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Yesterday, 04:26 PM

I did this video a few months ago, and have previously put it up on a topic same as this. It essentially says what Bret said, only as a video.



Trust you find this helpful.



Stephen (Php 1:21).

In Topic: Edit or re-order tabs

19 October 2019 - 06:10 PM

Rick could easily address the issue... but he appears to be quite a minimalist I suppose.

In theWord and Logos, you can change the tab name without it ruining anything.

Just a thought, when I change the tab name, I also change the filename to match the tab. But if the filename remained original, I wonder if the download manager would read the file as installed. Think I might have a bit of a play around with it and see what happens. :ph34r: 



Stephen (Php 1:21). 

In Topic: Can't get Strong's to work on 12.1.0

18 October 2019 - 06:50 PM

You may need to update the NAS and NAS+ modules.

Starting with the release of e-Sword 11 for Windows, e-Sword is now capable of running html modules just as e-Sword for Mac/Apple runs them.  Prior to the release of e-Sword version 11 windows versions of e-Sword (9 and 10) used rtf based modules which had file formats that ended with the letter "x" such as bblx for bible modules. 


The html (Apple/Mac) modules have a file format that ends with the letter "i" for bible modules the the file type is "bbli".

As a result of the change to e-Sword for windows in allowing the use of html modules, the newer versions of e-Sword (11&12) have issues in some instances with the older module formats. All of the modules that can be downloaded through e-Sword's built-in downloader have been upgraded to the new module format. As a result of this they cannot be downloaded into versions of e-Sword prior to version 11. 

The NAS and NAS+ are part of a premium or paid module set known as New American Standard Bible Study Set which includes the NAS, NAS+, NAS77 and the NAS concordance. The set sells for $20 


I don't have an issue with the NASB+ and etc on my PC or laptop, and everything is really hunky-dory

In Topic: Edit or re-order tabs

18 October 2019 - 06:34 PM

There is something to be aware of as far as I can see. If you change the tab name, it will effect the accuracy of the inbuilt e-Sword down-loader. It will indicated that you don't have the module, and you won't know if there are any updates, will be a secondary issue.

Hi Jon,

That is something which has been happening to me for quite some time. That said, its not an issue to me because, I generally don't update the file unless its a new edition or something like that.


One of my pet hates are long winded 10 mile long tab names as they take up precious real estate space, especially if one is using a Laptop.So, in my judgement, best thing anyone can do is shorten the Tab names to being acronyms of three or four characters.



Stephen (Php 1:21)

In Topic: E-Sword for low vision

06 October 2019 - 05:51 PM

Two ways you can fix this:

  1. On the tool bar, click on the Zoom button on the Bible Toolbar. But if that doesn't help, then...
  2. Option 2. Click on the Options Menu, and click on Fonts, and then change the default font size to that which you prefer. This will change the size of your font in Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionaries windows.

Trust that you will find this helpful.