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Not many sites like this one!

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Posted 05 February 2021 - 07:44 PM

First off I thank the Lord Jesus for this site!  I am thankful to see how He uses many of His people to display His grace in the lives of others!  Many years ago I found this site while I was starting home fellowships!   It was truly a blessing to show fellow believer how the Holy Spirit could teach them from the scriptures and they did not need to wait to ask a pastor, if they had a topic the wanted to understand they could find it in the scriptures and ask for guidance and learn what HE SAID about the topic!

After seeing how this software was blessing the fellowships I got an idea of giving it away to other pastors and this worked very well.  I would ask to see the pastor and bring my 12 inch laptop and demo the program and offer to download the program to their computer and then spend several hours over a number of days teaching them how to use the software.  Many learned more using the software then they did at bible schools and seminary!  Their words not mine!  More importantly the Lord led them into deeper fellowship with Him as He answered many of the questions they had but had no one to ask about it and could not find the answer!

Then the Lord gave me the idea to give the programs to churches.  I would start by giving it to the pastor and then ask him if he new other in his church that could use such a program?  They did!  Some pastors would have a special night when I would come in and show the folks the program and then I would offer to put it on everyone's computer for free!

So I saw the Lord working in people lives and some youth came to know Jesus because of reading the Word downloaded from this site!  That was many years ago and the resources are even of a higher quality now making the books easier to study! 

I then got ran over by a truck while riding my bike and then that led to 3 strokes, cancer and the a heart attack!  And of course now I have a hard time walking or standing or sitting and I have brain damage, but right now I am very thankful for the work you guys do!

Recently the Lord showed me to by cheap smart phone and with the help of my wife,Wendy we were ale to download MySword on it and gave it to a friend!

now I want to download the program on thumb drives if possible and give it to people and show them how to use the program!  I sense in these dark days ahead the Lord may want me to help others in this way!

So I pray for you guys many times during the day and first hing in the morning and the last thing at night, giving Him praise for how He is using this site and asking that He will watch over all of you, each single one of you!  I am broke right now or I would send you some money today to help further getting the word out!

God Bless!


















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