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e-Sword 10.1 Released

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#61 Josh Bond

Josh Bond


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Posted 12 April 2012 - 05:16 PM

For anyone out there, I just wanted to let you know that I have taken coruage in hand and entered my registry as mentioned in Josh Bond's entry of Apr 08 2012 11:26 PM. I haven't tried modifying my registry since I did it to make my old Windows ME edition computer to clean it up and improve its speed. I am happy to say that it worked with ME and now seem to have worked with Windows 7. Thank you Josh. I believe that I am now pop-up free. I will take full responsibility if it turns out that I messed up the registry. If necessary, I can reload Windows 7 from scratch. I keep backups of everything on an external hard drive and in the cloud. Nevertheless, I would never have had the slightest idea what to do without your post, Josh. Thank you again. :-)

The registry fix doesn't work. e-Sword overwrites a future date, at least the dates I experimented with.. I noted that earlier. I should probably just delete my post stating that since it's wrong. Firewall is the only way to prevent the e-Sword popups. But there's not that many, so that's why it appears that it's "fixed".

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 09:18 AM

Since installation of the new version of Esword, a day or so after it was released, I have had 2 pup ups for estudy resources. Both of these pop ups came within a minute of starting up. It only took one click to clear them.

There are some other angles to look at this.

First, it is extemely limited advertising at best. it isn't an hourly or even a daily occurance. It's quite rare.

Second, these ads make people aware of resources that they might not otherwise know about, which would constitute more of a blessing to them than an annoyance.

The third factor, assuming that there is some financial gain by the author of Esword, it certainly would benefit all of us to allow this feature to exist. On the other hand, it is possible that this is a service that does not benefit the author at all.

I expect that there may be enhancements to the software in how this all works. It is a new addition and as we have seen over the years, Esword continues to be improved and enhanced in so many ways.

My popup blocker must be working as I use version 10 and no popups --BUT -- this might explain the slow reaction times I am getting from window to window movement.  It seemed so random, I woul move to the Bible verses to the Topic and have to wait for it to download something, but what?  Same thing would happen as I moved around from window to window and it would eventually settle down but this is very annoying.  I am not that savvy with the Firewall thing, how do I get there and what do I look for to stop e-sword from phoning home.  Also, the point being made that this it no big deal and maybe beneficial is cracked -- why?  The the reasons given conceringin our Middle Eastern Brethern, for one, and for another, I too am a paid customer, I have donted, more than once, to Rick for his work and do not feel the need to support any extra activity, especailly if I do not have a choice.  So, how do I get to the Fire Wall and shut alien esword down?  Thanks

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