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Displaying dictionary topics causes temporary freeze

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#1 Heleyon


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Posted 10 July 2020 - 07:27 AM

When I enable the dictionary topics by clicking on the button, it causes the application to hang for a few seconds.


Firstly, there's a delay, then the screen resolution seems to change to a different format, then the list appears and works normally.


Also, if I swap to a different dictionary while the topic list is still open, the same thing happens. It makes navigation a pain.


I tried to attach a video of the strange occurrence, but the forum won't allow it.


The PC is fast, has a decent graphics card and 16Gb of memory, so it's not a resources issue. All other software works fine during the E-Sword freeze.

#2 JPG



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Posted 10 July 2020 - 07:31 AM

I had a similar problem and the reply from the developer was this.



The dictionary topics listing is problematic in a number of ways.  For starters, why does it even exist?  If you want to know what a word means, then left-click on the word and whatever dictionaries have definitions will display them.  Next, loading up tens of thousands of entries takes time, even loading 10K/second.  This has always been the biggest performance hit when starting e-Sword, and yet another reason why the topic listing is not initially displayed now.  Finally, the new skinning feature has trouble with the topics listing, so if you must use it then select "Options, App Theme, System" from the e-Sword menu and it will perform as it did in e-Sword 11.


In His service,


Rick Meyers

#3 DoctorDaveT


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Posted 10 July 2020 - 08:09 AM

Many of us love our free stuff, so we load up. But when we load up on dictionaries, we really slow our performance down. Years ago I wrote this:


Make it sing by not making it sync. The easiest step you can take to improving eSword speed & performance is to turn off the synchronizing feature of your dictionaries. On the dictionary tool bar, look for the “Synchronize...” button (it looks like three links of a chain). If you’ll depress that button, you’ll not only “unsync” all of the dictionaries, you’ll have taken the simplest step possible to accelerate your eSword performance.


With the dictionary “sync” button inactive, eSword will no longer utilize massive amounts of system resources every time you click your mouse on a word. True, eSword will no longer immediately move to the dictionary entry; but when you want to find a word in the dictionary, you can just temporarily reselect the sync button.


ALSO: Make sure you deselect the “Dictionary Topics” button (CTRL-t). Don’t be nervous about your dictionary topic window disappearing; all you’ll have to do is hit “CTRL-t” again (or click the obvious button) and it reappears. These two simple steps (deselecting the dictionary “sync” & “topics” buttons) are the easiest steps you can take for eSword performance acceleration.


To see the entire blog post, click here.

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#4 Heleyon


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Posted 12 July 2020 - 04:17 AM

I have no issues with the speed at which the program launches.


As for the topics listing, I had thought I needed it, but it turns out I don't. When looking at a definition, it will often display a root word. Clicking on it doesn't work, so I thought I'd need to find it in the dictionary list of Strong's numbers - the list that's causing the problem.


Then I found that a right click on a given root word will give the option to search for that word, and this takes you to the entry for it. I hope that makes sense.


I realize more experienced users will already know this.


Thanks for the input, gentlemen.

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