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Love God, Love Jesus’ Story

By Alleinx, in Life of Christ 16 July 2015 · 2,988 views

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Love God, Love Jesus’ Story If to love God is the first and main commandment on which all the Law is based, then the primary duty of Christians is to love Jesus Christ.

The Lord God is not an abstraction. He is real, concrete and is alive. He is known as the divine Son born before all time. In the fullness of time the Son was born in a human form, then lived on earth, ministered to God's people, died for their sins and rose from the dead. He is the Savior and the Redeemer.

However, there is a feeling that something is wrong with Christianity. The state of it can be illustrated by the following example.

Imagine you went to the cinema to watch a documentary movie about tigers, awesome creatures, as they are in their natural environment. Worth seeing they are indeed. The movie was advertised as being of high quality and exciting. What then?

The movie begins, all the members of the audience hold their breath, staring at the screen. And what do they see? On the screen there are biological experts talking and talking, but hardly any tiger can be seen. Some of those experts express warnings, beware of tigers, they say, for they are extemely dangerous animals.

You paid for your ticket, but you feel sorry for wasting money on rubbish. The dull, snobbish faces showing off their competence is not what everyone would like to see in a movie even though it is a documentary movie. Only in a few brief episodes tigers appear, but the video quality leaves much to be desired. No one could enjoy it.

The situation with Christianity is not only similar to that, but is more serious. The world needs the Lord. For the mankind the knowledge of God is a matter of life and death. People all over the world, in order for them to be saved, desperately need Jesus Christ. They want to know the Lord as well as possible, they want to see Him.

There are established traditions of Christian preaching and education, all that is aimed to deepen, to develop, to propagate the knowledge of divinity. However, the way it is in theory does not always agree with practice, the cause of which is that there are many Christians who are Christians mostly in name.

Preaching is meaningless if it has no relation to God, if it does not show him clearly and vividly. Today, however, even the name of Jesus is rarely mentioned in sermons. Those who believe themselves to be wise teach worldly wisdom. Rather than propagating the true wisdom, they obscure it.

Christians are God’s children, but we often disobey God the Father. He sent His Son to the world for our salvation, but it seems that we are unable to appreciate it propely. We are sinners because we love ourselves. We are interested in the world’s affairs more than in God’s affairs. We remain coarse, slothful, selfish, earthly-minded and hardly able to perceive that sublime reality known as the Heavenly Kingdom.

The knowledge of God is crucial for our salvation. What does it mean to know God? It means to be focused on God, to remember the Gospel story, to learn from Jesus Christ as the Teacher in order to imitate the Lord.

Jesus lived in the 1st century AD, that was a historical epoch marked by great events and big changes. Everything happened according to God’s plan to make the salvation of humanity real. The significance of the Saviors ministry, sacrificial death and resurrection can never be adequately assessed, but we are not even fully aware of the significance of the historical epoch during which our Savior lived on earth.

God gives every human being a chance for salvation, and it is achieved through love and devotion. Love means that you take an active interest in the one you love. Love inspires you in that you want to know the one you love. You are excited about the object of your love. Is that what we really feel toward God?

Love for the Lord does not allow other alternatives, it makes it necessary to reject everything and to put Him above the world and above everything. To love God, among other things, is to take an active interest in Him and in the Gospel story. Who among Christians can boast of having such deep love for God?

Jesus Christ, the incarnate God, is the center of all reality, the center of all history, the center of all knowledge. No philosophy, no moral precepts, no form of psychological training, no school of thought, nothing in the world is comparable by its effect and significance to His life and cross.

God is absolutely unique, His story is unique as well. Every detail in it matters. And the historical setting of the Gospel story matters as well.

God is not an abstraction. He is a concrete and certain living being, a person whose name is Jesus Christ and whom the Scriptures tell about. It seems the Lord wants to say to us sinners what we do not want to hear,

“Here I am. I am alive. Open your eyes and see. I have hands and feet. My body is like the body of every human being. I am like each and every one of you, but my story is unique. What are you thinking about? Do not pretend to be wise. You search for wisdom and study philosophical stuff to increase your competence, but all that is rubbish if compared with the real wisdom I offer you. My story is the most true wisdom.”

Do we really love God? Scholars can talk at length on many theological and philosophical subjects, all that may hint at the true wisdom, but the latter has little in common with abstract and theoretical knowledge.

How much interest do we take in the life of the Savior? Let us assess our attitude to divinity and see whether we are right. Let our attention be distracted by nothing else. Let us focus on the wonderful Gospel story, for it is sacred because of its huge importance for our lives in the world now and in the world to come.

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