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Bible Word Study

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Posted 19 November 2016 - 07:01 PM

Would this be something that could fit your needs.  This is the  "Concordance to the Greek Scriptures".  I just checked and it is still listed in the downloads section.



Total Occurrences: 218
κοσμον (45)
Mat_16:26, Mar_8:36, Mar_14:9, Mar_16:15, Luk_9:25, Joh_1:9, Joh_3:16-17 (3), Joh_3:19, Joh_6:14, Joh_8:26, Joh_9:39, Joh_10:36, Joh_11:27, Joh_12:46-47 (3), Joh_16:8, Joh_16:21, Joh_16:28 (2), Joh_16:33, Joh_17:5, Joh_17:18 (2), Joh_18:37, Joh_21:25, Act_17:24, Rom_3:6, Rom_5:12, 1Co_6:2, 2Co_5:19, 1Ti_1:15, 1Ti_6:7, Heb_10:5, Heb_11:7, 1Jn_2:15 (2), 1Jn_4:1, 1Jn_4:9, 1Jn_5:4-5 (3), 2Jn_1:7

κοσμος (63)
Gen_2:1, Exo_33:5-6 (2), Deu_4:19, Deu_17:3, 2Sa_1:24 (2), Pro_17:6, Pro_20:29, Pro_28:17, Pro_29:17, Isa_3:18-21 (5), Isa_3:24-26 (3), Isa_13:10, Isa_24:21, Isa_40:26, Isa_49:18, Isa_61:10, Jer_2:32, Jer_4:30, Eze_7:20, Eze_16:11, Eze_23:40 (2), Nah_2:9, Mat_13:38, Joh_1:10 (2), Joh_3:17, Joh_7:7, Joh_12:19, Joh_14:17, Joh_14:19, Joh_14:27, Joh_14:31, Joh_15:18-19 (3), Joh_16:20, Joh_17:14, Joh_17:21, Joh_17:23, Joh_17:25, Rom_3:19, 1Co_1:21, 1Co_3:22, 1Co_6:2, Gal_6:14, Heb_11:38, Jam_3:6, 1Pe_3:3, 2Pe_3:6, 1Jn_2:17, 1Jn_3:1, 1Jn_3:13, 1Jn_4:5, 1Jn_5:19

κοσμου (73)
Mat_4:8, Mat_5:14, Mat_13:35, Mat_24:21, Mat_25:34, Luk_11:50, Luk_12:30, Joh_1:29, Joh_4:42, Joh_6:51, Joh_8:12, Joh_8:23 (2), Joh_9:5, Joh_11:9, Joh_12:31 (2), Joh_13:1, Joh_14:30, Joh_15:19 (3), Joh_16:11, Joh_17:6, Joh_17:9, Joh_17:14-16 (5), Joh_17:24, Joh_18:36 (2), Rom_1:20, Rom_4:13, Rom_11:12, Rom_11:15, 1Co_1:20, 1Co_1:27-28 (3), 1Co_2:12, 1Co_3:19, 1Co_4:13, 1Co_5:10 (2), 1Co_7:31, 1Co_7:33-34 (2), 2Co_7:10, Gal_4:3, Eph_1:4, Eph_2:2, Col_2:8, Col_2:20, Heb_4:3, Heb_9:26, Jam_1:27, Jam_2:5, Jam_4:4 (2), 1Pe_1:20, 2Pe_2:5, 2Pe_2:20, 1Jn_2:2, 1Jn_2:16, 1Jn_3:17, 1Jn_4:5 (2), 1Jn_4:14, Rev_11:15, Rev_13:8, Rev_17:8

κοσμω (37)
Mat_18:7, Mat_26:13, Joh_1:10, Joh_6:33, Joh_7:4, Joh_9:5, Joh_12:25, Joh_13:1, Joh_14:22, Joh_16:33, Joh_17:11-13 (4), Joh_18:20, Rom_1:8, Rom_5:13, 1Co_4:9, 1Co_7:31, 1Co_8:4, 1Co_11:32, 1Co_14:10, 2Co_1:12, Gal_6:14, Eph_2:12, Php_2:15, Col_1:6, Col_2:20, 1Ti_3:16, 1Pe_5:9, 2Pe_1:4, 2Pe_2:5, 1Jn_2:15-16 (2), 1Jn_4:3-4 (2), 1Jn_4:17

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