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An Open Letter to Module Builders

By DoctorDaveT, 07 November 2011 · 1,374 views

Hello to All Those Who Have Built & Continue to Build Modules,

I'd like to write just for a minute as one who uses your resources, and not as one who builds them.

Thank you!

I've been involved in vocational gospel ministry for 20+ years now, and my Bible study tools have run the full gamut of completely paper to almost completely paperless. (When I tell people "I rarely crack a book" I have to explain what I mean!) In fact - this past year, I sold 90+% of my real world library - I never used it anymore! I've been able to go completely "bookless" in my studies because of you. My virtual library is superior (both in quality and quantity) to what my real world library was. I can grab my laptop and go for however long is necessary, because just about every book I need is in eS format.

I recently read a post or two from some rather ungrateful people about the resources they have and how shoddily some of them are built. I also noticed that in the rather sizable library I've accumulated, none of my resources were built by them. Hmm. Imagine that.

If I weren't a module builder, I'd say something like this: "I imagine you spend a lot of time building these things. I appreciate it very much. Thank you!"

But I am a module builder, and I know better. So, let me say this: "I know how much time you sacrifice from other pursuits in life to build these things. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. Thank you ever so much!"

I have greatly profited from your passion and labor of love. The people that I minister to have greatly profited, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your part in my ministry.


If you are speaking of the posts on a particular group, one of the posts you speak of may have been one I made. If it was I apologize if it sounded as you indicate for I was not being negative overall. I felt there could be a standard set for modules and that the standard should be met. This would cost time for the maker but save multitudes of time over years for the users.

Overall I agree totally with you in thanking all module makers for their efforts. I use esword daily and would be lost without it and all the modules!

Doctor Dave,

Thank you for what you have done to assist other users. The modules posted at your site are of top-flight quality, and I especially appreciate your efforts to make certain that each module contains sound doctrine. If you do post a module with doctrinal problems, you take the time to let users know the issues and your reason for posting the module anyway. Most other sites simply provide a general warning.

I also highly recommend your recent post discussing taking modules from your web site and re-posting them without making sure that the modules are not under copyright. From what I’ve observed, the majority of your modules are in the public domain and you always indicate when a copyrighted work has been made available after receiving permission from the author. The fact that you are so cautious is a major reason that I’ve given you approval to re-post any module I post here to your site without even asking me.

I realize that some are offended whenever the copyright issue is raised, but I very much appreciate your willingness to educate the rest of us in this area. I’d certainly prefer to be warned by a Christian brother or sister opposed to receiving a cease and desist letter/order after violating a copyright law. Please keep up the great work!

Yours in Christ,

Thank you Dave for the encouragement.

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