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Lack of Functionality in Messaging Interface?

30 May 2016 - 06:45 AM

Is anybody else (everybody else?) experiencing the same lack of functionality in the messaging interface where we keyboard forum messages?


I read quite a few posts but didn't see anything else about this topic. If I want to copy and paste text during message composition, that simply doesn't work at all. I cannot copy text from another app on my machine and paste it into the message window. Text already typed into in a message window cannot be cut from one location in that window and pasted into another location in that same window; it cannot be highlighted and formatted in a different font. None of the 'Paste' buttons works. If I click on the 'Paste from Word' button, nothing happens. I cannot paste text from Notepad++ using any of the methods that ordinarily work with g-mail or other keyboard entry spaces.


If in the middle of a line I click on the Font dropdown box and select a different font, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the line.


[These questions and comments are not meant to criticize the messaging interface, just to inquire if this kind of thing is 'normal' on the site. Everybody's busy. I understand 'not being able to get to it'.]


Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.

Any Plans for Editing K&D?

29 May 2016 - 09:51 AM

Are there any plans for editing public domain resources for e-Sword, esp. the K&D commentary?


I've been using e-Sword for a long time, going back to version 4 I think. There are numerous errors in K&D, many of which can be overlooked. The biggest drawback over the years for me has been the versification difference. Years ago I communicated with Rick Meyers about this issue, but never got a reply. Like me, he manages to stay busy.


The e-Sword application is obviously aware of this issue, since versification differences between Hebrew texts like HOT, HOT+ and other translations (Bible versions) display versification differences when they exist by listing both the verse number in the Hebrew text and the one in the other version, say GNB. However, links in the K&D commentary point to verses originating in the Hebrew text; activating a Scripture tooltip set a western translation (say, any English translation) will point to the wrong verse when there is a versification difference between the two.


Would it be a major undertaking to construct a filter between commentaries and tooltip link references that would compensate for these versification differences?