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Doctor Dave: Dr. Dave helped announce BibleSupport.com to the world, resulting in many of the members we have today. Dr. Dave specializes in conservative, Baptist modules for e-Sword. All modules Dr. Dave's team creates are picture-perfect, carefully converted, and thoroughly proofread.

e-Sword.net: Rick Meyers develops e-Sword. Get the latest version of e-Sword here.

eStudySource.com: Premium (pay for) e-Sword modules which generally lean toward conservative, Baptist doctrine in resources where doctrine is present.

PrayerRequest.com: Over 1,000 people a day pray on PrayerRequest.com. When I need help that doesn't involve a spiritual matter, but does involve something crazy on Linux like sed,  I usually ask a great friend, Greg at PrayerRequest.com.

TWModules.com: David Cox, a great e-Sword/TheWord friend who is dedicated to converting materials into bible software formats. Many of the e-Sword modules you see today all over the Internet were originally created by David Cox. David has given us permission to convert resources he makes for TheWord into e-Sword format.


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