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The Bible Student Blog > Enhance your Physical Library!

Posted 03 June 2013

My family will be traveling across the country to be involved in a Christian home-school conference at the end of the year. Because of gas prices, we expect it to cost us over $1,000 just in travel expenses (gas, hotel, food) there and back.  So, in order to make sure that cost is covered, I've gone through my personal library and am grudgingly putting so...

The Bible Student Blog > Lessons from the healing of the Gadarene Demoniac (Mark 5:1-20)

Posted 15 October 2012

Taken with the previous two sermons posted here, when Jesus came to earth, He had power over health (Peter's mother-in-law), nature (the calming of the storm) and over demons (this lesson).The Possessed Person   He was a man struggling to regain control of his life (like drug-addicts and alcoholics), to the point of moaning and tears, and even trying...

The Bible Student Blog > Lessons Learned fom the Calming of the Storm

Posted 03 October 2012

Here is another offering for your sermon preparation:Mark 4:35-411. Jesus was a man who set goals and worked to accomplish them (v 35 - "Let us pass over to the other side" so He could heal and have the word spread there).  2. Jesus was indeed human (v. 38 - After a long day of teaching, Jesus needed to sleep, something God doesn't need to do)...

The Bible Student Blog > Lessons Learned from the Healing of Peter's Mother-In-Law

Posted 03 October 2012

In an attempt to be somewhat helpful, I thought I would post the main points of some of my sermons, to perhaps give ideas to other preachers who happen to read the blogs here.Mark 1:29-31, the healing of Peter's mother-in-law.1. The disciples were holy   (they had just returned from worship at the synagogue)2. The disciples were hospitable   (Peter an...