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Chronologies, Chronology, Map, Maps, Chart, Charts, Time Line, Time Lines

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Hi Erhard,


Looking at the map pictured,the crossing of the Red Sea and the location of Mt Sinai are far further north than features in the scriptures describe and historians and archaeologists suggest.


The strongest proposals are those that place the crossing of the Red Sea below where the Suez Canal is, and Mt Sinai in the southern location pictured on the map.Those proposals are based on events and topography expressed in the scriptures and comparisons made by archaeologists wanting to be objective in their reasoning on these events.


I'm only querying this because some "modern" researchers are keen to rationalise away scriptural descriptions of miraculous events. I'm not suggesting you are doing this, but the sources contributing to the pictured map appear to be doing so.


Thanks for considering these thoughts.

Thanks for the comment.

The location that I show is based on information from https://biblearchaeology.org/  and also from James Hoffmeier. Associates for Biblical Research is very Biblically based. They are a good and reliable source when it comes to Archaeology.

They have shown that the Mediterranean Sea extended further South as I have shown on the map. They have also shown that the Ballah Lakes were larger at the time prior to the Suez Canal being put in. James Hoffmeier has also shown there was a series of Egyptian forts and a canal system to protect Egypt from the East.

Here are some links regarding the Exodus route that explain this.



On the map I show two possibilities for Mount Sinai. The traditional one is further South and comes from the Byzantine time period. The one that is further North is based on the information from Associates for Biblical research. The reasoning for that location based on the Biblical information is discussed in the Videos above.

The whole Exodus and Red Sea crossing was definitely a miracle. Yes, there a lot of people trying to take the miraculous out of this, but the crossing cannot be explained away by the wind blowing the water  away or any such thing. Apparently the Ballah Lakes were over 15 feet deep at the point which is plenty much to drown any armed soldier.

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