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05 May 2020 - 04:44 AM

A couple of days ago, via BibleSupport, some of us, or most of us, if not all of us got a message from a purported lady wanting to give away a tad over a million bucks. Yep, that's fair dinkum. That was the kind of message some, a few, or a lot of us got.
Now, of course the account got closed down and etc. But when that happened, I was really disappointed because I couldn't have fun with that scammer. It was taken away from me, which is really sad (just kidding).
Anyway, that said, I actually really love having scammers on, especially those who reckon I have a problem with Windows or something like that. You know the type. Them, I really have some serious fun with.
A few years ago I came across a video by a bloke by the name of James Veitch, of which he really knows how to have fun with scammers. So, with that, I thought I would share that video with you all so that you can learn how to have fun with scammers that may come your way. So sit back, put your feet up, relax and enjoy

And this one as well.






A bit of a Comical Observation

14 April 2020 - 03:46 PM

Sometimes I have a gand (look) at the profile of a member to see if they have a website or something that is of interest. But sometimes there is something a bit comical that appears on some member's profile, which kind of tickles my funny bone. Like makes me laugh.


There are those who put up a photo of themselves, and then in the bit that says, "Gender" it has "Not Telling." But guess what?! The photo of the person tells you what gender he or she is. That is really funny, and something I quite like.


With that said, I'm one of those weird kind of people who enjoys seeing the funny side of things although they are not intentioned to be, and a reasonable explanation can be given. I don't need or want the reasonable explanation as it just ruins the fun.





Possible Up and coming Updates on Tools I've Created.

06 April 2020 - 08:10 PM

All the Apps I've created to work in conjunction with e-Sword:

  • e-Sword Menu Installer (ESM64)
  • Biblical Cubit Conversion Calculator (BC64)
  • and the Biblical Shekel Calculator (BSC64)

are all boarderless Windows forms. When these forms are boarderless (if you used them), you will have noticed that they cannot be moved around the screen to where you would like it. So, bearing that in mind, when the next version of e-Sword comes out, the boarderless form will be modified to where you, the user, will be able to move it around to where you want it.


Also, the Menu Installer may be getting a bit of a GUI revamp, in where I'm thinking of adding a splash screen, and a flat UI slide out menu which will contain the dropdown combo boxes for the resources.


There also me be a bit of a UI revamp with the conversion calculators in where I'm seriously thinking about banging in a splash screen for them.


There will be released a new edition of all the user guides for these programs. I think this is something that is overdue to happen.


If anyone has a suggestion of something they would like to see added, in particular, to the e-Sword Menu Installer, let me know in your responses below.


And finally, I'm thinking of giving a new skin to the Menu Installer, so if you can find a cool image for it, type in the link of it, and I'll have a good look at it.






JW's New World Translation

20 March 2020 - 07:03 PM

OK, I did something crazy... I downloaded a PDF edition of the JW New World Translation of the Bible. Actually calling it a "translation," well, ummm, sort of just doesn't quite cut the mustard, but there we are.
A n y w a y (that's like drawing out the word, anyway), I am thinking of creating an NWT thingy (I love that) as an e-Sword resource, and would like to put it up here as a tool which could be used against the Jehovah witnesses.
Now, just before you think that I have totally lost my mind, and need to be put in a straitjacket, then thrown into a padded cell and the key tossed away; apparently I'm not the only one of this mind/thinking. Interestingly, John Ankerberg, in a blog, is sort of the same mind.
I am well aware of the policy of Bible Support regarding JW resources. But I also think that when it comes to JW stuff that most, if not all, regard the NWT thingy as close to crap as possible (putting it mildly). That said, to be able to use their material as tool as a part of one's apologetics in the refutation of their arguments, and then to show that Jesus is as He really is (as God) has to be a real prize. This sort of reminds me (to use an analogy) of a soldier taking a bayoneted rifle off his enemy, and then using it against him. A real prize.


This post is not a theological discussion, and therefore not where one can have his/her theological rant on this topic. You want to do that is fine, and there is a section here called Theological Discussions, where one can do that, so use that place. Again, that said, your thoughts/feedback is valuable as to whether or not I should do this project.




MySword No Longer Available on Play Store

05 February 2020 - 05:19 PM

Recently, as a result of buying a new droid phone, I when to Play Store to reinstall the apps on the new phone which were on my previous phone. Lo and behold, I couldn't find MySword in my Apps Library on Play Store account. So I did a search for that on Play Store and no MySword was found.


So with that kind of result, I emailed MySword about it, and here is their reply:


Hi Sir
Google has remove it , they do not want donation app (policy violation)

Try to use an android File Explorer to install the apk from the website

You can use our website and help those users who do not know how to use File explorer to install it.
You can also use bluetooth to share the apk . 

Kindest Regards and always be blessed.

MS Team


So, with that, its important note that if anyone wishes to continue to use this program you will no longer receive any automatic updates of new version for this program due to the fact that Google has removed it from Play Store.