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Changes to the Downloads Area

I've made a few changes to the e-Sword Downloads Area. If you disagree with these changes, please comment on this post.

Download Categories
Since very few people use e-Sword 8 (and since no one should use e-Sword 8), I restructured the Categories. Rather than a hierarchy organized by e-Sword version number, the hierarchy is organized by e-Sword 9 module type (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, etc). Below these categories you will STILL find the e-Sword 8 category and the module type subcategories for e-Sword 8.

This change allows module type categories to show on the front page of the Downloads Area easier. This also allows the downloader to quickly see the number of downloads available by e-Sword 9 module type.

Attached Image: categories.png

Files Uploaded Today
I added a new, prominently placed button to the the Downloads area that lets you see what files were uploaded today. At the bottom of the Downloads area, a smaller text link (New Files) lets you see all the e-Sword downloads added since your last visit.

Attached Image: dlbutton.png

Self Installing Modules
Any module uploaded by me, or anyone working on my behalf, will be self-installing. I'm also replacing many existing modules with this functionality. Why? Quite simply, I can't keep up with questions from people asking me how to manually install e-Sword downloads. :) This will solve that problem.  


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