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In Topic: Using J Vernon McGee's Thru the Bible Module

Today, 05:01 PM

Where can I get the new world translation 2013


I could make a suggestion... but I won't


That said, and being serious [as best as I can be], the New World Translation is a fiercely guarded translation. You have about three shows of being able to obtain a legal copy for e-Sword, which are:

  1. Dog show
  2. Floor show
  3. No show

But a greater show of obtaining one that has fallen off the proverbial back of the truck kind of thing.

In Topic: e-Sword using Wine fonts not rendering?

20 March 2019 - 05:05 PM


Using e-Sword 11.2.2 on Mac with Wine Stable 4.0 and it runs great, but the fonts are not rendering properly (none of them).


Does anyone have a fix/suggestion?

Yes I do. Use e-Sword x. Its been built for Macs, and that's the whole point of it.


I'm running the Windows version (personal preference)

Just doing something based on your "personal preference" or whatever thing you want to go on, and so having problems with it is craziness taken to an extreme.


I don't know if you realize this, e-Sword X was purposely built so that Mac users like you don't have to go through issues similar to those you are experiencing.

In Topic: eSword on Android operating systems

19 March 2019 - 03:20 PM

Hi Stephen


Ya that's a real cute story about grown men running around in short pants. :D  Now if you want a real game you should check out hockey. There you have grown man skating around in short pants. You see the difference there right. :rolleyes:


I will have to look into getting an android tablet as they cost a lot less than an MS tablet and I only want it for one pgm, E-Sword.

Hi Dale,

Not a problem, just change it from Rugby to Ice Hockey, and you still get the picture... Kiwis slaughter Canadians at Ice Hockey 98 - 0.  LOL.gif


Gotta be crazy. Ahhh dear me.


Tell ya this... God is good, and gets gooderer and gooderer every day!


By the way, when it comes to running MySword on PC, if you have SideSync installed on PC and Samsung tablet, then you really do have something to boast about. See Video below:





In Topic: New member issue

18 March 2019 - 01:31 PM

I am a new member of this program. I have downloaded the e-sword module installer 0.6 and two modules, i.e. Spurgeon daily help and Spurgeon verse exposition of the Bible successfully into my PC, Windows 8.1.  However, I could not get access to these two modules. Your advice and help are much appreciated. Thank you.

New to e-Sword?! Great stuff.


Now, the serious recommendation:

When you installed e-Sword, you also installed the e-Sword User's Guide which is a pdf file. This guide is a very comprehensive e-book which will help you with just about any problem you can come across with e-Sword. But more than that, this guide gives instructions of how to use the program to it's fullest potential in doing your Bible study and etc.


To access the e-Sword User's Guide click on Contents in the help menu or press F1 on your keyboard, and please take the time to go through this guide.


As mentioned a moment ago, this guide is quite comprehensive, being 257 pages long (which includes cover and table of contents). The e-Sword User's Guide is also very well illustrated with hundreds of screenshots used to show how to do things in e-Sword.


Trust this proves helpful to you.




In Topic: eSword on Android operating systems

17 March 2019 - 04:09 PM

Hi Stephen


When you say "you sort of can (loosely described) "run" e-Sword" care to expand on that.



Hi Dale,

Used term, "loosely described" simply because e-Sword isn't actually being run on the tablet itself, but on the PC, in that you are actually (by remote connection) using your PC via internet connection in where you could be quite literally thousands of miles away from where your PC is located. For example your PC in is Canada, and you're in New Zealand, which is over (I think) 30,000 miles away, watching the All Blacks slaughter the Canadian rugby team, and you get so upset at the way the Kiwis massacred of the Canadian team by (lets say) 98 - 0. So you're really distraught and upset, and need some Biblical comfort and consolation. So you decide to use your e-Sword so you can read your favorite version of the Bible. (Love the story?)


So the way you do it is by having that remote connection program e.g., TeamViewer (which I recommend), and you connect by either Wifi or (if its on your tablet) using your Mobile Data (sim card) to your PC and and from there you bang up e-Sword. What is happening is that you are using your Android Tablet as a host for your PC so that you can use whatever application (program) from it.


Trust that this helps your understanding of what I mean by "loosely described."


I hope you enjoyed the story I used in the exampleROFL.gif