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  • Submitted: Aug 02 2011 08:13 PM
  • Last Updated: Sep 23 2012 03:09 PM
  • File Size: 7.96MB
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  • Author: Stephen Jovanovic
  • e-Sword Version: Compatible w/ 9.x but has 10.x only features
  • Suggest New Tag:: e-Sword, presentation, slide show

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Download e-Sword_Pres10x.zip (e-Sword Presentation) Version 1010

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Stephen Jovanovic

e-Sword Version:
Compatible w/ 9.x but has 10.x only features

Suggest New Tag::
e-Sword, presentation, slide show

This is an updated version of the e-Sword PowerPoint Presentation reflecting the 10x  series of e-Sword. The previous PowerPoint presentation is no longer available. I've updated all the screenshots which shows the new features of e-Sword and included them in this presentation. All Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, and Map (graphics) Windows have also been updated. There four new Slides in this edition of the presentation which covers the new added features, new and improved additions to the three editors, and the additions to the Resource Options.

Please Note:
This presentation does not require Microsoft Office PowerPoint to run. I have created the slideshow to be run as a standalone presentation.

This presentation is now about 21 minutes long and it has about a 5 second delay between each slide giving the viewer time to see the images. I tried to keep the time down as much as possible without having to fly through the slideshow and the viewer not getting a grasp of what the program is about. So, I hope I've done justice to it.

Note for those who wish to use the e-Sword Installer Menu program.
This Presentation is configured to run from your CD or DVD when you click on the e-Sword Presentation button. Only thing is that you got to make certain that the folder name matches what I've programed it to be. Else your end user will only get an error message. Not nice at all. The default folder name for the presentation is, e-Sword_Pres. The file which ESIM executes is, esp.exe.

The files contained in the Zip file are:
  • AUTORUN.inf (optional to keep if not running from the root directory/folder)
  • esp.exe
  • e-Sword.ppt
  • gdiplus.dll
  • intldate.dll
  • play.bat (option to keep if not running from the root directory/folder)
  • ppvwintl.dll
  • pvreadme.htm (MS EULA for the PowerPoint Viewer)
  • Readme.txt (the EULA for this presentation)
  • saext.dll
  • unicows.dll
Unless indicated in a parenthesis all files are required.

There is a bit of a EULA that goes with this presentation, which I think is quite generous, and here it is:

e-Sword PowerPoint Presentation
Copyright © 2005 - 2012 Stephen Jovanovic. All rights reserved.

This presentation is free, and may be given away to any person who is new to e-Sword. This presentation may also be publicly shown in churches and groups. It is illegal to sell this presentation. Please report any violations.

No part of this presentation may be changed without express permission from the copyright holder, and neither can this presentation be converted to any other format without express permission granted by the copyright holder.

Where permission has been granted to convert the presentation to another format, both the authorship and copyright remains the same and cannot be changed. No part of the text in the Presentation can be changed.

Where translations are required for another language, apply for permission by emailing the author at Stephen8601@gmail.com submitting a draft copy of the translated presentation.

Persons wishing to host this presentation on their website and/or esnip web folder, or their organization or Church website, may do so when permission has been given. The author reserves the right to give this presentation to any person for the purpose of hosting it on his website without that person having to apply for hosting rights.

e-Sword is the Registered Trademark of Rick Meyers
Copyright © 2000 - 2012, Rick Meyers. All rights Reserved.

Tools and utilities used for the creation of third-party modules, copyright remains the property of the respective authors.

Now, for those of you who've downloaded ESIM and do not have this presentation. I seriously recommend that you do so that it can be add it added to your CD/DVD. You give away a disk without this presentation, your user will get an error message telling them, "The e-Sword Presentation cannot be detected. Please check if the files are in their folder." Now, of coarse its not there because you didn't put it there, and they're going to wonder why not! Not a very good look for you at all is it. Fact is its quite shocking  Posted Image

Stephen (Php 1:21).

What's New in Version Version 1010 (See full changelog)

  • New version number added in the second slide

Thanks for the great presentation. I am very briefly introducting E sword in a presentation. Do you mind if I steal a few slides and modify them to fit within my presentation design? I do not have time to present all of the slides.

Thank you this is very helpful to me 

This is a very colorful presentation.  I really liked it.  

This is a very colorful presentation.  I really liked it.  

Thank you for your feedback.




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