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#14254 Similar Posts Floating Window

Posted by Mike_S on 24 November 2012 - 01:42 PM

Hey, Josh,

Very nice idea to implement a "similar posts" floating window. That should be very helpful for those of us who are looking for the right topic, and almost find it the first time!

Nicely done!

DoctorDaveT - you should have your license revoked :) - this is one of the worst ideas to date, completely disagree.

+1 -> Tags at bottom - no more side panel - Attica, Attica...!

#14253 Similar Topics

Posted by Mike_S on 24 November 2012 - 01:30 PM

I agree! - Annoying to say the least The panel causes the main thread (width) to shrink by about 25%, leaving an ugly blank space on the right.

If you're not logged in you don't see the 'Similar Topics' panel (I didn't anyway), I figured Firefox 16 or Adblock Plus was the reason for the strange formatting, an element was not displaying properly or something might be broke.

A better solution IMO - use a 'tags' panel at the bottom of the thread, much better and less annoying (intrusive) to the main thread! ... Here's an example! :)

On a side note, Josh, are you in advertising, you have a knack for putting things front and center, usually in the way - the red "you must register" hmm - reminder, the from outta the blue ad that always pops in to view when I don't want it to, forcing me to click it away, now this, did you sell used cars in a former career.

#14228 bible modules

Posted by Mike_S on 23 November 2012 - 02:26 PM

An easy way is to use e-Sword to point you to the wanted Premium resource...

With e-Sword running, click Download, select Bibles..., scroll down to Premium, click the Bible you want to purchase, you will notice a tooltip message - Click to Purchase - when clicked your browser will open to the resource site with instructions on how to purchase the premium resource.

#13749 help for using topx files

Posted by Mike_S on 03 November 2012 - 05:55 AM


Agreed, tabs are nice Too! I think both could be easily implemented, the code (depending on the tool used) is likely at a forum, most languages have reusable sections of code for common features, VS, Python, a few tweaks specific to e-Sword... I might be over-simplifying it but e-Sword does have some strange limitations, especially for v10.x, again, JMO :)

#13743 help for using topx files

Posted by Mike_S on 03 November 2012 - 05:27 AM

Hi timothyng :)

I think (IMO) one of the biggest issues with e-Sword is the resource location limitations, the inability to make use of multiple folders, or select specific folders, ... e-Sword essentially expects to find certain resources in a single location, this puts hundreds of files in a single directory. Once you make a change, this is the new 'default' location until you change again.

One option if viewing the .topx files in the e-Sword Reference Library is to use the Filter Titles feature. You can find the entry box to the right of the Titles drop down. Depending on how the .topx files are named you may get files in your list that you weren't after, they simply had the same keyword, narrowing the search may help. To get all your files back in the list - clear the box and hit 'Filter Titles' (filter icon) again.

I hope one day I can move the resources to specific folders (of my choice) and have e-Sword detect them either by closing snd restarting e-Sword or simply hitting a 'ReScan' button to apply my new resources. I (personally) would like to have each 'type' or 'author' in single folders:


HTH :)

#13191 Trojan Agent in *.exe files

Posted by Mike_S on 15 October 2012 - 06:44 PM

Nice to see it was only a false-positive, and kudos to the OP for reporting it regardless.

We should be scanning every download from the interwebs :) before installing or extracting to our system, as well, have a few alternative tools at our disposal, and regularly (at least weekly) update the definitions.

It wouldn't hurt to have VirusTotal in our browser's bookmarks as one more option.

Of course, this seems unwarranted when we've been so fortunate (???) while surfing the AlGorian Super Highway, but - once we encounter our first seriously destructive virus, malware... that destroys files and forces a reinstallation of the OS - then we'll kick our backside for not being proactive.

#12492 Forgive me for not knowing, but what exactly is a 'module?'

