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#38437 Displaying dictionary topics causes temporary freeze

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 10 July 2020 - 08:09 AM

Many of us love our free stuff, so we load up. But when we load up on dictionaries, we really slow our performance down. Years ago I wrote this:


Make it sing by not making it sync. The easiest step you can take to improving eSword speed & performance is to turn off the synchronizing feature of your dictionaries. On the dictionary tool bar, look for the “Synchronize...” button (it looks like three links of a chain). If you’ll depress that button, you’ll not only “unsync” all of the dictionaries, you’ll have taken the simplest step possible to accelerate your eSword performance.


With the dictionary “sync” button inactive, eSword will no longer utilize massive amounts of system resources every time you click your mouse on a word. True, eSword will no longer immediately move to the dictionary entry; but when you want to find a word in the dictionary, you can just temporarily reselect the sync button.


ALSO: Make sure you deselect the “Dictionary Topics” button (CTRL-t). Don’t be nervous about your dictionary topic window disappearing; all you’ll have to do is hit “CTRL-t” again (or click the obvious button) and it reappears. These two simple steps (deselecting the dictionary “sync” & “topics” buttons) are the easiest steps you can take for eSword performance acceleration.


To see the entire blog post, click here.

#37009 Is there a way to convert older modules to the new E-Sword?

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 28 November 2019 - 07:35 AM

If you post the complete list of modules you need, and the format you need them in, I'm quite sure one of the moderators (looking at you, Bill!) will convert and post here for downloading.

#29650 HTML Streaming Data Base?

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 10 December 2016 - 10:19 AM



Some of us knew very little about the technical side off Bible study when we started. We grew with the aches and pains of trial and error. God bless you in your endeavor. I'm looking forward to seeing your work.

#29632 Is the G. Campbell Morgan Archive Gone for Good?

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 07 December 2016 - 08:05 AM

Here is a "Wayback Machine" version of the site (thanks, Brad, for that reminder).




There's more there than I remembered that is still available to make as modules. However, it is more than just copy/paste. Mr. Andrews inserted a lot of graphic letter instead of text letters into his work. Still, there it is.

#29630 Is the G. Campbell Morgan Archive Gone for Good?

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 07 December 2016 - 07:16 AM

I just checked my personal library, and I find a total of 18 titles for G. Campbell Morgan. I think all but one of them are available either here or at my site. ("Discipleship" by GCM is the one title I'm not sure of. I have it, but it is in poor order. When I get around to it, I'll clean it up and make it available.)


1923 is a key date for much of the work done at sites like this one. That is the copyright public domain cutoff date. Anything done prior to that year is public domain. About half of Morgan's works were published prior to 1923. Those are his public domain works. Several years back, a small team of module builders worked hard at mining the "G. Campbell Morgan Archives" to turn the available public domain works into modules. Our focus was on his expository works. The result were books like these being made into modules: Malachi's Message to the Men of Today, The Acts of the Apostles, The Crises of the Christ, The Gospel According to Mark, The Gospel According to Matthew, The Great Physician, etc. These titles are all public domain. I also know that some other individuals not associated with the group just mentioned also built some GCM modules.


BibleSupport user "David Psalms" somehow got permission from Mr. Andrews to turn The Parables and Metaphors of Our Lord into a module. We jumped at that, because in my opinion, it was one of Morgan's best works. Alas, it is my understanding that it is the only Morgan work published after 1923 legally available as a module.


I don't remember if we have all of Morgan's pre-1923 titles available as modules. I do believe we have most of them, and the best of them, available.


Even if someone has the "raw materials" from the above mentioned site, they would have to have copyright permission to publish the 1923+ titles here in any fashion. Of course, anything published in 1922 and earlier is public domain. Those raw materials not yet converted to modules would make great fodder for module building.

#28954 T4 Question ("Save As..." .pdf)

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 22 September 2016 - 04:16 PM

Hi, Brent,


I'm using an older version of T4 (2.31 - should I be embarrassed?) and tried for the first time ever to turn a module into a .pdf file. I went to the file menu, chose "Save As" and then .pdf. It created the file - but when I used Adobe Acrobat reader to look at it, there were only blank pages. I've attached the .pdf to this post.


Any recommendations on what might be wrong?

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#28952 Egalitarian Resources

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 21 September 2016 - 02:45 PM

I had to look this up. Here is a wikipedia article for those unfamiliar with egalitarianism.


adiel, not only is this site a conservative, evangelical site; it also focuses on materials that are in the public domain. The vast majority of available resources for modules were originally written in 1922 or earlier, with a few from 1963 and earlier. Mainstream egalitarianism is more recent than that. The result is that it's writings are still under copyright.


I seriously doubt you'll find anything like that here.

#28833 How Many Resources?

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 07 September 2016 - 02:42 PM

I have a blog post at my website about this very issue. Go to "Accelerating the eSword Experience" by clicking here.

#28042 Sermon Organization

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 25 June 2016 - 10:00 AM



The bad news here is that migrating your sermon notes to eSword is going to be cumbersome. The good news is that it can be done.


