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#31422 Newbie here

Posted by dartmaster644 on 09 September 2017 - 03:37 PM


​Thanks so much for introducing yourself.....My name is Rick....Also known as Dartmaster644. Welcome to BibleSupport and e-Sword Bible Program. You're among folks who will care about you....And help you learn the ropes  to get the most out of your e-Sword Bible Study Program. God bless you my friend !




#30819 Just saying hello.....

Posted by dartmaster644 on 04 June 2017 - 03:38 PM


It's good to hear from you ! I take it your "Studies" will be Bible oriented...I believe e-Sword can help you in that regard.

​Please keep us informed of how your Studies go and how you were able to utilize e-Sword in them. Good Luck and God Bless

​you my friend in all of your endeavors !!



#30500 Hello everyone!

Posted by dartmaster644 on 18 April 2017 - 12:01 PM


​I must tell you this....Your words have made my day ! In fact I'm pretty sure you've made my week for me !! Thank you sharing your thoughts with all of us....I believe you've shared words that all of us have felt about this site since we found it too. And let me also thank you for becoming a friend of ours....We look forward to being here to help you....And by the way being nearly "Overwhelmed" is what happens to us when we follow God's Lead !! Ain't it "Wonderful" ? !!



#30114 Chain reference for e-sword

Posted by dartmaster644 on 21 February 2017 - 12:12 PM



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Posted Today, 11:03 AM

Why has no one attempted to create a module for chain reference for e-sword? The TSK is a good start but very limited for someone wanting to really study the scriptures. Also why is it that the Thompson bible is not offered as a premium bible module, as it has a chain reference in it?


​May I suggest the...."Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury".....Made for e-Sword by E-Study Source.....And Downloadable from within the e-Sword Program itself.

​And as JPG posted earlier you can get "Thompson's Chain Reference"......Here at BibleSupport  http://www.biblesupp...nce-tcrdctxexe/


​Hope some of this will help you !!



#29834 hi how are you all?

Posted by dartmaster644 on 15 January 2017 - 04:53 AM

hi guys


i am new to this webpage. last week i gave my heart to Jesus and i was wondering if there is any bible passages you guys would recommend for any help would be appreciated



love and God's blessings


Anna x 



​Hi_Anna x....I Praise God for you....And thanks for sharing your "Good News" with us !!!  (Here's 2 Verses from the NLT Bible)


Psa 116:1  I love the LORD because He hears my voice and my Prayer for mercy.
Psa 116:2  Because He bends down to listen, I will Pray as long as I have breath !


Anna....you have made my day !!

#24140 e-Sword X

Posted by dartmaster644 on 28 February 2015 - 09:48 AM

Does anyone know any of the "Particulars" yet ? 



#23987 W. B. Riley - The Bible of the Expositor and the Evangelist

Posted by dartmaster644 on 09 February 2015 - 04:16 PM


I'll 2nd you opinion !! We are APPRECIATIVE. Glad you popped in D.....I've missed reading your thoughts lately !



#22305 biblesupport.com nearing 3 million downloads !

Posted by dartmaster644 on 28 September 2014 - 08:50 PM

That's right folks....if you scroll down the start page of biblesupport.com in the right hand column.....under "Interesting Stats".....you'll see we're only 112 downloads short of 3,000,000 downloads....as of 10:24 pm Sunday evening 9/28/2014 !! That is incredible !! That's 3,000,000 Blessings..... Ain't God Good ?! I thank Him 1st.....Then I thank each of you that make these Modules....and I thank each of you for the seemingly endless hours and hard work you put in....to supply the Saints with Bibles-Commentaries-Dictionaries and Reference materials to aid us in learning and understanding all we can about our loving God and this Great Salvation He has provided us thru His Son Jesus. Those of us that Preach and Teach have truly been Blessed.....and those we share the Gospel with each week from the Pulpit or in the Classroom.....share in those Blessings as well. What a great God we have the priviledge of serving. From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you for your hard work and dedication.....may God Bless and be with each of you throughout the following months as you continue Serving Him ! 