Posted by Mike_S on 20 September 2012 - 12:52 AM

If you have e-Sword 10 installed and running, open the User's Guide, select Help - Contents or F1 - Download Page Here. Searching for the term module will bring up numerous explanations, all dealing with e-Sword resources aka modules :)

Even better is the explanation given in the Tooltip NT User's Guide - see page 7. This guide is for e-Sword users who want to create content aka modules for e-Sword. This is still a useful read regardless if you want to create modules or not, if for no other reason than to see what goes into the creation of a Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, or Devotional to use as a study aid in e-Sword.


#11885 Locations of TOPX Reference Files

Posted by Mike_S on 23 August 2012 - 07:39 PM

I'm not exactly sure with v10.0.5, I went from v7 to v10.1, anyway... If your version has the reference library viewer, your files are viewable from there when they are in the root e-Sword folder, otherwise to view them in the editor the files are located in \MyDocs\e-Sword.

You can point e-Sword to your resources via Options - Resource, but once you do this e-Sword will look there every time, I would leave the default locations alone. If you notice a resource on the list but unchecked, check the box, click OK, close e-Sword and restart - your resource should now be available in e-Sword.

So, if you want to edit(?) a topx file or simply view it in the editor put the file in \MyDocs\e-Sword, otherwise put it in the root e-Sword folder and view the file in the reference viewer.

Take a look at the user guide - e-Sword User Guide - but it applies to e-Sword v10.0.6 - v10.1. See page 55 of the guide for an explanation of the various file extensions and where they go in e-Sword.

You might also upgrade to e-Sword v10.1 as well - e-Sword Downloads

#11697 Detecting (finding) of Study Notes in e-Sword

Posted by Mike_S on 14 August 2012 - 04:05 PM

Hi Naomi

It's easier and quicker to have you consult the user guide in e-Sword (F1 or Help - Contents). Start around page 148, the Study Notes Advanced topic, it's an easy read. Short story, the Study Notes generally are in \Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\e-Sword. Look for the files with the '.notx' extension.

If you should ever point e-Sword to a different location and select a file, e-Sword will expect your files to always remain there, so you may need to point e-Sword back to the default location(s) to put things back to, well, default :) - page 55 of the guide is helpful here.

#11526 Edit a finished .topx file...?

Posted by Mike_S on 07 August 2012 - 08:39 PM

Is this possible?

The reason I ask is that there have been a few topx files in larger collections that have some annoying inconsistencies while selecting different sections from the ref library viewer, Luther's Table Talks from the collection is a good example.

I would like to fix them myself if possible rather than bother the resource maker?


#11510 Zip Files

Posted by Mike_S on 07 August 2012 - 01:34 PM

Hi Hank :)

You need a program to 'unzip' the file, a good free program is 7-Zip - http://www.7-zip.org/ - get the right version for your OS, the .exe if on Windows x86, .msi for an x64 OS. If you are not using Windows, what OS? An alternative might be a portable version or 7-Zip - http://portableapps..../7-zip_portable - you can run the exe file, point it to a location on your computer when you are asked where to extract the program C:\7ZipPortable, try it out, if you don't like it you can delete the folder - program removed.

You might not see the .zip part due to extensions being hidden on your system, search for the name of the file minus the .zip. You can 'Show' extensions for known file types in Windows Explorer from 'Tools - Folder Options - View (Hide extensions for known file types)'. Uncheck the box if checked.

You need to be in charge here, don't let your browser throw files where ever, you need to have a folder set aside for your downloads, then point your browser to this folder or have it by default download to this folder. An example - \MyDownloads. What browser are you using?

You want the contents of the zip file, the bible, commentary, topic, whatever it is you wanted to add to e-Sword. You need to extract the file(s) from the zip you downloaded. What version of e-Sword are you using, make sure the resource (bible, dictionary, ...) is compatible with your vesion of e-Sword.

If I can be overly simplistic, a zip file is like a ziploc baggy, you have something inside the baggy, crackers, carrots, cheerios, you wouldn't simply dump the contents of the baggy out on your floor, likewise, you wont simply extract the contents of the zip file anywhere. If you have e-Sword 10, take a look at the user guide, with e-Sword running, F1 on the keyboard or Help - Contents while in e-Sword, see page 55.

