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DoctorDaveT's Blog > An Open Letter to Module Builders

Posted 07 November 2011

Hello to All Those Who Have Built & Continue to Build Modules,I'd like to write just for a minute as one who uses your resources, and not as one who builds them.Thank you!I've been involved in vocational gospel ministry for 20+ years now, and my Bible study tools have run the full gamut of completely paper to almost completely paperless. (When I tell people "I rarely crack a book" I have to explain what I mean!) In fact - this past year, I sold 90+% of my real world library - I never used it anymore! I've been able to go completely "bookless" in my studies because of you. My virtual library is superior (both in quality and quantity) to what my real world library was. I can grab my laptop and go for however long is necessary, because just about every book I need is in eS format.I recently read a post or two from some rather ungrateful people about the resources they have and how shoddily some of them are built. I also noticed that in the rather sizable library I've accumulated, none of my resources were built by them . Hmm. Imagine that.If I weren't a module builder, I'd say something like this: "I imagine you spend a lot of time building these things. I appreciate it very much. Thank you!"But I am a module builder, and I know better. So, let me say this: "I know how much time you sacrifice from other pursuits in life to build these things. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. Thank you ever so much!"I have greatly profited from your passion and labor of love. The people that I minister to have greatly profited, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your part in my ministry.Dave

DoctorDaveT's Blog > Posting Other's Modules and Copyright

Posted 30 October 2011

Bible Support has become "the" central location for eSword modules on the web. As a result, "module robot" (Danger, Will Robinson!) and several well-intentioned users have downloaded modules from other sites, and loaded them up here.Caution should be exercised in doing so; and so should some research. Why? Copyright.Most of the OMLB modules built and posted at www.DoctorDaveT.com are public domain. They may legally be posted elsewhere and anywhere on the web. However, OMLB has also built several modules that are under copyright. These modules may only be posted at www.DoctorDaveT.com. Those who believe they contribute to the universal library of knowledge (as we do - that's why we built them) should contact the original copyright holder and seek their permission to post them elsewhere. Posting any copyrighted work without permission is piracy.Every module built and posted by OMLB contains a copyright statement. Every module that is "copyright but distributed with permission" is clearly marked as such on my site, and the module itself contains the same information (always as it's own chapter - "00.x... - Copyright Information"). David Cox also makes similar statements about his modules on his site - and in his modules.Those who don't understand what copyright is should not post modules anywhere on the web .Those who post other people's modules should ask before they do so. Piracy is a crime; and Christians should do all that they can, not only to obey the law (Rom 13), but to abstain from every appearance of evil (1Th...