous query, I finally had to run an intensive, advanced search on my machine for *.bblx files, and it found these four files in a folder C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\e-Sword.

Somehow e-Sword uses this location, along with the regular C:\Program Files\e-Sword directory. There were also two .mapx files (mitchell and rand-mcnally, and the Saint Paul the Traveler.topx file there.

Upon moving the files to my regular C:\Program Files\e-Sword directory, I was able to identify duplicates, access them with this program, and of course, still run them on e-Sword :-)

It seems that this application doesn't work with Windows XP, for when I try to run it it shows a message saying: "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application". I have use it with a Windows 7 on other PC with no problem and can testify that it is very useful. But not with XP. Can anyone help me?





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