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Reference Books (topx) - Oliphant-Smith Debate on the Existence of God, Morality, and Evolution (1929)

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 05:21 PM

File Name: Oliphant-Smith Debate on the Existence of God, Morality, and Evolution (1929)
File Submitter: Bradley S. Cobb
File Submitted: 18 Jun 2012
File Updated: 18 Jun 2012
File Category: Reference Books (topx)
Author: W.L. Oliphant, Charles Smith
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
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The Oliphant/Smith Debate
This debate, which originally took place in 1929, was between:
  • W.L. Oliphant (Christian, Preacher)
  • Charles Smith (President, American Association for the Advancement of Atheism).
The issues debated were these:
  • There is a Supreme Being (God, Creator)
  • Atheism is Beneficial to the Race, and is Most Conductive to Morality of any Theory Known to Man.
  • All Things Exist as a Result of Evolution, Directed by No Intelligence.
At the end of the first debate, Smith (the Atheist) wanted a vote of the audience to show who won the debate. Out of the hundreds in attendance, seven sided with him. At the end of the final debate, the number was down to two.

This is an excellent module to assist the Christian in dealing with the common arguments thrown out by atheists, and in showing the absurdity of their positions.

1. God vs. Atheism
--Oliphant's first affirmative
-----The Principle of Faith
-----The Absurdity of Atheism
-----Historical Evidence
--------Aborigines of Australia
-----Deductive Proof
-----Inductive Proof
-----The Law of Probabilities
-----Atheism Accounts for Nothing
--Smith's First Reply
--Oliphant's Second Affirmative
--Smith's Second Reply
--The Vote of the Audience

2. Atheist Morality vs. Christian Morality
--Smith's First Affirmative
--Oliphant's First Reply
--Smith's Second Affirmative
--Oliphant's Second Reply

3. Unintelligent Evolution vs. God and the Bible
--Smith's First Affirmative
-----History of Evolution
-----Embryology--Development Before Birth
-----Vestigal (Useless) Organs
-----Similarity of Structure
-----Geographical Grouping
-----Man-Made Species
-----Gradation of Organisms
-----Man's Ape Ancestry
-----The Blood Test
-----No Missing Links
-----Natural Selection
-----Consequences of Evolution
-----Discrediting the Design Argument
-----Darwin an Atheist
-----Bible Examined
--------Doctored Passages
--------Bible Science
--------Fulfilled Prophecy
--------Character of the Bible's God
--Oliphant's First Reply
-----Sins of Bible Characters
-----Hope and Love, Abstractions
-----Sin and Disease
-----Evil Spirits
-----Fundamentalist or Modernist
-----Dr. Gladman and ***** Revival
-----Embryology - Development Before Birth?
-----Useless Organs?
--------Pineal Gland
--------Pituitary Body
--------Thyroid Glands
--------The Thymus
--------Islands of Langerhands
--------The Appendix
--------The Coccyx
--------Extra Mammary Glands
-----Man Right-Handed
-----Similarity of Structure
-----Difference in Mental Capacity
-----No Man-Made Species
-----Gradiation of Organisms
-----Ape Ancestry
-----Similarity of Blood
--------Geology Proves Degeneration
-----Missing Links?
--------The Neanderthal Man
--------Pithecanthropus Erectus
--------Heidelberg Man
--------Piltdown Man
--------Taung's Skull
-----Man Not Evolved
-----Natural Selection
-----Consequences of Evolution
-----The Bible
--------The Penteteuch
--------Creation, Flood, etc.
--------So-Called Contradictions
--------Science of the Bible
--------Fulfilled Prophecy
--------God's Character
--Smith's Second Affirmative
--Oliphant's Second Reply
Decision of the Audience

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