Now, not knowing how long you've been sermonizing, nor how many older sermons you have to convert, you may "pick and choose" here how best to proceed. Here are some ideas you might be able to utilize.




The "Topic Notes" editor is more useful than first appears. At first glance, it looks like you'd have to actually file every individual topic in this one topic.topx file as an individual chapter. You could do that. Or - you can hold down the CTRL button while you right-click the mouse, and make a "new" *.topx module (and call it "grace" or "law" or "fool", etc.) or open another module you've already created. This would allow easy access to multiple topic modules. In fact, the "Reference Library" is, for the most part, a simple reader for *.topx modules.




The "Study Notes" are simply your own comments on individual verses of the Bible. By the way, if you hold down the CTRL button while you right-click the mouse, you'll discover that you can create more than one set of comments (you could have a "MrRhodes" set of study notes, and a "MrsRhodes" set of study notes, etc.). If you'll think about the options there, it expands the potential you have for filing.




This section of notes is the least useful for your purposes, but if you wanted to file anything by the date entered, this is the section of the notes that you would use. And again notice that you can open/create multiple different journal notes.




If I wanted to migrate all of my sermons/notes into eSword, I would divide them in my mind into two categories: expository studies, and topical studies. Then, I would copy/paste the expository studies into the appropriate study.notx file verses.


The topical notes will probably require a little more thinking. Do I want one massive topic file, or lots of smaller topic files? Once that is decided, it is simply a matter of copy/paste into the file(s) in question.




Your decisions here are probably party determined by the amount of material you already need to manage. I've been preaching for 25 years, so I think about this task and say "ugh." However, if you want to leave your notes as a legacy to anybody, this might be the cheapest way to do so. AND once it is done, adding your weekly notes will be simple - especially if moving forward you actually use eSword as your primary word processor for sermonization.

#27929 Recommend me a dictionary

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 10 June 2016 - 06:43 AM

Mr. Lawson,


The AMG Dictionary (made famous by Spiros Zodhiates) is worth the price. The dictionaries mentioned in the above post are all good; but the AMG dictionary surpasses them for original language research. Add that to the fact that all you'll need to do is click the Strong's #, and you get right to the correct root word. For eSword, this is the one dictionary for this kind of work.


Let me encourage you to find and download the Greek New Testament Bible "TRi" (available here) and use it in conjunction with the RMAC dictionary (available within eSword's dowloading system). The Greek language is verb intensive. The TRi NT has extra codes in it that allow easy research into verb tenses, especially when used in conjuction with the RMAC. If you really want to look into original language, verb tense is almost as important as root words.


Happy hunting!


NOTE: The AMG dictionary is tied to both the OT and NT. I wanted to mention that since my comments were all specific to the NT, but it's OT comments are also "best available" for eSword OT language work.

#27326 How add my own Bible book abbreviations to NT list

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 16 March 2016 - 06:20 AM



You're finished? Finally?! Wow, that was an incredible amount of time to invest in this! This is really going to be a blessing!


I'll send you a private message.

#26947 Parallel account in other Gospels

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 02 February 2016 - 09:00 AM

Under the "Bible" menu, choose "Harmony." There are tabs and boxes to choose what options you want to use.

#26315 Step Titles

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 29 October 2015 - 08:08 PM

ALSO: I checked the Stanford University copyright renewal database, and didn't find any of Marsh's works listed - meaning they are almost certainly public domain (the Stanford database is a gold standard for checking copyright renewal for works originally copyrighted 1923-1963). His works would make an excellent addition here at Biblesupport as free eSword modules.

#25621 May I sell my premium e-Sword modules?

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 24 July 2015 - 07:52 PM

Chuck - I don't think so. Here's the "terms of use" from eStudySource (the premium outlet for eSword's premium resources) - http://estudysource....page/terms.aspx


Scroll down to the "ACCEPTABLE USE OF THE SITE/PURCHASED CONTENT" section and you'll find this:


You may not reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute the software or Content, or use it in any other way for public or commercial purpose.


and in the same paragraph:


You may not share your purchased content, or unlocking keys, or your personal account access with any other party.


Unfortunately, when we buy the premium modules, we also agree to the terms of use. While I'm not a lawyer, I don't think selling your premium modules is going to work.

#25599 File Converter 8 > 9

Posted by DoctorDaveT on 22 July 2015 - 06:37 AM

A Luther module entitled "Concerning Christian Liberty" is available for eS9-10 and available right here - http://www.biblesupp...ction-27-files/ (it is 1 of 27 modules in this megapack).


His "Smaller Catechism" for eS9-10 is available here - http://www.biblesupp...ller-catechism/


It would appear his "Larger Catechism" is available here only as an eS7-8 file (http://www.biblesupp...atechismtopexe/) - perhaps one of our BibSuppers would be willing to convert it and upload it. Otherwise, the text is available freely on the internet, and is public domain. The text from this site - http://www.sacred-te...er/largecat.htm - would be relatively easy to turn into an eS9-10 module.