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  • e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT
    Today, 12:44 AM Hi. As I can open or create, a lexicon. With this tool. Thank you.
  • Marathi Bible
    May 23 2017 03:29 PM This Marathi Bible is corrupt4 translation. Please use United Bible Society' Marathi Bible Re-edited.
  • Hebrew Audio
    May 21 2017 10:57 PM No longer available
  • KJV Audio
    May 21 2017 10:55 PM No longer available
  • The Aleppo Codes (AD 920)
    May 19 2017 05:12 PM If you have e-Sword 11 then need you to convert it to an apple module to see it in compare mode. http://www...
  • Telugu Bible
    May 18 2017 03:36 PM Telugu language have is my mother tounge I love read
  • The Aleppo Codes (AD 920)
    May 18 2017 02:25 PM The 'Compare' is also not showing lines from HOT-Aleppo... :-(
  • The Aleppo Codes (AD 920)
    May 18 2017 02:14 PM The two HOT-Aleppo tabs appear and I can see the text. The only thing that does not work is that in the 'Pa...
  • Vines NT Words (1940) Droid MySword Version
    May 18 2017 01:42 AM Have been a fan of Vine's dictionary for many years. Just noticed today in this app that the references to...
  • Unlocked Literal Bible
    May 17 2017 04:09 PM which version of ULB, it seems there are version 1-9.  https://github.com/Door43/ulb-en

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