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Please read the Forum Rules before posting.


Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting.

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Posted 23 September 2011 - 12:39 PM


The following rules were written to ensure the forum runs smoothly and everyone feels welcome.

I had not run a forum of this size prior to BibleSupport.com. Now that I have, I see we need Forum Rules. These rules apply to everyone, including my team of moderators and especially myself. If any of these rules need clarification, or if I have disallowed legitimate behavior, please private message me.

You can expect fast answers to your questions and helpful support with a warm and Christian attitude—you should also respect these same principles.

This is not a democratic forum. We will enforce the following rules:

1. Be respectful. Disrespect of any sort is not acceptable, especially in a Christian forum. This especially applies to the treatment of new members. Even direct answers should remain respectful. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

Excuse: "Misunderstandings happen because of the nature of online communication, where you cannot hear the other person's tone and see their facial expressions".

Yes, that is true, but companies around the world manage to provide worldclass support to their customers every day with very few of these misunderstandings. Therefore, comments my moderating team and/or I, in our sole discretion, interpret as rude, disrespectful, or just too direct may be edited for content with a note left explaining the moderator action. Or the comments may be removed entirely. If you need to use emoticons to show your tone or facial expression, then do so.

2. Do not post off-topic. This wastes space in the forum and makes reading the posts more time-consuming. If your subject matter differs from an existing topic, please start your own topic. You can post your own topic by finding the appropriate forum and clicking "Start New Topic". By posting your own topic, you're more likely to receive an answer.

3. Keep thread titles descriptive and specific. Ambiguous thread titles make the forum difficult to navigate. Thread titles such as “I need help!!” or “I’m a newbie” are examples of such titles: they do not describe your problem or question.

4. Do not debate doctrinal issues except in the Theology Discussion Forums. The support forums are for e-Sword and MySword users to learn more about e-Sword and Mysword—it is not here to discuss doctrinal persuasions. You can ask about a resource's doctrine if you need assistance. You can ask what resources discuss a doctrinal viewpoint. You cannot debate or discuss the perceived accuracy of any given doctrinal viewpont. Please discuss them in Theology Discussion Forums. The moderators solely reserve the right to make necessary doctrinally related comments in the support forums.

5. Do not engage in name-calling. This type of posting will not be tolerated. See Number 1 above.

6. Do not shout. SHOUTING (for example) is considered rude. Please utilize bold, underline, or italics to emphasize a point. Please remember to turn off your Caps Lock.

7. Use only one or two exclamation points or question marks. There is no need for ending a sentence like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Do not use curse or slang words or their ASCII substitutes. It is sad that this must be even mentioned. Breaking this rule will not be tolerated, and may result in you being banned.

11. Do not link to or attempt to distribute copyrighted material. Copyrights must be respected. Before linking to or making any material available in the forum, ensure that it is either in the public domain or you have legitimate permission from the copyright holder to distribute the material.

12. Do not debate legal issues. e-Sword is not a litigious community. Very few, if any of us, are real attorneys. None of us speak for e-Sword or MySword. Refrain from discussions that excessively discuss litigation. Refrain from speculation about what may prompt litigation. We do not need armchair lawyers debating legal issues on a Christian website. If an intellectual property owner wants to speak about a perceived wrong, they can message me privately, post publicly here, or use the EULA of their software program.

The exception is Copyright issues. Some new members may not understand Copyright Law. You may correct someone who does not realize that copyright law restricts the movement of text not in the public domain.

13. Take arguing "behind closed doors". Excessive public arguing will not be tolerated. For one, this usually deginerates into violations of other rules. Secondly, this reflects poorly on e-Sword, MySword, and BibleSupport.com. If you have a prolonged disagreement with someone, use email or private message them.

14. Avoid speculation about what e-Sword/MySword permits. Other than clear copyright violations, avoid speculation about what the owners of e-Sword/MySword permit or forbid. For example, something that happened 5 years ago and you believe could happen again is now in the realm of speculation. What someone may or may not decide to do is in the realm of speculation. You do not need to speculate. Those who actually do speak for e-Sword and MySword may do so here in our forums, through their EULA, and/or on their own websites.

15. Do not intentionally make duplicate posts. Avoid posting the same content more than one time. If your post was overlooked, you can "bump" the post back to the top of the forum summary by replying to your own thread. Duplicate threads create confusion.

16. Do not ask for, upload, or post previous versions of e-Sword. New versions of e-Sword are created for a reason—they're better. Attempting to stay with a previous, unsupported version is not a well conceived, long term solution. If you face technical issues, feel free to post questions. This way, you can use a modern version of e-Sword.

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