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Alleinx's Blog > What Version to Choose

Posted 20 October 2016

The reading of the Scriptures gives us knowledge about God, and this knowledge, in its turn, leads to a better life. What is written in the introduction to the proverbs of Solomon (Pro 1:2-6) can be applied to all the Scriptures, which are to be used by the believers for their spiritual growth.

The spiritual circumcision that means the effective rejectio...

Alleinx's Blog > Restoring the Biblical Faith

Posted 06 April 2016

The Biblical faith needs to be restored. It is a serious matter, more serious than many other matters. It ought to be done and will be done though the devil is against it. We need the positive result.

One may ask why is Christianity corrupt? How did it happen and who is responsible for it? How can this situation be changed?

The wicked dislike the Script...

Alleinx's Blog > Love God, Love Jesus’ Story

Posted 16 July 2015

If to love God is the first and main commandment on which all the Law is based, then the primary duty of Christians is to love Jesus Christ.

The Lord God is not an abstraction. He is real, concrete and is alive. He is known as the divine Son born before all time. In the fullness of time the Son was born in a human form, then lived on earth, ministered t...

Alleinx's Blog > Christians Are Greater than Abraham

Posted 17 June 2015

As the readers probably noticed, I am in favor of a more practical, realistic and in general down-to-earth approach to the Scriptures.

Besides their sacral meaning, the Scriptures also have a lot of practical meaning. As Christianity is not simply a way of worshiping God, but is a way of life, the practical side is perhaps more important.

The Scriptur...

Alleinx's Blog > The Joy of Faith

Posted 30 May 2015

God gives faith to those whom He loves. It is the most precious gift that can ever be, and the faithful ought to take care not to spoil the gift of faith given to them by the Lord.

Despite sinners’ sinfulness, the Heavenly Father loves all. He is merciful, caring and loving. He pardons our sins and wants us to remain His people in all circumstances.