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Configuring DB Browser for SQLite to Open e-Sword Resource Files

28 February 2019 - 04:38 PM

One of the things I've recently discovered is how to configure the SQLite Browser for to open e-Sword resources as default setting in the Open File dialog. Below is a video on how this can be done.



Trust this will be of great help to those who do use DB Browser for SQLite as a too for editing e-Sword resources.





How To Video: Converting Old Topic/Study Note Files in e-Sword

22 February 2019 - 05:29 PM

This video demonstrates how old Topic and Study Note resources can be converted to be able to used in the later/latest version of e-Sword.



Trust this video will be helpful.




Joy to the World

24 December 2018 - 12:45 AM

Its that time of the year again, and one in which, if not all, certainly most of us celebrate every year.






About the TDNT

13 December 2018 - 09:05 PM

To all and sundry and etc,


Due to the fact that over the years there has been quite a bit of discussion about the TDNT (and you could also include the TWOT), and the requests for it to be made available as a resource for e-Sword, I thought I would do something that was quite a nerve wracking experience.


I emailed the publisher. Totally unreal. I have to admit that this was quite a scary thing to do, but one the less I did it. So without further ado, here is the incriminating evidence:


To whom this may be directed to

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is a request for the TDNT unabridged edition to be made available for e-Sword. This request is not merely a result of  my own wishes, or because I'm a huge supporter and user of e-Sword despite that being a fact, but rather it comes more so as a result of the number of requests made on the e-Sword Users' support website, BibleSupport.com

This request and inquiry is not an official request, and I do not represent e-Sword in any official or unofficial capacity, but rather that as a user of the product and a supporter of it.
e-Sword is perhaps the most popular free Bible Study software in the world. This is, by no means, an exaggerated claim, as it can be measured by the number of users and members of BibleSupport.com, of which it has a membership of 207,760 e-Sword users. Of what the actual numbers of e-Sword users there are internationally, one could estimate it as perhaps over 1 million plus.

With that said, e-Sword is a serious Bible study tool, which has perhaps the largest repository of free resources, of which the overwhelming majority of them have been created by members of BibleSupport.com.

Some of the free titles that users enjoy are:
  • Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures
  • College Press Bible Study Textbook
  • Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges

Just to name a mere few.

Of the premium resources e-Sword users have access to are:
  • New International Commentary of the Old Testament
  • New International Commentary of the New Testament
  • Believers Bible Commentary
  • Bible Knowledge Commentary
Just to name a mere few.

So, as you can see, just by a few samples of titles of what is available for e-Sword, makes this program a very serious study tool for  Bible College, University, and Seminary students. But also for Pastors and Academics, of which there a quite number of them using the program. Therefore, to have the  unabridged edition of the TDNT as part of the e-Sword library would be regarded as a huge and prestigious honor.

Thank you for your time, and await your reply.

Respectfully yours,

Stephen Jovanovic.


Now, I hope for a reply, and  will post up here when I get if.





Giving Away/Sharing e-Sword to others

22 November 2018 - 07:28 PM

One of the beaut things about e-Sword is the ability to give it to others, and one of the things about giving it to others is the fact that its free. But when it does come to to giving it to others, it has to be something like giving a gift, or giving something that is special, and so the way it is to be presented, I believe is important.


So when you give e-Sword to others, what do you do? Do you...

  1. Burn a DVD and with a felt tip pen write "e-Sword" on it?
  2. Or do you print a label to put on the DVD, or "print" it using a LightScribe capable DVD/CD Disk Drive.?

If you do the first one, that has to be really terrible, cheap and nasty, and should be better.


But if you do the second one, then you are top of the class, and get an A+++ grade.


Now, as many of you know, there is a fantastic little program called ESM, which is an installer menu program to install e-Sword and a heap of other stuff. Use that program will also lift up the presentation of the DVD. Printing a label or lightscribing the DVD will just make things look really great. And just to see how cool a DVD look after an image has been lightscribed onto it, see a screenshot of it below. Its what I do.


LightScribing a DVD.png
Looks really wicked, hey!
So for something like that to here are the kind of tools you need. And I don't mean a hammer, drill and some nails and glue.
  1. A reasonably decent image editor that has some ability to add some text to it, to curve text, and to insert and image on top of another image
  2. A lot of patients so you don't pull your hair out when something goes wrong, or you stuff something up.
  3. Either a printer that is capable of printing a CD/DVD, or printing stick on labels .
  4. Or a CD/DVD RW drive which is LightScribe capable.
  5. Software, such as AShampoo or similar, and LightScribe Control Panel, and LightScribe drivers.
  6. Special CDs or DVDs that are LightScribe printable. 
  7. Or Printable CDs or DVDs that can be printed on by a printer.

Trust that his information is helpful to anyone that really wants to get into giving e-Sword as a gift to others.