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Original Text Edited, Corrected, Formulated, and Translated into English
First Edition Revised and Corrected
President Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, O.

Rodkinsons' ten-book edition, the only extensive one currently in the public domain, contains complete translations of the 'Festivals' and 'Jurisprudence' sections of the Talmud. Rodkinson only finished about a third of the Talmud. All ten volumes were prepared at Sacred-texts and are available here in their entirety.

Rodkinson has been widely criticized, both from traditionalist Jews who feel that translating the Talmud is not an acceptable practice, as well as from those hostile to the Talmud and Judaism in general. As often seems to be the case, the political spectrum seems to be a Mobeius loop. All of these viewpoints are abundantly represented on the Internet. Some quote material out of context, or ascribe hostile intent to innocent passages. The most hurtful critics are those who claim that Rodkinson deliberately left out material to conceal an evil Jewish agenda. After completion of this etext, I can unequivocably state that this is hogwash. Rodkinson's Talmud is, by definition, an abridgement for modern readers. He left out only the sections where the debate spins off into complete obscurity, and was careful to document where he did so. Now that this incredible text, lovingly translated, is on the Internet perhaps these criticisms can finally be put to rest.

Bibliographic note on Rodkinsons' Talmud
Rodkinson's translation went through at least two editions. The sacred-texts version was prepared from the second edition. All of these were from the 1918 printing, with the exception of book 1, which was scanned from a 1903 printing. The numbering of the volumes changed radically between the first and second edition; to add to the confusion the second edition was bound into a ten book set, two volumes per book. This numbering is consistent, for instance, the second edition book 1 contains volumes 1 and 2; book 5 contains volumes 9 and 10, and so on. However, the volume sequence of the first edition was completely shuffled in the second edition; for instance, volumes 9 and 10 of the second edition (in book 5) correspond to volumes 1 and 2 of the first edition. This confusion will be evident if you shop the used book market for individual books of this set (which are fairly abundant at reasonable prices).

And YOU are an authority how? We should take your holy word for it? Is that it?


Why is witchcraft allowed? "sacred" text?  Sacred to Lucifer perhaps. The vatican, jesuit, talmudists.

Why I even see Ellen G. Witch materials and JW warlock Charles Tazz. I believe this website as the visible church is hellbound with the human race. This is occultism to the core, the only thing missing is madame helena blavatsky. You've had all along wescott hort lightfoot alford balfour the whole india trading company, but this is in your face. Horoscopes in the works? The sheperof? necromancy chants?

This is one evil book

This is one evil book


Why is this even here to download and embed into a bible program? pffft

There are two Talmuds that have been preserved, the Jerusalem and Babylonian, the most important of which is the Babylonian, transated here.  Tha Talmud is difficult sailing, especially for a Christian, but it is essential to any serious student of the Holy Bible. It is quite literally an 'encyclopedia' of the Jewish faith. The obvious difficulty of that is to decide  to 'read' an encylcopedia without a clue as to how to 'locate' a particular subject within it, and that is what faces the typical Christian Bible student who sets out to 'master' it.


The best way to approach the Talmud is to simply 'dive in' and start reading it from the beginning. It is absolutely critical, however, that you do not ignore and pass over the extensive introductory material that it presented at the beginning of this translation because it will provide you will some solid 'preparatory footing' to stand on. It's a 'hard climb', and the minutiae of the 'discussions' can become mind-numbing (the theological difference between a 'door' and an 'entrance' is a simple example!), but what the serious Bible student will gain from working through it will make the whole 'journey' worth it.

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