#21808 ?!?

Posted by dartmaster644 on 08 August 2014 - 10:27 PM


You have accurately described your experience with the Gill Commentary.....and Acts 15.....it has no Ch. notes. And as a result shows no "Indicator" symbol for them. However in version 10.2 a new feature was added (and is described on the biblesupport Home Page.

On the Home Page look at the "Center Column".....you'll see the first heading that says...."What others are Downloading". Scroll down a bit and you'll see another heading...."Download e-Sword Resources".....scroll a little further you'll see.....Latest News -e-Sword 10.3 released.....scroll down a little further you'll see......e-Sword 10.2 Sneak Peek. Under that heading read the 3rd paragraph. This is what it says: Most Commentaries do not contain specific Ch.Notes. For those Chapters that do not, the Chapter Notes mode will display ALL of the "Verse" notes for that Chapter. This is very convenient for viewing those Commentaries that have scattered notes.


This is a pretty nifty feature.....try it out for yourself.....it will show notes for V's 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17. It's hard to know about each and every feature e-Sword has in it.....but there it was....right on the Home Page. Thanks for inquiring bout it... you've learned something new.....and I'll just bet some other e-Sword User learned it for the 1st time too.....just because you took the time to post your experience. Again.....Thanks Pops1.....and give us some more questions.....soon !!



#21333 Right-Click Utility

Posted by dartmaster644 on 13 June 2014 - 08:50 AM

It may well be a massive effort to Retrofit existing Modules as Tim wrote.....and I fully agree ! However....properly "Tagging" the

Modules on the "Download Page" can be done with "some" effort. Theological content is of vital importance to many or most

folks that download our Modules. As an example: In our "New E-sword Modules" column.....we currently have 3 Modules with authors from a SDA tradition. If they were properly tagged....some would opt away from downloading them.....and yet others

from that tradition may never download those Modules because they aren't aware those Modules match up with their Theological


We may not be able to do easily what Ron originally requested.....but we can approach a remedy on the Download Page.

#20419 Niobi aka Patchworkid's Personal Study Bible

Posted by dartmaster644 on 10 February 2014 - 02:44 PM


You are a.....MACHINE !! God Bless You !! 



#20361 Niobi aka Patchworkid's Personal Study Bible

Posted by dartmaster644 on 05 February 2014 - 03:16 AM


I'm amazed by the wealth of information your Study Bible already contains.....before long you'll have to re-name it..... "Patchworkid's Study Library". As always Niobi....Let the Lord Lead On !!!! 



#20317 Premium Downloads

Posted by dartmaster644 on 01 February 2014 - 01:47 PM


Yes there is. Go to estudysource.com....enter the e-mail address and password you used when you originally purchased your items.

Once you're in click on MY ACCT in the upper right hand corner. Then under Account Information click on " View Orders "....scroll  down and they should all be right there for ya ! 



#19662 Howdy

Posted by dartmaster644 on 13 December 2013 - 12:56 PM


HOWDY...right back at you my friend !! Sounds to me like the Lord used The Oxford Dictionary to lead you here to BibleSupport.com . Well we're glad that He did ! There are 1,000's of Books-Bibles-Commentaries-and Dictionarys to keep you busy. The Blessings have just begun for you....if you need a little help along your Journey thru our site ...Please don't be shy - thats kinda what we're here for as well.  



#19508 e-Sword on Windows 8.1 tablet

Posted by dartmaster644 on 03 December 2013 - 03:33 PM


Would a Stylus or a Wireless Mouse work for you (or a super small mouse on a wire).....after you enter the Program ? If the USB port is a problem....maybe a BlueTooth Mouse.  

As for the problem of "Fat Finger"....I had the same problem when I bought my Kindle....and believe it or not.... the "Fat Finger" does go away ! Thats all I got !!