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In Topic: Question regarding Topic Tree in Tool Tip module creation.

11 April 2021 - 05:56 PM

Could I create a module with expandable tree for each vol.? I am considering making a single module with quite a few books. Thanks for any help, whether with suggestions or pointing me in the right direction. God Bless.


In Topic: How to download audio bible in e-sword v13

11 April 2021 - 05:45 PM


Your latest e-Sword update feature notes stated that e-Sword has audio bible in NRSV. Could you advise the procedure to download this and use this feature?




Hi Eric,

The NRSV can be purchased and downloaded from eStudySource.com at the incredible price of US$14.99.  Just click on that blue underlined link and it will take you there.


Click on the Like This button or a comment if you found this information helpful. Any helpful criticism will also be appreciated so to improve helpful information.




In Topic: Apologetics and LGBTQ+

11 April 2021 - 04:41 PM

Thank you so much for your reply. It is indeed so very sad that some "churches" even consider this an issue of debate among their congregations. The Word of God warns us about wolves in sheep's clothing and this is a prime example. Those that are for it say they are doing it because we as Christians must accept everyone in love, but I say accepting immorality into the church has nothing to do with love. I could go on.....hey, maybe I should write a book! 

I think that your comment is an over the top reaction. Here is something you need to consider: Anyone can be anti gay or anti anything else for that matter, That said, debate is a method, if you like, to reach across to those that are homosexuals to win them over to the Lord. And I'll leave that bit there as this is not the proper format to discuss this here. That actually belongs on the Theological Discussion part of this site, of which then you can rant, argue, or rave to your heart's content.


That said, quite a great deal of books and articles have been published regarding Homosexuality and etc in relation to the Scripture. But all of this these resources are copyright and etc. However there is nothing to stop you from purchasing, and getting permission to use them for the purpose of making them into e-Sword resources.


And, by the way, that could cost you a heap of dosh (money) when you have to pay for the royalties. So don't think all this comes free, because it doesn't. Kapish?!


Sorry that this comes across somewhat as harsh, but realities have to be faced.




In Topic: My Adventure with the KJV+TVM

09 April 2021 - 10:43 PM

Stephen, as you are using DB Browser for SQlite, you could use a statement in the "Execute SQL" tab to achieve the same result but much quicker and not missing any verses either. I just did the whole module in 3.5 seconds

why not get another copy and try this SQL statement.

update Bible set Scripture = replace(Scripture,'\cf11', '\fs20\cf12') where Scripture like '%\cf11%';


Hi Jon,

Did what you suggested, and yep, it worked.


So, with that, thanks a big heap for the suggestion as it saved a heap of time and work.


Also did a video of it in which I showed the steps, and the before of what it was like, and the after effects.


So with that, sit back and enjoy the video.





In Topic: Suggestion for the E-word improvement

08 April 2021 - 05:38 PM

Hey Miro, it isn't E-Word. The program is called e-Sword. Get it right, mate!


OK, as to your post:


I use E-Word almost every day and I think there are quite a few
noticed things that I would wish otherwise.


At this point I would like to personally thank the developer for the E-Sword project. It's a blessing to me.


Now to the problems,... Maybe Suggestion for next update.

Problem one:
If you copy a text from the Internet into notes, the www. Link copied in.
And then he links the whole text ...

For such and similar cases one would like to see an entry "delete left" in the hyperlink
Currently there is only link create. But don't delete ...

If you add an unexpected link in teaching notes, is  the end of  funny.
Because you can no longer delete the unwanted links ...
And all the words in notes are connected to the same link.
When you move the cursor over the words,
then a window opens with the associated link. (But I don't want to have because it bothers)


Every word then has the same link.
It's so extreme that you don't have an ordinary cursor
but an "arrow cursor" and you cannot use the mouse
place the cursor in a targeted manner, it often goes wrong ...

Would it be possible to implement such an entry in hyperlinks to delete unwanted links?

The second problem:
When you have found a term in the search field,
then you cannot use a TAB in studies or topic notes,
to move the cursor forward quickly.

This is of course very  unfortunately because you now have to press Space 20 times for example To get there.

Instead of pressing the Tab 3 - 4 times.


Problem three:
You cannot search for words with special characters such as ß or ö, ä, etc. in the search option
It's a shame, because half the world like: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Hungary etc.
have special characters in your language and cannot use the E-Sword program


Perhaps one could also find a remedy here?
Thanks for developer response


The person you seriously need to contact and have a chat with, is Rick Meyers, and make your suggestions to him as a request. Better still, ask him if he could include those changes in the next major revision of e-Sword.


Now, I know that Rick does take the time out to reply, and he does read (listens) to the feedback one gives him. So I am certain he will reply to our feedback.


Also, once you have his reply, suggest you share it with us all by posting the full test of it on here.