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Jeff D. Huddleston's Blog > Homosexuality

Posted 26 May 2016


M ale and female created he them .  
—Genesis 5:2

The term homosexual  will be used in this book to designate both males and females who are attracted to people of the same sex and participate in sexual relations with people of the same sex.

I recently watched a  short video by Thought Cafe titled “There are 6 Scriptures about homosexu...

Jeff D. Huddleston's Blog > Every Word of God-Matthew 1-4

Posted 23 April 2016

This is the finished draft of a modern translation I have been working towards for almost ten years. The Every Word of God translation is based on the 1901 American Standard Version. In the New Testament this translation follows the Greek Majority Text (Byzantine Textform, Robinson-Peirpont, 2005). I hope to have Matthew done and published as the first in...

Jeff D. Huddleston's Blog > Was the New Testament Originally Written in Greek?

Posted 22 April 2016

Was the New Testament Originally Written in Greek?    

Jeff D. Huddleston  

Many in the Messianic  ("Hebrew Roots") Movement contend that the  New  Covenant is nothing more than the  Old Covenant   (the "Law of Moses/ Torah" ) renewed; and so, according to them, Christians are still obligated to observe  all   of the Law of Moses found in the first fiv...

Jeff D. Huddleston's Blog > "Come" - Poem

Posted 22 April 2016


By Jeff D. Huddleston  

As God doth don flesh and blood,
Directly unto man to come,
With the message of reconciliation upon his lips;
Olive branch in hand.  

Wrapped in humility and love,
Gently treading as a child:
His lovers begin to seek his face,
His enemies to plot his death.  

Price now paid, redemption wrought,
Christ becone...

Jeff D. Huddleston's Blog > God Is

Posted 31 March 2016

That's how it starts, folks.     First   rattle out of the box. The first words of the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible. No disclaimer, no long argument, just a simple statement of fact: "In the beginning God." Before space, before time, before energy, before matter... God. Not God existed, or was, or will be, just is. God i...