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#22789 The issue of Bible passage headings

Posted by Alleinx on 06 November 2014 - 01:47 PM

As far as I know, there are several Bible readers for Android, but none of them is a match to MySword that has many features.


I successfully installed MySword on my rooted Nook Simple Touch, this device is a good option for prolonged reading.


I also installed the program on my Samsung S3 phone, no rooting was needed in this case.


It is fine that in MySword Scriptures can be read in the paragraph mode. Sadly though, there are no Bible passage headings, like those that can be seen in some Kindle editions of the Bible, such as NIV and HCSB.


e-Sword also works fine, the only problem to me is that it has no paragraph mode and Scriptures, just as in MySword, are without passage headings.


My request concerns with the issue of passage headings because they are informative and very helpful. If TheWord has them as a mode of reading that can be turned on, why cannot e-Sword and MySword have them as well?

#20754 Where is Anthology of 3000,0 Sermons for MySword? Please help

Posted by Alleinx on 19 March 2014 - 10:06 PM

There is a highly valuable resource The Anthology of 3000 Sermons, available for e-Sword and for MySword. I am especially interested in the version of it for MySword, and here is the link.


However, after downloading the zip file and unpacking it, I found out that it is not in the MySword format, but in the TheWord format (.twm extension). So it has to be converted. I tried all the steps necessary for conversion: checked that the file is not compressed, and changed its encoding to UTF-8 using Notepad++. The result after several attempts at conversion was null.


Then I downloaded the e-Sword version of it and tried to convert it, using MySwordMigrationTool, but failed as well. I suspect this module is encrypted, or simply it is too large (about 92 Mb) and need to be split into a number of volumes.


I do not know what the problem is and why it is difficult, if possible at all, to find this resource in the MySword format, while it is fully available for e-Sword and TheWord. If somebody can post the link for The Anthology of 3000,0 Sermons in a readable form for MySword (.mybible extension), please do so.


Thanks in advance. May God bless you!