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e-Sword Verse List Tutorial thingy

24 June 2019 - 03:41 AM

Below is a approximate 30 minute kind of tutorial on e-Sword's Verse List tool. Trust that this video will prove helpful to many of you.



Just a tad of a side note:

Looking at me in the video against my profile photo is a gap of 53 years. Age in profile photo, 17 years old. Current age, 70 years old. Totally unreal!

Historical e-Sword Versions

23 May 2019 - 08:36 PM

Hi to all e-Sword nutters like me who think, believe, and just know that e-Sword just happens to be the best Bible program in the world. You know, totally one eyed about e-Sword, that so much so you're gonna have to kill me in order to use something pathetically else  :lol:  B),


Below is a list of all e-Sword versions that I've kept over the years:


e-Sword 8.06

e-Sword 9.51

e-Sword 9.60

e-Sword 9.71

e-Sword 9.72

e-Sword 9.81

e-Sword 9.82

e-Sword 9.83

e-Sword 9.90

e-Sword 9.91

e-Sword 10.01

e-Sword 10.04

e-Sword 10.05

e-Sword 10.07

e-Sword 10.10

e-Sword 10.20

e-Sword 10.21

e-Sword 10.30

e-Sword 10.40

e-Sword 11.03

e-Sword 11.04

e-Sword 11.06

e-Sword 11.10

e-Sword 11.21

e-Sword 11.22


Now, here's the big favor/favour (depending on which country you come from) thingy. If you have a greater collection of previous versions of e-Sword than what is listed above, meaning versions I don't have in that list, please send me a message, or e-mail me giving details of what versions you have against what I don't have, and I'll provide you my snail mail address, could you send me a DVD or CD of those missing versions that I don't have.


Of those who are collectors of historical versions of  e-Sword, do not have any one of the versions in the  above list, ad would like a copy, either e-mail or send me a message with your snail mail address and let me know what version(s) of e-Sword you want for your collection.


Amazing what some people do as a hobby.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.




Configuring DB Browser for SQLite to Open e-Sword Resource Files

28 February 2019 - 04:38 PM

One of the things I've recently discovered is how to configure the SQLite Browser for to open e-Sword resources as default setting in the Open File dialog. Below is a video on how this can be done.



Trust this will be of great help to those who do use DB Browser for SQLite as a too for editing e-Sword resources.





How To Video: Converting Old Topic/Study Note Files in e-Sword

22 February 2019 - 05:29 PM

This video demonstrates how old Topic and Study Note resources can be converted to be able to used in the later/latest version of e-Sword.



Trust this video will be helpful.




Joy to the World

24 December 2018 - 12:45 AM

Its that time of the year again, and one in which, if not all, certainly most of us celebrate every year.