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  • Submitted: Sep 02 2013 10:07 AM
  • Last Updated: Jun 14 2015 06:05 PM
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  • Author: Jamieson, Fausset, Brown
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: JFB-U

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown’s Commentary on Whole Bible (Unabridged: 6 vols) 1.1

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Jamieson, Fausset, Brown

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:

Published in 1878, this is the unabridged version of Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown’s Commentary. This version includes the Greek and Hebrew words, along with double the content of the abridged, official e-Sword version. Most online versions of JFB are abridged and include only a fraction of what the authors said!

Often abbreviated JFB, Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown's classic commentary needs no introduction. With its scholarly insights, JFB's commentary is to verse-by-verse exposition what the Matthew Henry's Commentary is to devotional-style commentaries.

JFB sheds light on the full meanings and implications of words, verses, and passages to supply you with an in-depth understanding of the entire Bible.

Charles Spurgeon said:“…it is sufficiently original to claim a place in every minister's library: indeed it contains so great a variety of information that if a man had no other exposition he would find himself at no great loss if he possessed this and used it diligently.”

i have also attached the 54 pages preface information in the form of a word doc with this module. you can download and read.

This commentary has only Book and verse level comments. No chapter level comments are available.

Thanks to Josh Bond, Jon for helping me in preparing Macros and guidance in preparing the module.

Special Thanks to dartmaster for referring the text mismatch errors.

Request readers to report errors if any.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Module remade due to errors in earlier version

This is one of those commentaries that was meant to be!


In the two years I've run this website, I hadn't heard a peep about JFB. Then, in a matter of a week, three separate people pointed out the version distributed by e-Sword was the abridged version. Indeed, most of the versions on the Internet are the abridged versions. The origin of the abridged version is from a Parson's Step Book (Parsons was an early maker of Bible software and now out of business).


After locating the text on the old "up and down" Bible Studies website (currently down, hence no link), I told everyone I would eventually make the unabridged version but I had other projects going.


Then David Psalms asked if I knew of any projects. So the obvious answer was JFB.


I really like how this version links the Greek and Hebrew to the strongs numbers. David added a -U (for unabridged) to the tab name to distinguish it from the official  e-Sword version. David was able to complete this verse-by-verse commentary in just a few days!

David & Josh - THANKS!  I think this will be a true blessing to the Body.  Blessings to you both. lg


JFB has always been a Commentary..."Near and Dear" to my heart. When I discovered E-sword many years ago I was delighted to see it in  E-sword....because the very 1st Commentary I purchased some 30+ yrs ago....was a one volume Commentary...when I first started teaching.

That one volume Commentary was Jameison-Fausset-Brown. With this edition you offer today...I've come full circle with JFB. Thank you 

very much David !!!!  



The .exe file for the 1.1 version does not download.

The JFB Commentary is regarded as an Expository/Exegetical commentary, and it sits alongside Alford, Bengel, Barnes, Meyer (H.A.) and Lange. From my experience, although the official e-Sword version is an abridged edition, was perhaps the most used commentary I used for extensive Bible studies. With this Unabridged edition will most certainly give me, and any other user an understanding of Scripture that would not have been normally experienced before.


It is very difficult to find exegetical Bible commentaries by modern newer authors. About the best one can find are re-edited versions of these much older commentaries. I believe (my own opinion) is that the best of exegetical and expository Bible commentaries have all been written from the mid to late 19th century through to the early to mid 20th century, of which the JFB is ranked amongst them.


I wish to thank David Psalms for the work he had done on this commentary for e-Sword. And I praise God for his dedication and commitment he has to see the best presented to us. This kind of thanks also is extended to all of you who produce such a rich and valuable resources for e-Sword.


I trust, that Rick, in his wisdom, makes this commentary the "official edition" for e-Sword.




The exe file was re uploaded

Well done! Finally this old classic is easily and fully available for e-Sword users.

I tried a few times to find a Bible to put on my computer but the cost of them and the additional resources has always been beyond my means. I went searching a few days ago again in the hopes of finding one I could afford because I was redoing my prayer book. It had been packed away during a move some years back and the box just kind of got stored away and I could not find it. Recently God put it back in my hands and I have been using online bible resources to bring it up to my current walk with God.


To my amazement I came upon your link that said it was free, and naturally I wondered what the catch was. It took me a few times of going back to the search link before I decided that I could always uninstall the program if it was not really free. But lo and behold it is free!


This bible has been a REAL blessing, not to mention all the other resources I would never have been able to find, collect or even pay for on our current budget. It has been open on my desktop since it was downloaded and now is full of wonderful resources that have made building my prayer book into a awesome tool for God! My son has already asked me to help him build a a specific lesson for the study group he attends.


I can not thank you enough, nor the other amazing people who have contributed resources and utilities, for believing that God's word should be free to all. I hope that at some point I can learn to make modules myself so that I can give back to those who have blessed me.


I do still have some questions about the program as I am having some glitches, but I wanted this post to just be a sincere thank you to all! I will be praying for all of you and the work you do here and ask God to bless you ten fold for what you are doing for others. When our finances stabilize again I will be donating to your cause.

Dear Bro,


People like you are the main inspiration for the site. it is our wish that you make use of the resources provided here to come to maturity in CHRIST and win souls for the kingdom.


if you face any technical problem, please make use of the forums. many are there to help you and teach you on how to make modules.

Thank you David for the kind words. God has used me to do many things through the years, I have to admit some he had to push me to .. it seems He dose not take "no" well as an answer ... LOL. I have learned through the years that God has more than one purpose for everyone and it is easier to follow obediently then to put up a fuss. He is always faithful and gracious in leading and helping when one follows and submits.


God was gracious enough to bring me here, He must have had a reason. I trust in Him enough to know that if the reason was to help make modules he will make it clear by making it easy for me to learn or to difficult to grasp.


I did download the module maker and saw a few post where people had requested someone to make them into modules, so that will be great practice. I will probably need all the help I can get to start, as this is a new adventure for me, so anyone willing to jump up and offer guidance will be received with open arms! I will do my best learn the e-sword tooltip program, and if it is His will, do my best to contribute where I can.


I am curious, are original works welcomed as modules or just pre-written materials from other sources?

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