If you have anymore questions please ask away, someone here will help you get this sorted out :)


#10968 E-Sword Between 2 Computers

Posted by Mike_S on 15 July 2012 - 10:35 PM

This is a very good question, one I had early on, I didn't want to re-download resources I already had if they hadn't been updated after I reinstalled e-Sword, so yes, you can transfer the resources from one to the other - make sure saved resources will work on your e-Sword version if it's one you've had for a while.

Read the guide (Help or F1) if you're unsure, simply copy the resource from the given \folder in e-Sword to your thumb drive, to be safe you might take notes where the resource goes on the second machine - the same location it came from on the source machine.

You could also save the original resources(s), the .zip or .exe files from BibleSupport.com, or if you added resources from within e-Sword using the downloader you could save those as well by copying out the new Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, etc, then run the installers on the second machine, you have options - run the installer, extract the zip, or drop the raw resource (.bblx) in the proper folder.

If bandwidth isn't an issue you may redownload I suppose, for me, my connection is so slow a 30MB Bible I will save until it no longer works on my version of e-Sword. So, I have copies and store em with my e-Sword installer, after a reinstall I simply extract the resource to the appropriate \folder, or if I should install e-Sword on a friends machine, I take e-Sword and all my resources and give them everything I have.



#2824 Error messages launching new E-Sword version

Posted by Mike_S on 26 October 2011 - 08:22 PM

...always uninstall the previous version of e-Sword...After that, I then clean the Registry

As Josh stated in post #4 RevoUninstaller Free works perfect and will perform both tasks. It will remove the program and then the program residue found in the registry. "Safe" is good if you're new to this kind of tool, "Moderate" if you're familiar with the process. I like to click the "+" after a registry scan to see exactly what is being removed from the registry! When done reboot the system.

Also mentioned, CCleaner is another great program to have and use regularly to clean a system. CCleaner Slim or Portable will not install toolbars, the Standard version has been known to do this.

Btw, what journey says is important, many exe files are blocked from running properly or at all when run on newer OSes. User permissions or admin rights may not be properly set. DEP has been known to create problems. If you have security software running, AV, firewall, these too can cause problems when running an exe file.

Make sure you have admin rights, give the exe full permission, and make sure security software is not blocking the file.

e-Sword 9x is a major upgrade, a good habit is to install fresh when the program upgrade is major. A minor upgrade would be 8.0.2 to 8.0.5. The downside is you may need to get new addon resources as well, 7x and 8x resources wont work on 9x, even a conversion may be buggy.

#2814 e-Sword Resource Installation on a Windows PC

Posted by Mike_S on 26 October 2011 - 01:08 PM


You're given the opportunity to go Back and correct the path for extraction before clicking Install. You will also be shown the full path in the window, if the destination is incorrect, change it before running the installer.

#2762 e-Sword Resource Installation on a Windows PC

Posted by Mike_S on 24 October 2011 - 04:01 PM


You can still distribute e-Sword with additional resources for your friends who don't have an internet connection, simply copy the resource form your existing e-Sword installation, the Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries, Topics, etc, and put them on the flash drive, CD, DVD, with the latest installer. You will need to install e-Sword on their system of course, after e-Sword is installed copy the raw resource to the same location as you copied it from on your system.

The e-Sword Download Manager found on the menu listed as Download, will download the raw resources, slang for Bible (.bblx), Commentary (.cmtx), Dictionary (.dctx), Topic (.topx) etc, and will locate them in 1 of 2 locations:

Most resource files will be in the e-Sword root directory along with the executable - e-Sword.exe. The rest of the resources are usually found in the \My Documents\e-Sword folder.  A  search of your system for \e-Sword should quickly locate both directories. Once you've located the resources, the file types for the given addons have been mentioned many many times :), highlight the file, and 'copy' it to the location you have the e-Sword installer.

I like to know files I'm moving from one location to another stay unchanged so I create an .md5sum against the file, not necessary but it lets me know the file hasn't changed from when I first copied or moved it.