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What is e-Sword?

e-Sword is the world's most popular, free Bible study software. e-Sword runs on the PC, but you may also run e-Sword on the Macintosh and Linux. You must have e-Sword installed to view e-Sword modules on this website!

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View the e-Sword training vidoes to get a better idea of e-Sword, how it works, and how you can use it to enhance your Bible study. If you've never heard of e-Sword, review these features. Or download the e-Sword User Guide.

To download the latest version of e-Sword, visit the e-Sword.net Downloads area.

Rick Meyers created e-Sword in January 2000. For more information on e-Sword, see the official e-Sword website.

e-Sword is free software. You may not charge for e-Sword or for the e-Sword modules found on this website. e-Sword® is a registered trademark of Rick Meyers.

e-Sword is not affiliated with the MySword Droid application.

BibleSupport.com is not affiliated with e-Sword or MySword.


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