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#24691 e-Sword X

Posted by acjthai on 14 April 2015 - 01:37 AM

. . . Quote from e-Sword.net:

Utility. You can download that from here: http://www.e-sword.net/extras.html

STEP #4 — Transfer. The final step is to move the new module(s) onto your Mac, placing them in the app's sandbox.

STEP #5 — Restart. To load the new module(s) you will need to restart e-Sword X if it is already running. . . .





The versions made for e-Sword HD and e-Sword LT are compatible with e-Sword X (they are HTM and SQLite based)

e-Sword for PC is RTF and SQLite based . . .



Thanks gentlemen.  I still have two questions, starting with the last quote first: 1) I am not sure how to find in the download area on biblesupport.com modules that have been made specifically for the e-sword HD (iPad).  I typed "iPad" in the search field and found Ellicot's Commentaries and was able to download that and drag it into the appropriate folder hidden on the Mac, thanks to Roy's link above in this thread.  It worked just fine on e-Sword X.   Is there any way to search for only the modules that have been developed for the iPad/iPhone?  [Perhaps a separate category for these modules can be added to the download area drop menu in time, as more of these will eventually be made in time.]


2) I downloaded the e-Sword PC to Apple User Module Conversion Utility from e-sword.net as you suggested, Roy; but, I cannot find anywhere how it should be used.  I assumed it was to be downloaded to the PC version of e-Sword 10.4.  I installed it on my PC (on the Mac via VMWare); but, I could not see anywhere on any drop down menu this added utility.  Does anyone know the specifics of how you use this utility, where, etc?  For non-programmers, this process is not intuitively understood.  Thanks.  B)

#16730 Plans to make a module of the 1971 Thai Standard Version Bible (TH1971)?

Posted by acjthai on 25 April 2013 - 11:53 PM

I have been serving overseas in Thailand for many years and have been wondering if anyone has any upcoming plans to make a module of the 1971 Thai Standard Version Bible (TH1971) for e-Sword (and, hopefully in the near future, the iPhone and iPad versions, as well)?  It is available for free download on the You Version bible app for my iPhone and iPad mini; so, permission must have been respectfully granted to do so.  


I only ask, because the 1971 Thai Standard Version is the one that almost every member in every church throughout the country listens to and reads every Sunday.  The Philip Pope KJV version available now on e-Sword (i.e. TKJV) is helpful as a translation with which to compare the TH1971 version, but limited in its usefulness in public bible reading and audio, sermon/teaching preparation, Scripture memory, etc. in the typical local Thai church.  If someone could develop this module, I am sure that all of the foreign expats and national Thai leaders and church members, alike, will be SO blessed and grateful!   :P


Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.  I, along with everyone else on these forums, are very grateful for all of the hard work by the programmers and module developers affiliated with this site and project (Heb. 6:10).



#16727 Plans to make a module of NIV 1984 Bible?

Posted by acjthai on 25 April 2013 - 11:14 PM

Having Bible Works for my desktop computer,  I waited until e-Sword was available for my iPad and iPhone before purchasing the NIV Bundle to use with e-Sword.  After purchasing the ipad and iPhone versions, I went to download the NIV bundle, and the 2011 translation is the only one available.  You cannot even read the 1984 version online on Bible Gateway anymore!  Evidently, the 1984 version is no longer being printed or published--digitally or otherwise.  In this event, does this mean that a 1984 NIV Bible Module can be made legally?  I really do not want to switch versions after 28 years of memorizing in the 1984 one.  If it can legally be done, does anyone plan to make such a module?